“Hate Speech” as a Weapon of the Left

John R. Surdu


Last week I posted an article, called “What is Hate Speech?” In that article, I asserted that social media tech tyrants, media talking heads, members of every perpetual victim class, Leftist, and woke politicians define “hate speech” as “anything I don’t like.” The Left uses many weapons to divide us, create endless and ever-changing perpetual victim groups, and create and accentuate capricious tribes rather than what makes us all Americans. The currency of the Left is “hate.” As with most things, the Left accuses conservatives of those things they themselves do. The Left uses language as a weapon. You might find something repugnant, distasteful, or “beyond the pale,” but designating something as “hate speech” is dangerous, Unconstitutional, indefensible, and hypocritical.


I also asserted that the designation of “hate crime” is a meaningless distinction used by the regime in power to silence and bully those who do not endorse the approved narrative. If you don’t believe what I believe anything you say or do is hateful! If I beat you up because I don’t like white people, not hate; if I beat you up because I don’t like black people, hate. Are you any less beat up if I designate the act a hate crime? Would Hitler’s Holocaust be less heinous if it wasn’t “personal,” if it was just business? Like Mao, Stalin, or Pol Pot? Were the six million non-Jews who opposed the Nazis less dead than the six million Jews?


Two friends suggested that the article didn’t go far enough and needed to explore the motivations of the Left when it comes to “hate speech,” “micro-aggressions,” and “political correctness.” My friend suggested that the Left has two overarching motives for using the designation of “hate speech” on political opponents: 1) to establish control over discourse and language and 2) to control thought.


Critical thinking is anathema to these Marxists – after all, critical thinking destroys any basis for their progressive policies.


Here is an example of the abandonment of critical thinking by the Left:

  • The US is not even in the top ten countries in the world for mass shootings.
  • The vast majority of shootings are done by criminals with illegal weapons.
  • Gun violence is a percentage of overall violent crime; as crime has gone up (particularly in Blue areas), so has the amount of gun violence.
  • The cities with the strictest gun control laws (run by Democrats) have the highest murder rates.
  • More people die in Chicago every weekend than in any single mass-shooting event.
  • Woke District Attorneys who are soft on crime are downgrading many gun crimes to misdemeanors and refusing to jail or prosecute criminals.
  • The last time “assault rifles” and high-capacity magazines were banned, it had no impact on gun violence, despite claims to the contrary by the Liar in Chief.
  • It is wrong to generalize all Muslims based on the acts of Islamists, but okay to generalize millions of legal, peaceful gun owners based on the acts of a few deranged people.
  • Hollywood Leftists make millions of dollars in hyper violent movies involving guns used indiscriminately, but they want to vilify guns and take away your Constitutional rights.
  • Politicians have armed protection details – except Supreme Court Justices – but they don’t want you to be able to protect yourself.
  • Criminals will always have guns, so if you disarm law-abiding citizens, only criminals will be armed.
  • The biggest proponents of gun control are criminals because those laws make them safer in their work.
  • The Left has removed all moral compasses from our society but wonders why people are acting immorally.
  • Americans have had many guns for many years, but mass shootings are a recent phenomenon.
  • We use the euphemism “choice” to desensitize society to murder.
  • Mass shooters, by their own admission, search for safe places for their attacks – gun-free zones.
  • Health workers have been arguing that the Left’s irrational mask mandates and lockdowns have created a mental health crisis.
  • Almost all mass shootings eventually point to mental illness as the cause.
  • We have closed mental health facilities and rely on the mentally ill to keep up with their behavior-altering medications.
  • Democrats have routinely blocked legislation to provide more school security. (Frankly, making schools into prisons is treating the symptom, not the disease, but politicians rarely treat the disease.)

Conclusions by the Left:

  • Republicans want to murder your kids!
  • All gun owners are psychopaths who must be disarmed.
  • Take guns away from law-abiding citizens to make them more unsafe.
  • Raise the age for gun ownership.
  • Limit the types of guns that citizens can own so that the criminals are better equipped.
  • “Red flag laws” that are demonstrated not to work should be increased. And what bureaucrat gets to make that call. If I have PTSD from serving my country, can some faceless, unaccountable Vogon take away my 2nd Amendment rights without due process?

I am missing the connection between the facts and the conclusions.

The creation of “hate crimes” and “hate speech” by the left is the opening gambit in their attempt to destroy our nation. It is an early step in controlling speech and controlling thought. To complete their insensate evil, the Left must:

  • Undermine our once-exemplary educational system, stop teaching critical thinking, and turn schools into indoctrination centers. Critical thinking must give way to the racism of critical race theory (by whatever disguised name), identify politics, and intersectionality.
  • Control language (like calling language “hate” when used by opponents but not “hate” when they themselves use the same language). This makes it so no arguments can be raised against their nonsensical and objectively false theories and assertions.
  • Social engineering and “equity” scoring – like the Wall Street using – must force companies to take actions not in the best interests of their shareholders or customers. ESG (environment, social, and governance) is a concept used to direct politically-motivated investing rather than financially motivated investing. The big three funds – Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street – that hold enough shares to have decision making power in many companies, were pressured to vote for recent abortion-related proposals because of ESG. The Davos cabal wants Wall Street to focus on ESG to score companies instead of financial solvency and performance.
  • All cherished institutions must be demolished.
  • All moral compasses must be removed from our society. God must be banished from all public spaces.
  • The press (and entertainment) must be co-opted as tools of the ruling regime. Sound familiar?
  • Race must be emphasized instead of class. It is easier to divide the nation into tribes by immutable (and irrelevant) characteristics than by class or having made good choice with life decisions.

Since “hate speech” cannot be objectively defined other than “anything the Left doesn’t like,” what constitutes “hate speech” can be constantly morphed for political purposes because We the Sheeple refuse to stand up and say “no.” Recently I took American Heart Association CPR training which glaringly used the woke term “Latinx” that most of the Hispanic community rejects. Woke white Leftists like the term because it helps them control speech and thought. If you don’t use the term, you are a racist, regardless of your actions.

The Left continuously morphs language to control discourse. Recently, Professor Eugene Volokh of the UCLA Law School observed in his article “How the Asians Became White,” that

Calling Asians white also creates new lines, possibly very dangerous ones.  “White” has stopped meaning Caucasian, imprecise as this term has always been, and has started to mean “those racial groups that have made it.”  “Minority” has started to mean “those racial groups that have not yet made it.”  (A recent San Francisco Chronicle story even excludes non-Mexican-American Latinos from the “minority” category.)  This new division is as likely as the old to create nasty, corrosive, sometimes fatal battles over which racial groups get the spoils.  So long as we think in terms of “white” and “minority,” we risk disaster, no matter which races are put in which box.

Comrade Morlock echoed this sentiment in his article “Why Asians were White, then Yellow, then White-Adjacent, and now are White again” that

Casting privilege in racial rather than class terms is why today’s identitarians are often anti-Asian or antisemitic. Race reductionism leads to the assumption that the important struggle is between races and not classes… To be serious, race is a scam. Arguing about whether Asian Americans are white, yellow, or white-adjacent is foolish. We all should enjoy our cultural traditions while we work together to share this rich world’s wealth with everyone… By making Asians white, they disappear in the vague group of “white” people, just as disproportionately wealthy Jewish and Episcopal Americans do, and no one will notice that poor people of all hues are still excluded, just as they always have been.

So, the definition of “white” is just as ephemeral as the definition of “hate speech,” and it changes to suit the current woke objectives. The Left redefines it, often several times during the same conversation, to divide us into warring tribes. Because the Left wants the terms to be used as weapons without justification or evidence, they instead define attributes of “whiteness,” such as punctuality, merit-based admissions, honors classes, and showing your work in math class. In this way, even black people who don’t toe the Leftist party line and dare to think for themselves can be described as “white.”

We must no longer permit the designation of “hate speech” and “hate crimes.” Speech may be repugnant, distasteful, or “beyond the pale,” but designating something as “hate speech” is dangerous, Unconstitutional, indefensible, and hypocritical. We must take away from the Left this weapon used to break our once-great nation into warring tribes.

“Hate speech” is one sided.  Nothing that someone on Left says is “hate;” everything that someone on the Right says is “hate.”  “Hate speech” is about control, and we need to oppose it.

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