Political Parody As a Weapon Part LX

Political Parody As a Weapon Part LX; In safe spaces, no one can hear you scream.

Previously, in Part LIX, the senate race in Pennsylvania provided the fertile ground for song parody, though the fracking rights remained confused. This week, we will go west and into orbit with the Arizona race.

Mark Kelly is one of the two democrat incumbent senators from Arizona, currently involved in a reelection race. His republican opponent, Blake Masters, has pointed out to Arizonans that Kelly is largely a rubber stamp for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (Democrat-New York) and the agenda for Joe Biden, the current occupant of the White House. Kelly, who rose to prominence as an astronaut (with a twin brother who was also an astronaut) who divorced his first wife and married an Arizona congresswoman who was later seriously wounded in a hail of gunfire unleashed by the disturbed adult son of a Pima County Parks & Recreation Department employee that killed and wounded several others (if this sounds familiar that a law enforcement agency in a democrat- led jurisdiction failed to take earlier effective action against a deranged individual frequently brought to their attention who then commits a notorious crime that democrats try to blame on republicans, you can put the Paul Pelosi attack coverage into perspective).

Working from the advantage of defending an incumbent senate seat along with the assistance of a fawning democrat-aligned media, Kelly was thought to be a shoe-in to defeat his Trump-endorsed opponent. Still, voters have expressed concern with Kelly’s failure to stand up to Biden and Schumer, particularly with respect to the failure on the part of the administration to make any effort to secure Arizona’s border with Mexico, leading to the influx of criminal aliens and smuggled drugs into the state and Mexican drug cartels controlling large swaths of its territory. Likewise, Arizonans have shown a preference in their senators for individuals who buck the party of their registration (e.g. John McCain, Jeff Flake, Kirsten Sinema). Kelly’s support of the unpopular Biden and his agenda do not serve to endear him to that part of the constituency.

Lately, there has been a shift in this race, which is now considered a toss-up. Blake Masters hammered Kelly in their debate about his lack of action on the border. Since then, the Libertarian candidate in the race has dropped out and endorsed Masters. Likewise, tech billionaire Peter Thiel has committed millions of dollars in support for Masters.

It remains to be seen next week whether or not the former astronaut will be brought down to Earth by the actions of Arizona voters (though, considering the poor record of AZ Secretary of State and democrat gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs in tabulating 2020 election results, perhaps next month might be more accurate). Despite voting with Biden 94.5 % of the time, Kelly has been attempting to convince voters that he stands up to Biden.

From the 1950s until the 1990s, when he died of a heart attack, a Scottish-born artist named John Hendry Blair at birth wrote many pop and country music hits on the US charts under various names. Like Mark Kelly, he would play to his audience, but had many faces. As “Johnny Cymbals” he had a hit in 1963 that lionized the ‘low man’ on the doo wop totem pole, the bass singer. It was entitled “Mr. Bass Man”, and I have borrowed the tune and the theme to remind Arizona voters of the true face of astronaut Mark Kelly, and who is calling his tune.

Mr. Space Man, in D.C. in the Senate
Arizona’s seat, McCain he once sat in it
To you it’s easy you do like Schumer says, B-B-B-B-B B Biden
(Schumer voice: You mean B-B-Bi-B-b-Bi-Biden…)


Mr. Space Man, you’re with them on the votes
aye aye aye aye aye aye yai aye yai aye
Mr. Space Man, you give democrats control, M-M-M-M-M-Manchin
(Schumer voice: No no, B-B-Bi-B-b-Bi-Biden…)

It don’t mean a thing that one vote can swing
If Arizona goes ” aye yai aye yai aye aye”

Hey Mr. Space Man, you never take the off ramp
On the border, you’re just a rubber stamp
‘Cause Mr. Space Man, You’re a Mayorkas man too, Li li lie lie lie lie lie
(Schumer voice: Try this, B-B-Biden lie lie lie…)

Hey Mr. Space Man, Chuck Schumer knows you’re with him
B-B-Bi-B-b-Bi-Biden, a B-B-Bi-B-b-Bi-Biden
c’mon, Mr. Space Man, now you’re a Biden vote too, B-B-Bi-B-b-Bi-Biden

(Schumer voice: That’s it, B-B-Bi-B-b-Bi-Biden…)

Let’s Go B, Let’s Go Brandon, Let’s Go B, Let’s Go Brandon

Let’s Go B, Let’s Go Brandon, Let’s Go B, Let’s Go Brandon

Let’s Go B, Let’s Go Brandon, Let’s Go B, Let’s Go Brandon

Let’s Go B, Let’s Go Brandon, Let’s Go B, Let’s Go Brandon

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