Sign of the Apocalypse

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When California announced that it was raising the dollar limit on shoplifting to $950 before a person could be charged with a felony, and started releasing people with no bail, any American with half a brain knew what was coming. Sure enough, California is experiencing a crime wave of amazing proportions. Thieves routinely walk into stores and help themselves to whatever is (left) on the shelves.

The theft problem is so bad that large national corporations are pulling out of California cities because they cannot afford the losses. Meanwhile, violent crime is also increasing as are other non-violent property crimes. There was serious concern that such behavior would spread to other cities, and that American malefactors and felons would start implementing their lawlessness in cities all over America, even in states and cities that were not following their liberal counterparts down the path of coddling and releasing criminals. Of course, that is exactly what happened, and it has been a bad few years in America in terms of crime rates.

Incredibly, many liberals are STILL supportive of the concept of trying to run a society without police or the rule of law!!! Some liberal cities seem to be getting a clue, but it may be a case of waking up too late. The news of left-wing America’s love affair with thieves and other felons has spread, and now American cities have become a vacation destination for foreign criminals.

The typical liberal would probably cheer this news as another victory in their long campaign to increase diversity in America. “Who cares if they are thieves or felons? Their money is green, and they will stimulate the economy, just like all those illegal aliens who pay sales taxes.” Sorry, liberal fools, they are not coming here to relax and spend their ill-gotten cash. They are coming here to make money by plying their trade in a country where they have no danger of jail time even if they are caught! It makes all the sense in the world, and it is amazing how quickly the word has spread across the globe. F

ree enterprise is unbelievably efficient, even when it is criminal. Unfortunately, this is really bad news for Americans who live in cities run by anti-American, bigoted politicians who love anyone who is hurting this country and its citizens. They especially love criminals who are “people of color” aka POC.

In another example of the power of free enterprise to spread news that helps criminals make a profit, a shoplifter confronted over her habit of robbing stores quite calmly explained that she was not stealing, she was collecting “reparations.” How quaint. The reporter was remiss in not asking the person if she was only victimizing stores owned by white people. That shoplifter was an American, but some larcenous fellow sitting in Brazil might have seen that segment and turned to his buddy with an incredulous smile on his face. It had to be too good to be true. The richest country on earth is letting people steal as much as they want without putting them in jail!!!

Based on the experiences of the police in Los Angeles and other California cities, the guy on the couch must have told all his criminal buddies, and those folks told all their corrupt friends, because there has been an explosion of property crimes committed in California by foreigners, primarily from Central and South America, who are coming to the state to commit property crimes.

They fly here, burglarize/shoplift high end stores and homes, and then quickly head home with their loot. Think about it. They can steal $950 a day with NO chance of a serious charge. That would allow them to rake in more in 2 weeks that most people in South America make in a year. If they really want to get serious, they can target high-end homes and even if they get caught, they will be released on bail! It is a get of out jail free card issued by the state of California. It is as bizarre as any movie version of a dystopian America that Hollywood has envisioned.

When stories like this are read by the average American in fly-over country, they are laughed off as some weird fluke. Most folks in places like Kentucky, Ohio, or Tennessee, just cannot believe that such asinine and dangerous idiocy could really be public policy. When they eventually realize that it is true, their reaction is something along the lines of; “That’s incredible!! How in God’s name can law abiding citizens put up with that?!?!”

Common sense Americans quickly realize the obvious: if there is no penalty for committing crimes, criminals will run amok. Why are liberals unable or unwilling to grasp that simple fact? Are they blind to the obvious consequences of their insane policies, or is the real problem that they do not care what the effects of their policies are? The logical conclusion is that the latter issue is the case, because they would have to be utter morons to not see the damage their policies are causing, and they are generally not that stupid.

So why do they not care about their constituents? Because they do not like most of their constituents. Democrats are primarily guilty white liberals and race baiting POC. White liberals hate themselves for being white, so how could they possibly care about rich white people? Likewise, POC politicians make hay by telling their POC constituents to hate white people, especially rich ones. Democrats also hate corporations run by rich white people and were likely applauding the black female thief for collecting her “reparations.”

Their only issue is that criminals tend to be creatures who love to exploit targets of opportunity. They will rob a neighborhood bodega blind just as enthusiastically as they will clean out a Walgreens. Darn those criminals!! They are just so insensitive to the historic suffering of POC in America! If they only knew about that, they would certainly confine themselves to robbing white people and white companies and America would soon be a paradise. White people would learn that being robbed was not so bad, and POC could all make a living by stealing from them. Of course, in California Asians have been co-opted into white culture and are even richer than white people, so they can be robbed too. No guilt, no shame!

Democrats are so certain and passionately convinced of their virtue in allowing criminals to run rampant, they have successfully convinced a lot of Americans that their nonsense is virtuous and beneficial public policy. Residents in liberal cities routinely re-elect the same scoundrels and bigots who are presiding over their city’s descent into chaos, crime, poverty and bankruptcy.

It is tempting to abandon Americans like that to their deserved fates, but even in the bluest of blue cities there are Americans who totally disagree with the loss of their rights as citizens of this country. They are losing the right to own their own property, be safe in their homes and businesses, to keep the fruits of their honest labor, and to be given the protection that they pay for with their taxes. The current conditions in many Democrat run cities are so dire that the idea of paying taxes to such inept, ineffective, criminal-friendly governments is itself a crime.

President Trump touched on this subject during the Democrat incited riots during 2020 when Democrats bailed out rioters and looters and told police in various cities to let the criminals run rampant while promising to defund the racist police. Trump declared that if mayors and DAs would not enforce the law and arrest criminals destroying the businesses and public property of law-abiding Americans, he would use Federal troops to do it. He was of course, immediately and viciously assailed by Democrat politicians, race baiting media commentators, and Hollywood celebrities for being a demagogue and wannabe dictator.

Sorry folks, but Trump was right again. Frankly, Trump should have been assailing governors for failing to act too. That is why governors have their National Guard and state police organizations, to protect the rights of Americans in their states from criminals, foreign or domestic. Americans are getting sick and tired of politicians and public servants who get paid handsomely to fulfill the responsibilities of government and then do absolutely nothing. T

he loss of confidence in public institutions is alarming because it is the foundation of civilization. However, that loss is understandable and reasonable when government encourages, and then enables, the worst elements of our country to victimize hard working citizens with impunity. The biggest danger is that America will end up like Mexico; lawless, dangerous, unhealthy, and poor. The richest people in Mexico are outright criminals. Based on the policies in California and other blue states, Mexico is a vision of America’s future.

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  1. It’s also interesting that those POC are the ones who are seeing the problem, because of Trump’s and other’s exposure, and turning away from those guilt ridden white leftists.
    It will be interesting to see how California turns out, when they realize the deal they made with the Devil was so evil and inescapable after years of decline.
    When Trump looked blacks in the face and asked the simple question “What do you have to lose?, when he was asking for their vote, that was a big game changer, and one the left could not silence.
    Great article!

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