Be Careful Who You Pat on the Back!

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Last night, I sat around and watched videos, without ads(!) on Rumble, and one of the people I subscribe to, Tim Pool; I stumbled on one of his videos talking about hypocrites and liars. I’ve been very vocal about the hypocrite he highlighted, Bill Maher, because I remember exactly what Tim brought up, and it was one of Maher’s comments about wanting to see a recession, to get Trump out of office. Well, the fantastic ‘has been’ comedian got his way, along with Covid and a lot of censorship, all of which Maher has danced around those issues, as if he is some kind of open-minded free thinking oracle.

I wouldn’t want to wish a recession on anyone, would you? All Bill Maher wants is a win for his side, by saying that, and shows his disgust for Trump. What a sick person Maher must really be. Pool went on to criticise a couple others like Maher, including the “Divine Miss M”, Bette Midler, and the idiot who drives a Tesla, and wouldn’t mind it, at all, if you and I are stuck with 15 bucks a gallon gas, Colbert.

The people Tim highlighted have nothing, but a disgusting arrogance towards anyone who they think lives ‘beneath them’. They are the type who expect everyone else should do for them, and the heck with those who suffer through hard times. Bette even performed a Tweet, saying that she would pay higher gas prices for some very young Ukrainian child, all wrapped with cute little hearts and other emoticons. Isn’t she just so divine? So impressive, Bette. What about those starving children in our country? What do you think about their parents having to pay more to feed their kids? Huh?

Back to Bill Maher, I have said it so many times, that all Maher does, when his leftism ticks off enough people to keep them from watching his dumb show, he has some revelation that makes you think he really cares, and thinks the Democrats have ‘become rather goofy’, but it is all about his ratings, and nothing else.

All he cares about is getting a win against the right. Pay closer attention to Maher and his type, before you go and heap praise on arrogant elitist fools, who never had the first compassion for anyone they ever claimed to. I see people giving him credit for saying something once, then going right back to his old leftist garbage, which can happen at the speed of light. Beware the hypocrite, especially the leftist liar comedian or entertainer. They say things that will make you blush, behind your back, and sometimes in front.

Tim Pool will be the first to tell you where he came from, a leftist background, but he is an honest, open guy, and has had a bit of a change of attitude about a lot of leftist views. I applaud guys like Tim. They try to close gaps in the great divide of ideologies, by bringing common sense to the table.

Anyway, pay closer attention to some of those leftists before you laugh or heap praise on their lines. They don’t mean any of it, except the part about them winning.


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2 thoughts on “Be Careful Who You Pat on the Back!”

  1. “…the idiot who drives a Tesla, and wouldn’t mind it, at all, if you and I are stuck with 15 bucks a gallon gas, Colbert.” Mark Berwind – AFNN.US

    Schadenfreude, the practice of experiencing joy or pleasure at the misfortune of other is one thing. Although virtually EVERYONE experiences this feeling, on occasion, it is not an attractive trait and may cause people to want to disassociate from you if it is your standard response to the misfortune of others; and who could blame them.

    But actively WISHING misfortune on others for your personal enjoyment is something else altogether. It is a strong indication that you are an EVIL person; that you think that the victims of your nefarious wishful thinking actually DESERVE bad things to happen to them. And while, again, there may well be some who have richly earned such a fate, such as one Vladimir Putin, just for example; this is a level of malice and malign thinking that is a world apart from mere schadenfreude.

    There was a moment when Stephen Colbert was actually funny. I don’t actually recall that but I’ve heard rumors to that effect from those whose opinion I respect. Bill Maher, OTOH, is a reprehensible human being. I cannot find a single redeeming quality in him. And even on those extremely rare occasions when he gets it right about a particular event or person, I chalk that up to the Blind Hog/Ear of Corn category of events. It’s just bound to happen, once in a great while and should not be taken as an indication that he has, by some miracle, ‘Seen the Light’.

    • I remember when Colbert was making attempts at humor, when he was a sideshow act on the Comedy Channel. It has been a very long time ago. He adopted his latest trending version of comedy while on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. What he does now isn’t funny at all, except maybe to leftists with an attitude.
      Thanks for your comment.
      BTW, my son drives a Tesla, too. He’s not an idiot.


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