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Early on in the life of American Free News Network, we decided that we wanted to associate ourselves with people and organizations that walk the same philosophical path that we do. We soon figured out that the best way to do that was to enter into mutually beneficial relationships with them. There is no money changing hands. Nor is there any formal relationship involving advertising, non-disclosure agreements, or any of that nonsense. This is just a mutual affinity between disparate organizations and people who share similar values. That’s how we began our Fellow Travelers Initiative.*

Chuck Cordak

Our featured Fellow Traveler today, is Chuck Cordak, the head honcho over at After a very successful career as an entrepreneur in the tech industry, Chuck decided  to do something radically different. Thus was born a high-end cigar company that sells an experience, not just a bunch of tobacco leaves in a tight roll.

Not only does Deployment Cigars provide its clients with an upscale experience, including virtual and in-person events, but more importantly, it sends cigars down-range to active-duty Military and First Responders every month, as well as donating a substantial portion of its profits to charities that support Military Veterans.

As Chuck likes to point out (inspired by Jake & Elwood Blues):

 “We are on a mission from God to give back to those who give and gave so much to our great nation.”

American Free News Network began its relationship with Deployment Cigars, via another Fellow Traveler, David Webb, host of the David Webb. Show.** I had noticed that Mr. Webb had some guy who ran a cigar company, on every couple of weeks to talk about the charities he was supporting. During one of my chats with Webb, I prevailed upon him to ask “that Chuck guy,” to recommend a good cigar to smoke with my Command Sergeant Major during our next unit reunion. Almost before I got off the phone with Webb, I get a call from Chuck and before you know it, AFNN is flying wingman for his charity efforts and he’s helping to promote ours.

One of the most significant efforts Chuck and Deployment Cigars are working, is their Chaplain Cigar Therapy program. The way Chuck describes it:

 “The word about our program has gotten out in the chaplain community and we are fielding many requests from chaplains both stationed here at home and deployed globally. It is a privilege to donate our Chaplain Corps cigars to support them ministering to our troops.” 

I have to say, as somebody who has been in that boat a few times, this effort of Chuck’s is a winner. Troops—from Privates to Colonels—can have a hard time seeking out The Chaplain. This is especially true in close-combat units and environments. Down at the “pointy end of the spear,” going to see The Chaplain can sometimes be perceived as weakness.

Chaplains know this, and several have adopted Cigar Therapy as a way to get past this social stigma. The Chaplain hands a Soldier a cigar and invites him to “walk out to the berm and have a stick together.” This changes the dynamic from: a Troop possibly showing weakness in front of his peers, to: two guys in a combat zone having a cigar while they sort out a knotty problem. Is this the solution for everything? Of course not. But it is showing a lot of promise in getting Active Duty and Veterans to open up and seek help.

Chaplain Cigar Therapy is but one of the many outreach and support programs sponsored by Deployment Cigars. It’s a clear winner and one of the reasons American Free News Network considers Chuck and his gang, Fellow Travelers.***

*     You can see the list of our Fellow Travelers in the right pane of the AFNN Homepage.
**   The David Webb Show can be found, M-F, 9-NoonEST on Sirius XM 125
*** AFNN receives NO remuneration from Deployment cigars or any of its affiliates.

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