Hi! I Voted for Joe Biden and I Have BDS

Trump Derangement Syndrome (aka TDS) is real and pervasive. It incites it sufferers to fits of rage at the mention of the name Trump. In fact, it incites them to fits of rage if one just mentions the name of the people who opposed him in the last two Presidential elections. Mention Hillary Clinton to a liberal Democrat and they will likely be reduced to a foaming at the mouth, carpet gnawing lunatic in minutes as they relive the moment it was announced that she had lost to the Bad Orange Man!!! The intensity of that maniacal hatred has not abated in the nearly two years since Trump left office, and that is why the next real threat to America has been spreading unnoticed. The scourge of Biden Derangement Syndrome (BDS) is real and pernicious. It is victims are not prone to berserk anger and outbreaks of violence like TDS sufferers, but the consequences of it are just as profound and dangerous.

So, what are the symptoms of BDS? They are many, but the most common and the most serious are as obvious as they are lethal to common sense and rational thought of any kind. They are all a byproduct of the most obvious symptom, a complete and incurable inability to notice that Biden is senile and mentally unfit to hold any job requiring high level reasoning, literacy, and a short-term memory. An article in the Atlantic magazine this week provided a perfect example as the writer spent a couple thousand words explaining the Joe is not senile, he is just being Joe and people think he’s senile because he is old! If he was younger, they would just assume that he cannot tell the truth (“tells tall tales”), says incredibly stupid things, and engages in inappropriate behavior because he is undisciplined and a compulsive talker, just like he has always been. Instead, the writer he argued, because Joe is old, people assume he is senile and mentally impaired. Such rubes!! How can Americans be so unsophisticated as not to know that shaking hands with invisible people, regularly saying idiotic things, and wandering around as if he is dazed, is just the way Joe has always been!! Nothing to see here folks, Joe has everything under control. He is old, but just fine.

Hand in hand with their inability to see Joe’s senescence, BDS sufferers cannot see one iota of the damage being done by Joe’s policies, and as a result, when events force them to see bad things happening, they either claim it is a lie, or blame it on something, ANYTHING, except Joe Biden. It is not for nothing that the “Let’s go, Brandon!” exhortation has become an icon for those who despise what the Biden administration has been doing. The reporter who started the phrase was likely just trying to protect her viewers from being offended, but she inadvertently became a living avatar for blinkered Biden voters and the slavish left-wing media who Americans with rational minds can see so clearly. Americans hearing the actual chant while the reporter was saying it was a cheer for a winning NASCAR, could only laugh mockingly and conclude she was just another lying, ignorant, BDS afflicted, left wing stooge. Perhaps if months earlier they had not seen another lying, ignorant, BDS afflicted, left wing stooge stand in front of a burning city and claim it was a “mostly peaceful” demonstration, the viewers might have given her a little benefit of the doubt. Those days are long gone, but not for BDS sufferers. They still believe!

That lack of awareness about Biden’s policies includes inability to understand that shutting down pipelines reduces the supply of energy and helps increase fuel costs; as does limiting oil leases, refusing drilling permits, and jaw boning about how he is going to eliminate the fossil fuel industry in America. They are unable to see that when millions of illegal aliens are flooding across our border it can bankrupt cities, states, and even our country. Instead, they believe the inveterate liar and totally incompetent Secretary of Homeland Security Moyorkas when he says the border is under control. He should be prosecuted for sedition, but BDS victims think he is doing a fine job. Perhaps they are comparing him to the dynamic dunces in charge of the military. Race baiting Lloyd Austin is crashing recruitment by attacking white Americans on a regular basis and enshrining his own racism throughout the military. Meanwhile, Milley sells us out to our enemies while he orders his minions to throw as many white soldiers out of the military as possible and recruit as many POC, LGBTQ+ people and transgenders as possible. Milley does not even care if they are stupid, so he has lowered the mental standards for recruits as Austin nods approvingly. All that matters is that the military gets to be less white, less straight and less male. That is Biden’s policy, but can a BDS sufferer see the danger in it? No way. They are just happy that Joe is sufficiently woke. Unfortunately, he is barely awake, and that is even when he is at the top of his game. More often he is a mindless, mumbling, husk of a man and an utter embarrassment to our nation, but not to a BDS patient!! They are thrilled that he is making the military a safe space for bigots, the mentally balanced, and the sexually perverted.

There are many other examples that could be cited, but one cannot stop before without mentioning the burgeoning mountain of evidence that Joe Biden and his family were a dysfunctional train wreck, and criminal enterprise through much of his political career. From Joe himself, to Hunter Biden, to his dead son Beau, to his mentally and emotionally damaged daughter, to his fraudulent and power mad current wife, Joe Biden’s family is a human wasteland of dishonesty, corruption, criminality, self-absorption, heedless greed, and power mongering to the highest degree. Victims of incest are typically beset by emotional problems and usually end up drug addicted, sexually promiscuous and desperately unhappy. That describes Biden’s daughter to a tee. Guess who she says sexually abused her as a child? That’s right, good old Joe Biden, sniffer of women’s hair, fondler of underaged girls, and enabler of a dissolute and sexually debased son. With less than one millionth of that evidence, the media tried for years to pin those labels on Trump, even though his children are all successful, well adjusted, and sober adults. The average BDS sufferer swallowed that story hook, line and sinker, but they cannot see that Joe Biden is likely the source of those suspicions. “To a thief, everyone is a thief’, and you can bet that Joe Biden believed Trump abused Ivanka, because Joe abused Ashley. However, if one has BDS, Biden is just a friendly old guy who loves kids and women, a lot.

So here we are, a nation facing two dangerous epidemics: BDS and TDS. TDS got Biden into office; BDS may keep him and his policies there. TDS sufferers have some hope of recovery if DeSantis or some other Republican replaces Trump as the party’s superstar, but BDS voters are hopeless. They have shown that they have no morals, no judgment, no common sense, and no sense of reality. They may, almost inconceivably, vote for someone who espouses the exact same policies as Biden. If they do, America may very well be doomed as a Constitutional Republic. Other than that, they are some very fine people

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