The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes – Again!

The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes – Again!

“It is not only what we do, but also what we do NOT do, for which we are accountable.” ~ Jean-Baptiste Moliere

Greetings my fellow Americans!

Insofar as I am writing this before the results of our 2022 midterm elections are known, I am premising this article on the prevailing notion that a red “wave,” “tsunami,” “hurricane,” etc., will be the likely outcome. While I am encouraged that it appears that many of those eligible to vote this time around are sufficiently motivated to stop the ongoing systematic dismantling of our representative republic which was kicked into high gear in 2020, I can’t help but wonder what effect this will truly have on the behavior of those with the power of government, and to what extent those with the power to hold the former accountable to the promises they are making, in order to win election, will actually do so.

You see, this is at least the fifth “election of a lifetime” through which I will have lived. The first was in 1980 when, not unlike today, we had a President Carter who seemed hellbent on leading us, with the complicity of a lapdog legislature, headlong into some form of socialistic world order which did not include a sovereign United States, but rather significant government growth vis-à-vis the creation of the Department of Education, record inflation and automobiles of which only the Soviets would have been proud, ostensibly in response to the “energy crisis” of the day, in which we were projected to be out of oil within a few years, and “global cooling” was threatening our very existence. President Ronald Reagan was summarily elected (then re-elected), resulting in at least a slowdown in the pace of the socialist takeover, as President Reagan was able to sufficiently motivate the general public (and sway public sentiment) to hamstring what was still a Democrat-led House of Representatives with one Dan Rostenkowski still holding the chair of the House Appropriations Committee, and compelling said Chair to initiating a series of tax cuts to combat the rampant government spending which had been occurring under Mr. Reagan’s predecessor. The Republican Party also gained a majority in the U.S. Senate for the first time in 25 years on Ronald’s coattails.

The next “lifetime” election was the 1994 midterms, when, after what was deemed the largest tax increase ever at the hands of President Bill Clinton and the Democrat-dominated legislature, in which Senator Bob Kerry of Nebraska cast the single vote which enabled passage and presidential signature. For the first time in 42 years, the Republican Party assumed a majority in the House of Representatives, and thereby assumed leadership in both houses of Congress. New Speaker-of-the-House Newt Gingrich led the “Republican Revolution” by facilitating the adoption/enactment of the “Contract with America” by the House, and optimism that real reform of Washington D.C. might actually be possible, with long coattails reaching to the governorships of several States, resulting in yet another swing in majority party leadership dating back to 1969. Sadly, it took about nine months for that momentum to “die on the vine,” as enactment of the Contract stalled mercilessly in the Senate, and gasped its last breath under the political weight of the ”government shutdown” which ensued.

Next was the 2010 midterms, courtesy of the so-called Tea Party movement. After Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) enabled the passage of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) with his 2 a.m. Sunday morning vote, the aforementioned Party propelled several GOP-based candidates to victory, and enabled yet another dual majority of the opposition party to stem the tide of “fundamental transformation” under President Barack Obama. Said GOP proceeded to trumpet one Pierre Dilecto (aka Mitt Romney) for the 2012 presidency, and Comrade Obama and team were able to continue their restructuring and population of the unelected and unaccountable bureaucracies with anti-American, New World Order types which continue their work to this day.

And then there was 2016. Yes, Trump was a great pro-American President for 39 months, and faced a “swamp” which had broadened and deepened under Barry Soetoro and company, and which, sadly, also included a GOP Congress led by a hugely disappointing Paul Ryan and a chronic minority leader in Senator McConnell, who promptly reneged on their pledge to repeal Obamacare “root and branch” and hand the House of Representatives back to the Democrats in 2018. Meanwhile, George Soros, et. al., were busy propelling anti-American globalists into positions of power at the State level, setting the stage for both the COVID-19 lockdowns and, perhaps, the dirtiest election in the United States in 2020.

So, here we are in 2022, with the red GOP poised to sweep back into elected power at both the State and national levels. We the People, as we’ve done at least four times before, are about to grant them that power yet again, so that they may “save us” from the anti-American, anti-West, pro-globalist and fascist group that is today’s Democrat Party. Are we about to go away for another two years, having done our “civic duty” in voting “the right people” into these positions of authority and power, as we’ve done so often previously? What are WE going to do differently between now and 2024 to ensure that this “most important election of our lifetime” doesn’t fall flat yet again

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3 thoughts on “The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes – Again!”

  1. Every national election is the election of a lifetime, since it affects everyone, one way or another. It always boils down to separating the truth out from all the lies one side uses to persuade voters, and the consequences can live on for decades.
    Just consider how long it took for one pivotal election to change the makeup of the Supreme Court, from constructionists back to originalists. I’d say that is as good an example as it gets.

    I’d much rather put my faith in the good judgement of an originalist court than relying on polls, wouldn’t you? It all goes back to foundational strength. Straw or concrete? The Constitution is concrete.
    It’s the one thing that has served us so well.
    Without that foundation, we fall.

    • If we’re going to continue to empower nine people with final judicial, legislative AND executive judgment over the other 350M of us, then yes, I would prefer those nine be originality. Government of, by and for the People may be hopelessly lost for the foreseeable future.

  2. Nevada seems to have delivered change, however, the official “voter turnout” numbers seem stuck at 46.54% . . . . .

    Confidence is largely lost in elections, joining confidence in those previously elected for local, county, state, and federal office. Some say knowing how the “system” works is important, but the way any system works belongs to those in the system and not the system itself. We get results we like and say it’s good. However, and even so, decisions are made without the People involved to an extent worthy of saying the system is a good one.

    This election is just one more example of sub-par results in a sub-par system. Oh, yes, we do indeed have the greatest political system ever devised, but it’s still sub-par how-ever worthy it satisfies the population. We can always improve government, but first improving the People is needed.

    People should be tending to a broader sphere of concern, I think, than themselves – the basics of commonalities. Since none have banded together to create this system, people try to make do with it and live their lives absent the strength of creative purpose for their society’s framework of governance. Most people want, it seems, is a system which doesn’t bother them too much as the go about. Considering that the system which governs them, shapes their movements via a legal system, directs their financial rewards, and thus their happiness, they would want to be more involved it what seems to dictate their very lives. Think about it. Every interaction with another person can change the course of your life – good or not good.

    From my perspective, this was a good election within my state, and hope it will be official . . . someday !

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