Ted Cruz Discloses His Pronouns in Hilarious CPAC Address

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz wowed the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference in his home state of Texas on Friday. He took on everything from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan to the future of the Republican Party, and often in hilarious fashion.

Ridiculing the toxic wokeness that has permeated American universities, Cruz said he’d recently spoken to a college student who told him, “At each class before any student speaks, they’re required to introduce themselves, say their name and say my pronouns are. Well, my name is Ted Cruz and my pronouns are kiss my a**!” 

The crowd roared.

(Cruz’ speech begins at 56:35 in the video below.)

Referring to Project Veritas’ release of the FBI’s “Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide on Militia Violent Extremists” on Tuesday, a document which cites Ashli Babbitt as an MVE martyr and includes the Gadsden flag in a list of imagery potentially associated with domestic terrorists, Cruz said: “It occurs to me that the Biden FBI believes this is a room of dangerous radicals. And you know what? They’re right. There is nothing more dangerous to a bunch of power-hungry, abusive, totalitarian nimwits than a free and empowered and energized American people taking our country back.” 

He also took aim at the White House for their cowardly response to China’s threat to shoot down Pelosi’s plane if she decided to visit Taiwan.

“I’m not fan of Pelosi, but the only answer to an enemy of America threatening to murder the Speaker of the House in the United States is: ‘That would be an act of war and the result would be devastating!'” 

He said the Biden administration’s weakness “is making America and the entire world far less safe.”

Cruz promised the crowd that “Revival is coming.”  

Rallying conservatives ahead of the upcoming midterms, he said: “Across American history, politics has always had a natural pendulum sense to it. One party gets in power, they go too far [in] one direction, and the American people pull it back. Every terrible idea that comes out of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, part of me grieves, but part of me celebrates. Because it’s opening people’s eyes. And it is accelerating people coming back.”

“We are going to see in November not just a red wave, but a tsunami, sweeping this country.”

Looking forward to the changes coming to Washington in January, he mused that he would be “walking along the hallway in the U.S. Capitol. And I’m going to bump into a little man carrying a screwdriver coming to change the sign on Nancy Pelosi’s door.” 

“And Nancy is going to get on her broom,” he laughs and says, “alright that’s not fair. … Nancy is going to get on her private jet, the USS Broom. She’s gonna fly back to San Francisco.”

“And actually, for her sake, I really hope her husband doesn’t pick her up at the airport,” he quipped, to wild applause.

“And Chuck Schumer’s gonna get on the Acela and he’s gonna head back to Manhattan. And then, we’re gonna tell Joe Biden it’s 2025 and he’ll just wander back to Delaware.”

The crowd roared.


A previous version of this article appeared on The Western Journal.
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