Fighting The New Religion

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It has not gone unnoticed by most sentient people that the Democrat party and the left wing of American politics has been getting more and more radical. That radicalism has been accompanied by an increasing fervor that rivals that of any religious movement. Tellingly, that radicalism and fervor has also translated into a concerted and relentless effort to convert others to their viewpoint. Given that every major religion, including mine, advocates for its followers to try and convert people to its philosophy, such a development is hardly threatening, except for the Democrat penchant for espousing violence against this who disagree with them. That penchant makes them a threat to this Republic and a force that must be opposed with the same unrelenting fervor that the left itself is generating. Unfortunately, if that is all conservatives, libertarians and traditional patriots do, we may win the war (and it might ignite a literal war), but the country will lose because a direct struggle pitting Americans against each other physically would be unimaginably destructive. Instead, although we must be ready for physical confrontation, conservatives should focus on discrediting the people leading the movement and converting unaligned Americans to Constitutional beliefs.

Alinsky was an anti-American scoundrel of the worst sort, but he was absolutely right that ridicule is the best non-violent weapon to employ against power hungry, corrupt politicians and political agitators. In order to ensure that no red-blooded American patriot meets a libfool Democrat in a public forum without a few basic facts about the primary tenets of their corrupt and anti-American party, what follows is a primer of facts which totally debunk theories believed by most liberals and pushed constantly by the Democrat party. Most of their beliefs are either foolish, false, hateful, ridiculous, or utterly contemptuous. Many of them are all those things.

Number one on the list? This phenomenon, climate change, aka global warming, was once known as global cooling, and previously known as weather cycles. It almost died a natural death due to the total failure of every single prediction made by its proponents in the 1970s and early 1980s, but it was revived in a major way by the PT Barnum of Tennessee, Al Gore, former VP, lifelong grifter, expert liar and inept sexual harassment practitioner. Here is an instructive collection of his lies that many liberals still believe even though they have failed to come true. Climate change true believers just keep changing dates by which the foretold disasters are supposed to occur.



Oddly enough, most major religions have a small number of such cultists. For example, Christianity regularly has apocalyptic leaders who show up to predict the end of the world. They typically die a natural death because once THAT prediction does not happen everyone pretty much knows it. Not only that, if you are a lying scoundrel, it is kind of hard to amass political power and vast riches by telling people the jig is up and they are all going to die. Plus, the Bible specifically tells Christians that anyone who shows up claiming to know when the world is going to end is a false prophet and should be ignored. Game, set, and match for the good guys. The ignorant and gullible who follow leaders of “the world is doomed by next week” school of thought tend to be few. That is not the case with climate change.

Unlike doomsday prophets, the climate change fanatics sound fairly smart because the folks leading them and setting the agenda are NOT fanatics in the traditional sense of single mindedly pursuing or espousing a principled goal opposed by the majority. Al Gore and the climate change shills in governments worldwide, are single mindedly pursuing making tons of money by whatever means necessary. They might rule out actual violence on their own part, but more and more Democrat leaders and activists support violence on the part of their disciples. It is insidious but ingenious because once they convince their followers that the survival of mankind is at stake, what act is too extreme to prevent that calamity?

Even more ingenious is the Democrats ability to link very other issue to climate change. Fossil fuels are evil because they cause climate change and kill people too. Climate change is evil because it affects minorities the most and not stopping it is racist. Climate change causes all kinds of other problems too, just review the Al Gore video above for the list. So, how do common sense patriots combat this grand strategy of harnessing a mindless zeal to save a world not in need of a saving to motivate people to vote more power to the prophets of climate change disaster? How about we educate them on the bigger disasters idiotic climate campaigns are causing? They love solar power? Ask them why they love slave labor and poisoned ground water. The Environmental Disaster of Solar Energy – American Experiment Wind power floats their boat in climate change floods? Be suitably horrified over their advocacy of bird slaughter, landscape degradation and waste generation. They want electric vehicles (EVs)? Scoff at their support of child slave labor, third world dictators and rich people who buy EVs as a social justice vanity symbol. Even the New York Times cannot avoid the EV issues, but they do mealy mouth their way around them. A more open minded analysis sees much bigger issues:

Anyway, the approach is clear; opponents of the left-wing lunacy that is infecting our public policy must be challenged with facts that make the left-wing proposals look just as stupid as they are. People who support those ideas need to be politely ridiculed just as enthusiastically as the left accuses folks who oppose them of being dumb or ignorant. The opportunity presented by the left’s attack mode is that when one thoughtfully and accurately expresses a fact that green zealots cannot refute and the zealots begin to fall back on insults, they lose the argument. THEY look dumb and ignorant, as well as thuggish. Politics is like religion in another way too, converts are made one person at time. Twelve disciples spread Christianity across the world. Millions of good conservatives engaging left wing zealots in public debates all over America would be nearly as effective in spreading the gospel of the value of a Constitutional Republic. Killing the theory of climate change would be a huge blow the power of government apparatchiks all over the world and in the UN.

The other favorite platform that must be destroyed is the religion of Wokeism and Critical Race Theory. At its root, wokeism is racist, dehumanizing, power based, and totally antithetical to the philosophy behind the Constitution. It preaches open racism against whites, victimology to American minorities, and government as the legitimate and ultimate arbiter of all things in society. There is NO right to individual freedom, achievement, ownership, or even innocence. All those things will eventually be allocated based on social scoring systems that will use race as a primary factor in determining scores and subsequently, allocating resources, opportunities, services and freedom. Plainly, this is a direct assault on our Constitution, our culture, and our society. If Americans cannot rouse themselves to respond boldly and unapologetically to this threat, they will lose their freedom, and frankly, they will be getting what they deserve in that event.

Using humor, ridicule and fact-based debate to resist a movement led by dishonest, corrupt, and government supported activists and politicians may seem a futile effort, but it can work, and it has in the past. Unfortunately, if Americans who oppose government control are not willing to argue against climate change fearmongering and race based demagoguing, and to stand up publicly against it, they will eventually be forced to meet their by then much stronger opponents in the streets. If that unhappy scenario unfolds, it will make the violence of 2020 look like a picnic. Let’s get to work informing our families and fellow Americans of the truth and warning them of the dangers of the Democrat agenda. Given the weakness of their case, the glaring inaccuracy of their facts, the failure of their predictions, and the loss of freedom required by their solutions, the rejection of the Democrat platform should be unanimous. A simple majority will suffice.

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