A Merrier Christmas

   Christmas is Christmas.  Nothing can change that.  We Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He is the reason for the season, nothing else.  We are in this world but not of this world.  Therefore, the things of this world should not bother us, but they occasionally do.  We are only human, unlike Christ who was both man and God.  For some of us who are more political than others, things of this world can bother us even more, especially nowadays.  It seems these days that we cannot go anywhere without the specter of politics.  That is not of our own making but of those that live and breathe politics, liberal politics, and believe we should too.  In fact, they believe so deeply in politics that it has become their religion and they demand the rest of us convert to their faith.

      This year hasn’t been a great year for conservatives or our country.  A pseudo-President who is a power-mad senile senior has taken the reigns at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  That’s not the end of the world but it sure feels like it.  This presidency has been one of the biggest disasters in our history.  Even some Democrats are starting to acknowledge that.  Certainly, the polls show that independents are fleeing from Biden and the Democrat party.  The party is losing once solid constituencies like Hispanics.  The latest Quinnipiac poll numbers show the Bumbler’s approval is in the basement with him.  There’s a glimmer of hope.  There always is this season of the year.

      The hapless Oval Office occupant-in-chief began the slide in his own approval on day one.  He dismantled all the hard-fought immigration/border security policies put into place by Donald Trump.  Americans of all stripes do not appreciate being usurped by outsiders.  Brandon’s lies about inheriting a mess at the southern border have fallen on deaf ears.  He claimed in his defense that the increased invader traffic was just seasonal.  Wow, it’s been a very long season.  No one with eyes and ears is naïve enough to believe the border has always been this open.  Heck, with a border that wide open, who needs immigration policy?

      As our military generals and Pentagon puppets were busy cleansing our military of all the white rage Klan members in the ranks and teaching the remaining troops how to properly use woke pronouns, our enemies abroad were taking copious notes.  The Iranian mullahs know they have grown leverage to pressure the Weak One to start up the “give ‘em nukes” talks again.  Barack’s gone but not his ghost.  China’s saber rattling has had zero push back from our Fearless Leader.  Hypersonic missiles anyone?  Russia has its sites set on Ukraine.  With the absent-minded professor in charge, what could possibly go wrong?  Oh, that reminds me, the Taliban also took full advantage of having a moron at our defense helm.  Our Afghanistan withdrawal was maybe our worst and most embarrassingly humiliating defeat on the world scene.  Can our military recover?  It must.  A purge of our flag officers may be a good start.

        As we enter this Holy Season, the grinches in the White House are hell bent on robbing us of Christmas, or at least the joy of Christmas.  The President himself, or his stunt double, declared a dreadful winter of death and destruction and sickness for our number one enemy, the enemy of the State, the worst people on the planet, the filthy unpatriotic unvaccinated.  He declared (or read) in a national speech that only those who are vaccinated and boostered can enjoy this joyous holiday season.  Yes, our permission to enjoy or not enjoy holidays is now at the pleasure of the President.  The vaxxed are the only ones who deserve joy.  The rest of you plebes and serfs must suffer for your deadly misdeeds.  Get vaxxed or remain modern-day lepers.  There’s nothing like good old fashion threats and bullying to bolster your popularity, never mind that the vax doesn’t prevent getting or spreading COVID.

      On top of the trillion dollars spent last year on said COVID, the regime in the White House spent another $2 trillion earlier this year in the inflationary and barely noticed American Rescue Plan.  You didn’t really think those vaccines were free, did you?  It should have more aptly been named the American Inflation Plan.  In case you hadn’t noticed (Brandon basement dwellers?), we’re at a 40-year high inflation rate at nearly 10% officially (actual inflation is probably much higher).  That means wages have net decreased over the past year, unlike last year’s increase.  The buying power of your dollar is at least 10% less than it was a year ago.  Salary increases have in no way kept pace with that rate.  How’s that for minimum wage?

      Of course, those Trillion$ were not enough to satisfy the radicals running the country.  Americans weren’t rescued enough with that plan and now need a Build Back Brandon Better plan with never before seen or heard of spending.  Their Bolshevik, Menshevik, Leninist, Stalinist (you pick) mask is off.  The hardcore leftists running the Democrat party want to spend us into oblivion.  The BBBB plan isn’t paid for, no matter how many ways they tell us it is.  Even the liberal Congressional Budget Office (CBO) couldn’t provide the fiscal fig leaf the Dems were hoping for. 

      As a result, we’ve been treated to public infighting among the Dems.  The leftwing of the party is fighting with the far leftwing of the party to determine who can be more irresponsible spending money we don’t have on programs we don’t need.  Accounting trickery is built into the BBBB bill to fool the masses into thinking it will “only” cost $1.75 trillion.  Actual cost is closer to $5 trillion.  The temporary government program giveaways aren’t forecast to last so as to keep the projected cost estimate down.  But as the late great Milton Friedman once said, “There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program”.

      That small glimmer of hope you see shining dimly on the horizon is called Sen. Manchin.  For the time being, he and 50 Republican Senators have put the kibosh on Brandon’s spending nightmare.  I guess Jen “Baghdad Bob” Psaki was right, $5 trillion really does equal Zero.  With the upcoming shellacking the American people are going to put on the Dems next year, they know this is their last best hope to transform America into something it was never intended to be, a socialist utopia (dystopia for normal Americans).  After Manchin announced his NO on BBBB, the long knives came out, in force.  The Dems are out for blood, Joe Manchin’s blood.  If we’re lucky, they’ll push him too far and he’ll jump ship to become an independent or perhaps even a Republican (slim chance). 

      However, don’t be fooled.  Manchin is no moderate and certainly not a conservative.  His voting record and that of fellow “maverick” Sen. Sinema, shows that they vote with Biden 100% of the time, until now.  Some mavericks.  With mavericks like that, who needs loyalists?  Manchin just knows his constituents and politics.  He sees the handwriting on the wall, and he doesn’t want his name on that wall.  Rather, he wants his name on monuments in place of Robert “KKK” Byrd in West Virginia parks.  Whatever his reasons for voting no, let’s pray he stays strong and doesn’t fold to the Democrat mobs with their pitch forks and torches.  The Christmas season is always joyful.  Celebrate Christ’s arrival with your family, vaxxed and unvaxxed.  Smile knowing that no one can separate you from His love. Manchin’s obstinance has made Christmas just a little merrier this year.  Rejoice!




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