Racism: 4 of 4; How Did Systemic Racism Start?

World history is marred with slavery.  The Egyptians and Babylonians enslaved the Jews.  The Greeks and Romans had slaves captured in battle.  Nomad cultures in the Middle East, Africa and America resulted in the enslavement of captured tribes.  There is an old adage, to the victors go the spoils.

The spoils were put to death if the conquerors could not feed them.  But if there were means, the conquerors put the vanquished to work, for the good of the conquerors. 

There was conquest after conquest as the “modern” world developed.  Slavery was a key component to that development.  Slaves were treated well; slaves were treated terribly.  Slaves were used for practice, slaves were used in Gladiator pits, slaves were used for labor.  Slaves were created under law as punishment for breaking laws.  Slaves could win freedom, especially if they survived military service. 

Was slavery based on color?  I do not know. I do not believe so.  In the ancient world, people were classified by their country of origin.  How many of you knew that ancient Egyptians were black?  Or that the Moors were black?  Did you realize that Chinese and Japanese are yellow?  Were Native Americans red?  Historically, there appears to be no judgement of slaves based on the color of one’s skin. In the Gospel, Jesus never discussed color, but He told His disciples to treat slaves with dignity.  

There were free men, there were slaves.  There were rich men, there were paupers.  There were French, English, Italians, Germans, Ethiopians, Greeks, Chinese and the list goes on.  But there were never colors.  There were nationalities and they were pure.  People were shunned for cross-pollination.

Let’s fast forward to the early 1600 era in the colony of Virginia.  The tobacco farmers needed laborers.  Many men in England applied for an opportunity to own something in the New World, but they had no money.  For the promise of transport to the new world, they agreed to serve a period of three to seven years as an indentured servant.  During this time, they were the sole property of the owner.  They were expected to work.  They were treated properly, for they were beasts of burden.  If they were beaten and abused, they would be useless, and the sponsor would not be able to count on their productivity which was to ship tobacco to Europe, a true gift of the Native American.

Many Native Americans did not appreciate the value a human life.  They frequently traded captured enemies to the English in return for glass beads, pots, flints and a host of items.  But the English did not believe these captives were slaves.  They treated them by statute as indentured servants, the same as they treated those who agreed to exchange labor for passage.  The term of servitude was the same.  During that time, the indentured were to learn English and accept Christianity.   Upon completion of their contract, they were given land, tools and money by statute, by the written Law of the Land.  As new citizens, they were expected to contribute to the community in every aspect.

In 1619, a Dutch man-o-war traded about 20 black African male slaves for water and food so that they could complete their voyage home.  Within weeks, the Virginia House, soon to be the House of Burgesses, changed the Africans status to indentured servants.  Note: slavery was not recognized in Virginia until the 1670’s.  By the Civil War, some of the largest property owners in Virginia were descendants of those 20 African “slaves”. 

Perhaps the roots of racism started in this Nation.  We are the only Nation in the world that has every nationality, creed and color.  Almost all Nations are homogeneous, there are few colors.  In contrast, the United States offers Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness to whomever comes to our shores and becomes an American citizen.  We are a melting pot of every creed, nationality, religion, culture, and yes, color.   

Racism based on color probably started in 1828, when Democratic-Republican Martin van Buren presented the idea of forming the Democrat Party as a method to shield the “Negro slave” discussion from the halls of Congress, as it was dividing the Nation.  President Andrew Jackson jumped on the idea, choose Martin van Buren as his 2nd term Vice-President, and the Democrat Party was born. 

The American Civil War was fought between the same Nation, with the same customs, the same language and the same people.  Both sides had colors of all shades.  The war was horrific.  Slowly Lincoln shifted the purpose of the war from restoration of the Republic to granting freedom to the Negro race in bondage.  Indeed, the Civil War is remembered as a sacrifice of blood to grant freedom to a single color, an obvious distinction that is difficult to hide.   

The southern Democrats were shunned after the war, when blacks filled the halls of Congress and maintained the economy of the south.   Lyndon Johnson understood the diabolical political clout of legislating for a specific group, while pretending it was for the whole.  Martin Luther King got it right when he asked that people be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. 

Today, the American people are not racist.  But there are still race mongers, there are bigots and there are racists.  Ignore them, they have no power.

But the illusion of systemic racism, that lies at the feet of the Progressive Socialist Democrats who desire to divide this Nation by whatever means, including color, to create a Communist utopia.  

It is insidious using people of color as pawns for power.

Contact your Federal and State Legislature.  Tell them to stop making laws which are used as swords to divide this Nation.  Laws must be uniform.


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