“Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war.”

Shakespeare described the command that loosed soldiers and war dogs to prey on people without pity.  As a infantry lieutenant in the 82nd Airborne I read a personal memoire by a WW II vet who cautioned, “Do not let slip the dogs of war.”  I never forgot his injunction.  The older I get, the more I understand how awful war is.  Yet, when war comes, it must be fought.  We should never imagine we can control it once we let slip the dogs of war.  Iran let go the leash.

On October 7th 2023, the Hamas Muslim barbarians in Gaza committed a massacre in Israel.  Israel is still conducting the counter-attack to eradicate Hamas in Gaza.  Iran supports Hamas.  Israel struck them back by bombing the Iranian consulate in Syria and killing key Iranian brass.  On April 13th 2024, Iran attacked Israel in the largest drone and missile attack in history.  Now, Israel will strike back.

How will Israel hit Iran?

There are many, many options.  The means for military, economic, political, and moral-ethical responses can be listed 1 to n by military planners.  Their effect and the enemies’ responses can be guessed but never guaranteed.  That’s one reason why it’s so dangerous to let slip the dogs of war.  War is unpredictable except in the suffering, loss, and generations of hatred it produces.

The direct Iranian attack on Israel was a first.  It was a monumental failure.  Now what? 

Have the cunning Persians smoked out the Israeli defenses so now they really can attack?  Lob the nukes they’ve been building?

Have the calculating Iranian Imans made the face-saving response to the Israeli bombing?  Can they go back to rallying world opinion against Israel punishing their Hamas pawns?

Are the chess-playing Islamo-Fascist Iranian Pols following a strategy which will invoke an Israeli response that will force the hated Sunni Arabs to support a much wider war?  With an objective victory planned?

Maybe the clueless dictators are just making it up as they go along.  Could they simply respond to whatever they perceive?

When will the Islamists in the U.S. and across Europe be ordered or inspired to attack like the Hamas savages did?

[Side note: How did Taiwan and the CCP interpret the effectiveness of Israel’s Iron Dome defense?  What will they do?]

Now, do the same “what ifs” for the Israelis.  Lots of options.

I know not where this fighting goes. 

From my personal perspective, I know “tit for tat” as the U.S. did with North Vietnam for years fails miserably.

Know that Turkey and Russia have more to lose than gain if they  do too much to support Iran.

Believe Iran made huge mistake crossing this Rubicon with a direct attack on Israel.

Confident that the Biden administration will screw up the response.  Also confident that Trump himself is clueless on what to do – but not so with his advisors of the Mike Pompeo caliber.

Hope the capabilities I was “read on” as a Contractor when I wrote a classified OPLAN for possible employment by the IDF back in 2006 are ready for fielding and continual improving.  Really hope so.

Relieved there were no nukes, chem, or bio in yesterday’s attack.

And, I must repeat, we should truly, truly, truly not let slip the dogs of war unless absolutely necessary.  As in exterminating the Hamas Muslim barbarians.      

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