Twitter Has to Add Fact Check to Video of Biden to Tell Viewers It’s NOT Fake

We’ve heard a lot of crazy stories over the years from President Joe Biden. He’s told us about his boyhood battle and ultimate triumph over the neighborhood thug, Corn Pop, the time he was arrested in South Africa in the 1970s when he tried to visit Nelson Mandela in prison, and even about his days …

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Biden Gets Lambasted After Two Big Errors in ‘Disaster’ Press Conference

With his 2024 re-election bid in mind, President Joe Biden finally acknowledged the “situation” at our southern border during a Thursday press conference. He announced his intention to visit the border at long last and unveiled his administration’s new plan to address it. The strategy, as you might expect, was feeble. But it was Biden’s …

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Biden Denied Three Major Gaffes from Europe Trip; Was He Lying or Did He Actually Forget?

President Biden, President Putin

Shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops into Ukraine, the media began to question his mental state. “Is Putin insane?” asked The Washington Post. A Vanity Fair article was entitled: “Report: An ‘Increasingly Frustrated’ Putin, a Madman With Nuclear Weapons, Is Lashing Out at His Inner Circle.” A headline in The Daily Mail read, …

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