World War III Watch: This is Entirely Jimmy Carter’s Fault

If, on November 5, 1979, President Carter had told the Ayatollah Khoumeini, in no uncertain terms, that either our embassy personnel being held hostage would be safely on a plane, heading out of Iran, within 72 hours, or we would regret their passing in the attack which reduced Tehran and Qom to radioactive black holes …

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The Associated Press Make Story About Rescue of Two Israeli Hostages All About the Poor, Poor Palestinians!

Maybe Hamas shouldn’t have started a war they knew they couldn’t win? The Israel Defense Force have rescued two elderly hostages seized by Hamas in the October 7th terror raid, but Associated Press reporters Najib Jobain, Josef Federman, and Samy Magdy want you to sympathize with the Palestinian Arabs who held them captive! Israeli forces …

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The Unseen American Footprint: Questioning Widespread Military Deployments in the Middle East

The potential consequences of using military deployments as “bait “ for strategic purposes raise ethical and strategic questions about the direction of U.S. foreign policy.

Dropping Warheads on Foreheads: The Perilous Powers of Unchecked Authority

The authority vested in the U.S. President to make unilateral decisions regarding military force raises critical concerns about unchecked power and its potential to escalate conflicts into full-blown wars.