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Information leaked from the Supreme Court indicates that it is likely the opinion in Roe v. Wade will be reversed. Here is one of the articles on the subject.

If Roe v. Wade is reversed it will not automatically outlaw abortions in every state. It will simply throw the decisions back to the various states, where it was before Roe v. Wade. That will mean more than ever we will need to make the case to protect these little ones. That is why my new book on abortion: Abortion Compassion, is so important. A copy of this book needs to be available to every pro-life clinic in America. Can you share this message with your friends? It will be greatly appreciated.

If anyone is working with a prolife clinic and would like a copy of the book simply send me your name and address and I will send you a copy; no charge.


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From the Cover

In our society we have always stood for the little guy. No matter the cause we have always come to the defense of those who seemed unable to defend themselves.

So it is truly surprising that we do not come to the aid of those who have no defense at all, the unborn.

After they are born when tragedy strikes we would scoop them up in our arms and protect them from all danger, but before they are born they are just out of sight, out of mind.

I often wonder how many of these little ones would have grown up to be president, or a senator or representative, or a great scientist or astronaut. We will never know as they never had a chance.

Every life is precious, no matter how small. This book provides a dramatic picture of life from conception to birth. No matter our situation can we at least give these little ones the most precious thing of all, their lives?

About Abortion Compassion.

Here is a book that has everything you will ever need to know about abortion. It includes pictures of baby development from conception to birth, testimonies of some who survived abortions, and briefs for the Mississippi Abortion case. Books can be purchased at, Barnes and Noble or wherever books are sold. If you want a signed copy send a check for $25.00 to :

Jim Hollingsworth, 1203 W. Orchard Ave, Hayden, ID 83835

From the Foreword of the book:


Life is precious. Very few people wish they had never been born. Very few people ever become so frustrated with life that they take their own lives. True, both Job and Jeremiah reached the point in their very frustrating lives that they wished they had never been born, where they considered their own lives a curse. (See Job Chapter 3; Jeremiah 20:14-18)

Remember the character George Bailey in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”? He came to the point where he wished he had never been born. So, the angel Clarence gave him his wish. George had to see what impact his one frustrating life had on other people. George finally realized that it was a wonderful life after all.

All life is precious: Any life. No matter how handicapped a person may be at birth they still fight to live. One person in particular was born without arms or legs. Oh, he did have a tiny foot, but that was all. As a young child he tried to take his own life, but could not be successful, for a number of reasons. He learned to trust God at an early age, and later went on to hold positive life seminars in hundreds of cities throughout the world and wrote several books about the value of life. (Nick Vujicic Life Without Limits and other similar works. He later married and raised a family.)

Life is important. That is why the framers of our Republic stated simply in both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments (the Bill of Rights) that no person could be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. Due process of law meant simply that they had to be guilty of a capital crime convicted in a court of law by a jury of their peers.

The opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court, in Roe v. Wade, dealt with the question of when does a person become a person with all the protections of the Constitution. That the Court’s opinion was 6:3 and not unanimous indicates that their decision was very subjective. This was not a medical decision, but a political one.

Abortions have always taken place and they probably always will. Even should the Supreme Court decide to reverse their original decision in Roe v. Wade there will still be abortions. The question is not a matter of law, but a condition of the human heart. As long as we hold a cheap view of human life there will always be abortions, if for no other reason than convenience.

Most people who have had abortions have later regretted their rash action. Some suffer every year when the time arrives that would have been the birthday of their little one whose life was taken. Nurses who assisted in abortions finally recognized the error of their ways and have left the abortion clinic and have become pro-life.

Some doctors performed thousands of abortions only to realize the magnitude of their error. They became strongly pro-life until the day of their deaths.

This book has been written in the hope of turning someone away from the desire for an abortion. The action of a moment can lead to a pregnancy which will result in the birth of a child; either a live one, or a dead one, but there can be no other result.

So why write another book on abortion? There have been many great books written on the subject as well as a few movies. Knowing this we have sought to make some of this information available and have reproduced them here. If you want to know more about the authors you can read their books or watch their films. If we have caused even one little life to be saved, then our task is rewarded.

Many states have worked on legislation on abortion. Some laws would not take effect unless the Supreme Court reverses Roe v. Wade. Some would stop all abortions at a certain point, many only after the child becomes viable, or when they can feel pain, or even after a heartbeat is detected. Others believe that all legislation needs to simply outlaw all abortions beginning with conception. There have been strong disagreements over these various positions.

But in life we must deal with what is achievable. Court cases often hinge on what is practical and not on what is good or right. That being true it is easier to get legislation passed which stands some chance of surviving a court battle. And, as we said, even one life saved makes it worth it. If we cannot save all would we therefore refuse to save any? I think the question answers itself.

If we encountered a house on fire, and we knew we could not save everyone would we refuse to save anyone? Of course not. We would risk our own life to save as many as possible.

Our goal needs to be to save all from abortion, from conception to birth, but would we refuse if we could only save a few?

Someone may have placed this book in your hands. Even the fact of its existence may cause you extreme anger. Our only hope is that you will read it all and then pass it along to someone who is thinking of an abortion, or who would think of an abortion, should the need become expedient.

Abortion has gradually gone from being a medical issue to being simply a political issue. Thus, the Republican Party has traditionally been pro-life and the Democrats have traditionally been pro-choice. This is an unfortunate dichotomy, as there are other issues that separate the two parties.

So, our hope is to one day see some pro-life Democrats who will cause other of their friends to also see the truth about life. Life is a precious gift from God and we must work to preserve it at all points from conception to natural death. I hope you find the reading of this short book profitable.

Thanks for caring. The Author.

Jim Hollingsworth has a master’s degree from Pensacola Christian College. He receives mail at: He has written four books: Climate Change: A Convenient Truth; Cortez: A Biography;The Ancient Culture of the Aztec Empire; Abortion Compassion, available wherever books are sold.

Climate Change: A Convenient Truth is now in a Second Edition.

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1 thought on “Book Promo: Abortion Compassion”

  1. That’s an important distinction, about Roe v. Wade and the issue of life of the not yet born. All the potential decision does is to put the issue in the laps of the states. Nothing else.

    Like is said about one’s enemy, in a war, “The enemy gets a vote,” in this war, the only vote the child gets is what we say in some damned poll, or some piece of legislation that either protects that child, or condemns him. I don’t want to make a choice over the life or death of another child. That choice should have never been allowed to happen. Life is too precious, no matter what form it takes, biologically, spiritually, ethically and morally.

    No, a woman should never have had the right to make a choice about the life or death of a child. The choice is clear in a Commandment from God.

    Even if you don’t believe in God, the biological reasons are overwhelming enough to prohibit abortion. And our Constitution acknowledges that all Americans have the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. There is no exception for the yet to be born. I don’t see abortion as anything, except murder.


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