The View’s Intentions Are to Try and Discredit Conservatives

A DeSantis appearance on The View undoubtedly would be one of the program’s highest-rated segments of the year, if not the highest. In terms of the GOP’s active candidates, DeSantis is undoubtedly the biggest catch on the Right that a Libertarian-leaning schedule could have.

What is suddenly intriguing is DeSantis’s decision to try and run circles around Trump, out-Trumping Trump in terms of his heavy-handed trolling of liberals over the vaccine issue. DeSantis also seems poised to go after significant corporations over their “wokeness,” which is a powerful theme in the GOP. DeSantis also appears ready to court cultural conservatives in ways that most politicians from Washington are not, such as the sexual-education law that DeSantis signed.

Should Donald Trump not enter the race, DeSantis is a clear front-runner to win his party’s presidential nomination. If DeSantis does well in these situations, he is likely to have his numbers rise nationwide, should challenging Trump for the nomination become his goal.

During a Fox & Friends Friday appearance, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis doubled down on his comments. Even if Donald Trump were running, poll after poll at the state level shows DeSantis roughly tied or just slightly ahead of Trump in head-to-head contests, including the crucial battlegrounds of Florida, Michigan, and New Hampshire. The latest survey, released Feb. 24 by the Public Opinion Research Lab at the University of North Florida, found not only that among elected officials on that survey, Gov. Ron DeSantis has the highest job approval rating, at 58%, compared with 37% who disapprove, but that Florida Republicans favor DeSantis 44-41 as their presidential candidate.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis hinted this week that Disney could be facing difficulties down the road in Florida, following the company’s definitive condemnation of a bill called Do not Say, Gay, signed earlier this week. He added, At the end of the day, I think Disney has outflanked Disney Skis in that one. Polls have shown that in Florida, the overwhelming majority of voters approve of the bill, despite a false narrative by many local and national outlets.

Unlike many others in his party, DeSantis is unusually astute regarding media management, if we can reasonably call it the View, even though it operates under ABC News. Add all that up, and you get a system-wide co-host who DeSantis Florida-based colleagues accuse is a murderous madman focused on enchanting white supremacists with the attention of youth, mothers, fathers, and grandparents while targeting Black people.

Even Cindy McCain, widow of late Senator John McCain – and she has not run for office herself even Cindy McCain — has been pushed aside and criticized by allies of DONALD TRUMP running Arizona’s Republican Party. ABC The View has named two Republicans – Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro-Cardenas to serve as permanent members of its daytime talk show, with neither being fans of former President Donald Trump. Alyssa Farah Griffin filled the vacant seat when Megyn McCain left her post last summer, four years into ABC “Viewing” program.

Not everyone has been quick to flip, however, and there has been a social media campaign to boycott ABC The View over Alyssa Farah Griffin, with some fans unwilling to forgive the new hosts for catering to Mr. Trump. Ron DeSantis’s office recently declined an invitation to appear on ABC The View, publicly pointing out its hosts’ hostile comments on the program. After Ron DeSantis went on Fox News in 2018 and implored Florida voters not to monkey around with supporting his African-American Democratic opponent for governor, he and his wife chomped down on his campaign staff for failing to clean up the mess, according to three former staffers. A month later, Ron DeSantis’s, deputy chief of staff, left, prompting Florida reporters to grill him on the fast-moving turnover of his operation.

In Florida, it was unclear what the questions were for all of the congressional Republicans. The coverage by conservative outlets was positive, highlighting differences that Mark Levin and Ron DeSantis made about candidates. The stories painted Ron DeSantis as the rising power of the Republican Party, the one person considered by Florida conservatives to be an alternative to Trump and a man. He had once blocked media outlets that did not favor him at Trump rallies.

Now, these skeptical Republicans had a range of sources delivering political news Republicans trusted, including podcasts and TV shows interviewing Republicans without the so-called gotcha questions that Ron DeSantis (R) calls. It is not as though Republicans are any more popular than President Biden; even the Republican Party is perceived unfavorably, and most voters are still unplugged from midterm elections.

God Bless the United States, and God Bless the Veterans

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