Moderate Democrats Are Extinct

      Like the Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus and T-Rex, the moderate Democrat has become extinct.  But rather than perishing from a cosmic meteor strike, it was more like the human strike that befell the Dodo bird and, more recently, the carrier pigeon.  A cosmic leftwing strike that’s been a long time coming has arrived.  The Democrat party is still being led by dinosaurs and Dodo birds, however.  Actually, the dinosaurs (Biden, Pelosi, Schumer) are being led by their party’s Dodo birds, the Squad and their leftist ilk.


      The Democrat media is putting up a desperately pathetic charade regarding the extinct moderate Democrat.  Unlike what normal Americans see as so obvious, they don’t acknowledge that moderates have been expelled from their party.  They don’t even acknowledge that the Democrat party has moved to the batso crazy leftwing side of the political spectrum.  Heck, they don’t even acknowledge what we all know to be true, that they themselves are Democrats.  We’re supposed to believe that the Democrat party is the normal, average party that most Americans agree with.  Even Fox News continues to call Sen. Joe Manchin (D) VA a moderate.  It seems “moderate” or “centrist” has become a part of his official title.


      Joe Manchin is no moderate.  His voting record proves he’s as liberal as the rest of his party.  That’s why the Democrat media never ever mention his voting record.  He’s a centrist alright, his votes put him right at the center of liberalism.  He votes over 90% of the time with Biden and Schumer.  He talks a good moderate game in front of the cameras and his media shills let him get away with it.  They know when the rubber meets the road, he’ll be there for them.  Rather than cover him, they cover for him.  Like with everything else the Democrat media spews at you, distrust and verify.


      Don’t get me wrong, I know the Dem party has always had its fill of leftwing loons, plenty of them.  FDR’s administration was known to have communists and communist sympathizers in influential positions.  JFK was really the last of the somewhat moderate Dem presidents.  After the sexual and political upheaval of the 60’s and 70’s, the Dem party took a huge hard left turn.  For decades, the “Lion (lyin’) of the Senate” JFK’s little bro Teddy was the nominal figurehead of the Democrat party.  He was as liberal as they come.  He spoke lovingly of Soviet dictator Leonid Brezhnev.  He even secretly wrote Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov personal letters lending his assistance to upend Reagan’s anti-Soviet policies, making him not only a communist sympathizer but a traitor as well.  He also asked Andropov to interfere with the 1984 presidential election to defeat Reagan.  Yep, it was the Democrats that actually colluded with Russia, never Donald Trump.


      Bill Clinton, after only garnering a plurality of the vote and winning the presidency thanks to Ross Perot, immediately set to work setting up government healthcare, Hillarycare, and letting loose homosexuals in the military, upending decades of good order and discipline in the armed forces.  Only after both policies were slapped back by public backlash and utter rebuke in the 1994 midterm elections, did Clinton and the Democrats acknowledge they may have tried to bite off too much left lunacy at one time for the American public to stomach.


      That 1994 defeat and Clinton’s leftward lurch was the genesis of the so-called Blue Dog Democrats.  The Blue Dogs were a handful of mostly southern Democrats who said they were opposed to Clinton’s liberal policies and blamed him for the Democrat losses in 1994.  These Democrats never accounted for more than a couple of dozen members of Congress at any given time.  Most of these members have since been defeated or retired.  No one in the House or Senate is referred to as a Blue Dog anymore.  That nickname is anathema to today’s Dems.


      As I wrote in this column on July 16, Barack Hussein took the Dem party far, far left in his attempt to fundamentally transform the U.S. into a socialist state.  He succeeded in nationalizing nearly 20% of our economy through Obamacare.  The Obamacare vote sealed the fate of the Blue Dogs.  Only 34 House Democrats voted against Obamacare.  All but 3 were defeated in primaries or general election in 2010.  So much for “moderate” Blue Dog Dem Dodo birds.


      The long knives were out for anything moderate in Dem ranks during the 2016 presidential election and ever since.  The humiliating and embarrassing defeat of Queen Hillary at the hands of a political novice and his “deplorable” base caused a hysteria in the Democrat party that has yet to subside.  The election and presidency of Donald J. Trump sent the Democrat party leftwing kook base into sheer lunacy.  A lunacy so pernicious, its objective is now to destroy any inkling of moderates in the Dem party and make modesty and normalcy things of the past.  This is not your grandpa’s Dem party.


      The Dems are so frothed over the non-coronation of Shrillary in 2016 that they are still going after Donald Trump to this day.  To add the false veneer of bipartisanship, they’ve even recruited a couple of whackadoodle Republicans as show dogs in their pageantry of leftist hate. 


      Who are the moderates remaining in the Democrat party?  Manchin and Synema have proven they are not.  Don’t be fooled by the Democrat media telling you that Sen. Synema, a bisexual former Greenpeace activist, is now a moderate.  The moderate makeup of Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio has run like the mascara off Tammy Faye Bakker.


      Ryan has voted with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden 100%.  He used to be pro-life.  He got the DNC memo.  He’s now firmly pro-abortion.  He was for life before he was against it.  There is only one Democrat pro-lifer left in Congress and it ain’t Tim Ryan.  Ryan is as liberal as the rest of his party.


      The only way you’re ever going to see a moderate Democrat in these times is if they exhume Sen. Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson’s (D) WA remains and put them on display at the Smithsonian as a political dinosaur exhibit of a bygone era.   Maybe the shellacking the Dems will take in November will convince them to move more towards the middle.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for that.  Democrat, thy name is not moderate.




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2 thoughts on “Moderate Democrats Are Extinct”

  1. Sinema was just following her dance partner before. She’s still learning the ropes. She has just learned the Art of the Deal, just with the wrong dealer. Wait until Sinema gets completely wound up and becomes her old socialist self, again.

    I think, if you go back and look at the old school Henry “Scoop” Jackson, you might find he was not as moderate as one might think, after a good review. He was just from another era in Democrat politics, where radicalism hadn’t made itself quite the force it is, now. He still voted mostly Democrat, even when he criticized his own party.
    Moderate Democrats are like those “Working Man Democrats”, if you know the type. They are mostly old school union members, and lack much education, but are good people. they were just brought up by the FDR loving parents, and have no idea what their party stands for, nowadays.
    I’m one who believes there is no such thing as a moderate, in either party, and there is no such critter as a so-called independent. People in those categories are mostly playing their game because they want people to think they are smart, thinking voters, when all they are are disconnected from reality. They say they are independent to be cool, I think. Ask them a question about most issues and they look like a deer in headlights.
    One of these days, someone will start a new category of voter: dazed and confuzed.

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