Top Trump Ally Getting Everything He Needs to Go After the FBI

It was always part of the House Republicans plans to conduct a probe into the weaponization of government law enforcement and national security agencies.

But, according to GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, in one of the concessions made to win the votes of freedom caucus members in his bid for the speakership, now-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy committed to forming a subcommittee to the House Judiciary Committee and vowed to provide it with at least as many resources as the previous Congress devoted to its Jan. 6 Committee.

In a Friday night appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Roy said it would be similar to the well-known Church Committee, set up by Democratic Sen. Frank Church in 1975 to investigate the abuses of U.S. intelligence agencies. The new subcommittee will target “the weaponization of government, the FBI, the intel agencies, [and] DHS.” 

“We got more resources, more specificity, more power to go after this recalcitrant Biden administration,” he said.

“But if we can’t limit the spending that funds the bureaucrats, and stop buying the FBI a $400 million new headquarters that [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell just funded, then we can’t win the fight. you cannot win the fight for freedom if you don’t stop the bureaucrats. That’s what this entire fight this week was about,” Roy told Hannity. 

Roy pointed out that you can’t stop the corruption with just hearings. “You stop it by not giving them the money to continue to do it. … You’ve got to limit their funds and hold them accountable through the power of the purse.” 

The subcommittee will be led by Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who is the incoming Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

The New York Times reports, “The text of the resolution establishing the subcommittee would give the panel essentially open-ended jurisdiction to scrutinize any issue related to civil liberties or to examine how any agency of the federal government has collected, analyzed and used information about Americans — including ‘ongoing criminal investigations.'”

Shortly after his victory early Saturday morning, McCarthy told members, “We will hold the swamp accountable, from the withdrawal of Afghanistan, to the origins of Covid and to the weaponization of the F.B.I. Let me be very clear: We will use the power of the purse and the power of the subpoena to get the job done.”

Using the power of the subpoena may be more difficult than committee members anticipate.

The Times foresees looming clashes between this committee and various agency officials over documents requests. Although agency oversight is one of the duties of Congress, agencies have a long history of resistance.

The article cites a rambling seven-page letter dated January 2000 from the Assistant Attorney General at the time to the chair of the House Subcommittee on Rules and Organization in which he explains why the DOJ has “traditionally resisted making information about open criminal investigations available to Congress.”

Still, it may be more difficult than government officials and the New York Times think to escape the reach of the new committee. A trove of evidence showing wrongdoing by FBI officials already exists.

The “Twitter Files” revealed the unholy alliance between the Democratic Party, the FBI, Big Tech, and the legacy media. Documents prove they worked together to interfere in the 2020 presidential election. These powerful entities abused their power to achieve a common goal: the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

In 2016, this corrupt group collaborated to frame former President Donald Trump as an agent of Russia.

It is undeniable that the FBI and other federal agencies have been weaponized against Republicans for years. That’s no longer a conspiracy theory; it’s a fact.

There’s a reason Jim Jordan didn’t run for the open Senate seat in Ohio last year and why he rejected his nomination to be the next House speaker. He’s been waiting for this moment. And I am convinced he won’t disappoint.


A previous version of this article appeared in The Western Journal.

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3 thoughts on “Top Trump Ally Getting Everything He Needs to Go After the FBI”

  1. So THIS time, Dear God in Heaven, let it be a real committee and not just theater. Our fellow Americans are enslaved and we MUST, and I mean MUST, free them. Before these weapons were operational, they were tested … on our fellow citizens … without their consent. No matter who is using the technology, whether for good or evil, they must be stopped. And unlike after the Church committee, no more playing shell games by changing program names, or subcontracting out the work, or hiding the funding within other agencies. It must stop. If we fought to free the slaves, then we must fight to free slaves of psychotronic warfare. Although the majority of victims are women, I’ve seen grown men brought to tears by what it can do. May God protect every single victim, and may God have mercy on the souls of the perpetrators. It’s outright evil.

  2. I would be so impressed if the Republican House passed only funding bills that funded only those agencies, and the parts of the agencies that got the funds to the people it was designed for, and the rest fell like what I just read in the Bible about the tree that bear no fruit, that it be cut and thrown into the unquenched fire(paraphrased).
    Like the tree that bear no fruit, the agency that bear no effectiveness and benefit to what it was designed for, the agency must also fall. That should be the goal for the treatment of all agencies that do nothing, but harm, to our country, up to and including the big ones, like Justice, Intelligence and that misfit, the FBI.
    Let the fire consume it, and let something much better suited to the task be made in its place.

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