When the Government Referee – Also Plays in the Game

The government is supposed to be a referee.  One we hope spends most of its time swallowing its whistle.  Rather than incessantly blowing it – to incessantly interfere with the game.

The fact that government constantly blows – is a topic for another day.  Today we’ll discuss an entirely different problem.

When the referee – checks into the game as a player.

This is when government starts doing private sector stuff – while it simultaneously regulates (the daylight out of) private sector players doing the same stuff.

The government regulating the private sector – while competing with the private sector.

Which is a bit of an issue.

If a baseball umpire – starts pitching?  How do you think those ball-and-strike calls are going to go?

This is only a problem – if you understand the nature of government and humans:

“Government growth is a self-perpetuating and self-fulfilling prophecy.

“Government is just another organism. Like any organism, its first instinct is self-preservation….

“Government’s second instinct is expansion – ‘What can I consume next?’”

Government advocates certainly tell you they want the government to replace everyone and everything in the private sector.

Here’s Marxist and college professor – please pardon the redundancy – Robert McChesney on the point of Net Neutrality:

“(T)he ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.”

Leftist-to-English translation: “We’re going to have government get rid of the private sector, take all their stuff – and then do everything the private sector used to do.”  Very poorly, to be sure.

And here’s Marxist and college professor – please pardon the redundancy – Jonathan Gruber on Obamacare:

“If you like single-payer, then ObamaCare has to succeed.”


“(O)ne entity that collects funds and pays for health care on behalf on an entire population.”

That one entity – is government.  The largest monopoly on the planet.

Looking to use Obamacare – in combination with Medicare, Medicaid and several other government medical malpractices – to eradicate the private sector.  And leave itself as the only game left in town.

And speaking of government regulating the game – while playing the game….

What Is the Federal Funds Rate?:

“The federal funds rate, or Fed rate, is the interest rate that U.S. banks pay one another to borrow or loan money overnight. It also affects interest rates on everyday consumer products, such as credit cards or mortgages….

“The Federal Open Markets Committee (of the Federal Reserve) sets the federal funds rate.”

So the Fed – an entity created by the federal government – sets interest rates.  That’s them refereeing the game.

Problem: They’re also playing the game.

Understanding the National Debt:

“The national debt is composed of distinct types of debt, similar to an individual whose debt may consist of a mortgage, car loan, and credit cards.”

So the government is setting the interest rates for borrowers – while being the largest borrower on the planet.

The government’s debt will very soon surpass $34 trillion.  And that titanic tally is, of course, hurtling skyward.

Annual U.S. Deficits to Average $2 Trillion Over Next Decade

That means the government will be borrowing more and more and more money.

And because they’re the ref – they can manipulate the system to its advantage.  No matter how much damage it does to everyone else.

Death Spiral: Gov’s Inflation-Interest Rate Hike Whipsaw

Government is borrowing – in direct competition with the private sector.  That needs to borrow money to, you know, exist.  And maybe, hopefully, grow.

Except government will not allow that to happen.

What Is the Crowding Out Effect?:

“(R)ising public sector spending drives down or even eliminates private sector spending.

“To spend more, the government needs added revenue. It obtains it by raising taxes or by borrowing through the sale of Treasury securities.

“Higher taxes can mean reduced income and spending by individuals and businesses.

Treasury sales can increase interest rates and borrowing costs. That can reduce borrowing demand and spending.

“All told, these government activities are thought to result in the crowding out of spending by private individuals and companies.”

Why, it sounds like the object of federal over-spending – and the borrowing to make all of it possible – are intended to destroy the private sector.

And replace all of it – with government.  The largest monopoly on the planet.

How very Obamacare and Net Neutrality.

This piece originally appeared on Seton Motley’s Substack. Reprinted here with permission.

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