A Good Hate


I hate no person. Alive or dead. I hate no one. I hate some behaviors and many ideas.

I hate war, cruelty, wanton violence, abuse, and bullying. Those bad behaviors do evil to humans. Evil begets evil. Most normal Americans of every political persuasion, or none at all, hate the obvious, awful actions that hurt, wound, and kill.

Then, there are the ideas worth hating. Ideas that take away my individual liberty and opportunity are anathema to this American, Southern, Virginian Yeoman. Ideas which threaten my family, freedom, or faith are my enemy.

As a free man I detest every ideology which evolved from the French Revolution into a brand of Human Secular Totalitarianism. I hold a good hate for the ideas from Socialism to Communism to Fascism to National Socialism to Liberalism to Progressivism to Cultural Marxism to the Left as today’s Commies.

The best of intentions for “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity” become the worst outcomes. Look at the U.S. Government and serf States destruction of the U.S. economy in 18 months. The Left has the wrong answer to every issue.

Moreover, empowered by the fanatical devotion to their secular dogma, as all Totalitarians are, the Left has no moral, ethical, cultural, legal, or political limits.

Furthermore, our Commies are anti-intellectual, anti-history, anti-science, and profoundly anti-commonsense. In every case, they pervert what should be into something wrong and bad.

An individual woman’s rights and her autonomy over her body should mean personal dignity, respect, and opportunity. Not the right to kill her baby in her womb.

Homosexuals should be loved like all human sinners. Not given the legal power to procure children and deny them either a mother or a father.

“Trans-Sexuals” should be treated for their mental illness – sexual dysphoria. Not celebrated and pushed on toddlers. Not promoted as another permanent class of protected persons.

“Trans” children should be treated with compassion and lovingkindness until they are adults. Not mutilated by freakish surgery and poisoned by anti-natural hormones and drugs.

There are two genders: male and female. Not multiple genders and sexual fluidity. No boys and men should steal sports from girls and women. No males should violate the privacy of women’s bath, locker, or dorm rooms.

Illegal aliens should be stopped at the border or deported if they break the law to enter the U.S. Not catered to by overpaid social services with a free airplane ride to live on government handouts and overcrowd schools at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars per person. Not given asylum status and a path to voting.

Racial identity politics should disappear beneath idea politics. Promote the general welfare and the common good with individual rights, responsibilities, and opportunities. Not promote the intersectionality of permanent groups of victims. Not perpetuate myths about America as indelibly racist and White supremacist – and every hyphenated phobia imaginable. Make Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) die.

Every product possible should be manufactured in America. Not shipped overseas to pump up profits and corporate executive bonuses. Reduce taxes to allow strong profits in production – here in America.

Expand our production of American oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy. Keep researching nuclear fusion. Not genuflect to the secular gods of Climate Change, World Economic Forum, and Green Energy. Let corporations expand using alternative fuels – which they will when they can make a profit.

Fully restore our freedom of speech, assembly, and religion. Become a Biblically-literate society again. Not be canceled for being politically incorrect by the minions of Orwellian social network billionaires. Create a new legal status with the proper mix of individual free speech, public square, press, radio and TV media, public utility, and anti-trust considerations. Establish new responsibilities, restrictions, and accountability.

Restore trust in public health, education, the military, and elections. Not foster the self-destructive fantasy of every Woke idea. Not do everything wrong in a viral pandemic from shut downs to masks to shots that aren’t vaccines to suppressing therapeutics and commentary.

The list goes on and on…

Human Secular Totalitarianism always results in death, destruction, oppression, poverty, and crushing individualism. I hate that. It’s my good hate.

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3 thoughts on “A Good Hate”

  1. I agree with it all. Regarding American manufacturing, we need to reduce dramatically the power of all the alphabet soup government agencies burdening our businesses forcing them to go overseas to reduce costs – OSHA, EPA, NLRB, CDC, CMS, DOL, DOT, EEOC…….. The list is endless and each hinders American businesses with overburdensome regulations which have the unconstitutional affect of law. Instead of American businesses concentrating the effort on making and marketing their proverbial “widgets”, they are stuck trying to stay compliant.

    • Concur. It’s not beyond the wit of humans to prevent and punish pollution at the same time let businesses make stuff. Production makes a country rich.


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