The Gold Standard For Secure Elections

What is the Voting Gold Standard?  What is HR-1?  Give it some thought.  A Voting Gold Standard would be and has been created by each of the individual States and their elected Legislatures.  It is different in each State, because one of the founding principles of this great Republic is that each State IS DIFFERENT.  HR-1 is a creation of Congress, cobbled together with all the progressive and socialist ideas available.  In a nutshell, HR-1 states that it does not matter how the public votes, it only matters who counts the votes.  So, let’s ignore a universal voting program HR-1.  It simply flies in the face of the founding principles of this Nation.


Here we go.


Should you be required to have an Identification (ID) Card of some sort issued by a government agency?  Should that valid ID indicate the Nationality of the person?  Should that ID list the address of the person and their birth date?  Most will agree that to enjoy the privilege of voting, these are the minimum standards, of which every voter can comply.


We hear news reports and listen to interviews regarding how different groups, specifically the black community with the recent addition of the brown community, would be disenfranchised if these requirements became the Voting Gold Standard. For the record, those saying that nonsense are racist and they should be ashamed.  It is a simple fact, and we all know it, that a government issued ID is a requirement of life in this Nation.  It is racist to assume that certain groups do not have the knowledge or capability to obtain a valid ID.   


So, as we continue the discussion, we will reject the premise that many folks cannot obtain a valid ID, as it is common knowledge that everyone can obtain a valid government issued ID.


Should the name of the voter appear on a Voter role?  Should a voter register in person to vote and present proof of citizenship? 


The majority would agree that there should be a Voter Roll and that people should register in person.  The greater majority agree that the prospective voter should prove their citizenship.  For the record, those that say some black and now brown citizens do not have the ability to prove citizenship, those people are racist, and they have an agenda that does not promote democracy, it promotes a dictatorial form of governance. 


In some areas of the Nation, people complain that it is difficult to get to the polling place and as a result, more days are required for voting.  Seriously?  With family, community outreach, various organizations wanting more voters, access to the polls does not mean walking for days.  Again, this argument is a canard, thrown out into space, hoping that someone will notice.  If one can truly not get to the polls, that will be evident well before the voting deadline, and there are alternatives that can be used to ensure that your vote is cast and counted.


What if someone realizes that today is the day to vote and they have not prepared.  Perhaps that person just returned from a trip to the planet Mars and lost track of the date.  Most agree that there should be provisional ballots available for all questionable voters.


What if you know you’re going to be out of town, perhaps you serve in the Military?   Or, perhaps you cannot physically travel.  Again, most agree that there should be an Absentee Voting method to allow legitimate voters to petition for a ballot, and then cast a ballot for the upcoming election or ballot initiative. 


Should there be a verification that the person requesting the ballot is the person casting the ballot?  Yes, again, most agree that there should be a comparison of signatures between the official request and the return envelope. The simple truth is that everyone has a signature, even if it is a simple mark. And most communities have outreach programs that will support those requiring help…  if they do not wait until the last minute.


Should there be a deadline for the submittal of all votes?  Again, most agree that the deadline is when the polls close on Election Day.  Some say that this disenfranchises voters that wait until the last minute to mail in their Absentee Ballot.  Well, next time, mail the ballot sooner! 


Not to be overly offensive, but if someone is not smart enough to handle the requirements of voting, should that person be encouraged to vote, or should that person get remedial education so that someday that person can be a contributing member of society?


The American public agrees with the Voting Gold Standard.  It is simple, there are no hidden agendas and it helps safeguard the integrity of the only democratic practice in this Nation – voting.


Voting is a privilege.  If it were a right, children could vote.  The privilege of voting is serious, the future of our Nation depends on an informed electorate, willing to cast their votes in a fair and uniform method.  James Madison once commented that the People have the power, they spend two years complaining and discussing, and then they cast their ballots.  Congress may change, the President may change, but the People enacted that change in a fair election process.


Each State is responsible for the Voting Laws, so it is up to you, to contact your State Representatives and push for a Voting Gold Standard.  It is not the responsibility of the federal government as stated in Article 1, Article 2 and the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.


Think about it…  Fair and uniform voting practices throughout this Nation, as set by the State legislatures, serve to extinguish the powder kegs created between the years of voting.  A partisan voting bill, such as HR-1, approved by some 50% of Congress plus the 51st vote in the Senate by the Vice President will only move the powder kegs closer together with no sprinkling system available.


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