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I read lately that Planned Parenthood has changed their business model. Since the abortion industry has had its wings clipped, they have branched out into a new and exciting area. “Assisting” children into oblivion by being a provider for puberty blockers and giving counseling to aid them in their bodily mutilation pathway.

When an ideology takes hold, academicians promote those ideas through our children, make a class of victims, reinforce those ideas from the earliest moments of the public schools system. Call it brainwashing, or whatever you like, but this is what happened when those communists came over to Columbia University and began re-shaping our schools into communist hot houses. It began with academicians and their ideology, spread the old fashioned way of incrementalism, until the day it intersected with life on Earth.

The public education system has been infiltrated with much more evil than many realize. Instead of teaching kids the normal stuff, you know, those old fashioned things, like reading, writing and arithmetic, now, they teach inclusion, diversity, transgenderism, victimization and a host of other stuff , more related to indoctrination than what education used to be about. It may not be in your town or mine, but it is spread all across our country, to the point that it won’t matter if your or my town isn’t facing the end result. The bottom line is our towns will face it. It can’t be avoided so simply.

Look on Tick Tok(if you’re really bold) and see some of the videos of school teachers who are bragging about what they teach. One was recently paid to quit, when they should have been fired and jailed for child abuse, instead. The problem is what about the ones who are getting away with it, every day, hanging their Gay Pride flags, giving lectures about inclusion and diversity being a strength, and being told that it is okay to think you are the opposite sex, so act like it? Oh, should I mention that Pride is the deadliest of Sins?

Then, consider what the Dobbs Supreme Court decision did to the left. It doesn’t really matter that the Dobbs decision did not stop abortions. What does matter is how the left took what was eventually going to happen, and shift out of that path and into another path that accomplishes the same goal. The left has already been attacking our children, by all those ideas about diversity, inclusion, wokeness, victimhood, communism being dressed up as “Socialism”, and being such a kinder and gentler way of having a great society, that we didn’t see where they would head next.

Planned Parenthood has become a provider for aiding children on their pathway to mutilation by being a dispenser of puberty blockers, giving them guidance on how and where to have body mutilation done, from physicians who, as Dr. Jordan B. Peterson so adequately put it, should be in prison.

“First, do no harm” went flying as far away from the medical profession as it could, when physicians started mutilating bodies of young children. There is even a video by one once prominent children’s hospital letting everyone know what kind of mutilation services they now provide, and with glee! They are proud of this stuff. It is really sick.

What the left is doing that few have keyed onto is that this stuff has permanent and dangerous side effects, not to mention that those puberty blockers are being used “off label”, almost all the time because of the nature of the drugs. Michael Knowles has in his video “What is a Woman?”, a “physician” and I am using that term very loosely, who makes the statement that puberty blockers are temporary and reversible. Anyone remember Alan Turing?

Intent has everything to do with kids and puberty blockers, besides the fact that government, society, or anyone, other than the parents used to have the law on their side and could stop this madness. Well, in enough communities, those parents don’t, so the kid can be brainwashed by the public school, convinced that he is a she, walk into Planned Parenthood, be given puberty blockers, and eventually go to a “Hospital” and receive body mutilation in the name of a surgical treatment. What kind of a sick and dying society would allow this to happen? A leftist utopia would.

If you look at the goal that Margaret Sanger had, even if hers was about as racist as one could get, extend it to include all races, and you let it become some kind of a norm, did her goal change, or did it just get expanded on? Rush Limbaugh used to say that the left hates life. Michael Savage said pretty much the same thing, and added Borders, Language and Culture to the mix. If you know what sterilizing a population does to a civilization, what really is your goal? It’s not as simple as destroying Western civilization, because I seriously doubt these evil creatures who thought this stuff up could ever survive anywhere else on the planet, and I don’t have the answer, and I wish someone would point it out to me, but they sure have that death thing as a feature and not a bug.

Birth rates are declining all around the world. Only a very few countries have what is claimed to be an increasing and sustainable birth rate. We have been being fed that the Earth is already overpopulated, for decades. The left just sold another lie, and too many younger people bought the message, and quit having babies. “For the planet. For the environment. For the Children?” Are you kidding me?

And I thought “Soylent Green” was bad…    At least Fahrenheit 451 had an optimistic ending, where children were learning the lessons from their elders and memorizing books.

We were warned.

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