All Swamp Creatures Aren’t the Same

In March 2020 as the Pandemic loomed, when Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx stood before the cameras with the President of the United States, I thought they represented the best about public servants. They were experts in their field. They spoke calmly and gave precise advise. A lifetime in the Army and working with uniformed and civilian Department of Defense personnel exposed me to all kinds of people. The best ones gave me good memories of their sacrificial, selfless service.

Two and half years later, I see that I’ve been fooled again. My first impression was wrong. I should’ve known better, because very soon in my service as an Infantry Lieutenant, I learned to NOT make judgements about men based on early impressions. Wait and see how they perform. For Fauci and Birx, my burst of pride was a bubble that popped and left utter contempt.

It’s contempt bordering on rage at any public servant who lies in the commission of his duties. Spies are excepted. If you are in the business of public health, national defense, internal security or sovereign national borders, then your obligation is to speak the truth to the American People. The ground truth as best and as much as you know it.

I know finding the facts, lining them up, and understanding what they mean is challenging in fast moving, highly emotional circumstances. I’ve seen the flurry of half-truths, misperceptions, biased perspectives, etc. swirl when fatalities happened in the Army. Especially when the truth is vital to prevent more death, what is spoken must be honestly said and noted for its limitations.

So, when the R’s representing simple commonsense and some Conservative values are elected into power as POTUS and majorities of both Houses of Congress, despite the cheat, in 2024, they should drain the swamp carefully and destroy the swamp creatures by name, not en masse.

Save a remnant in the abjectly failing organizations mentioned – DoD, DHD, CDC, and FBI – because the functions they are supposed to perform need to get done.

Fire those clearly linked to failure. If they are in civil service status so they can’t be canned, then re-assign them to a place where all hands are needed for help – like border control or locating illegal aliens and building the files to deport them.

Otherwise, move them from their positions to places far away and with duties that are harmless if done wrong. Certainly, there’s office space for senior government bureaucrats in Alaska, Maine, or North Dakota, as well as in rural anywhere in the deep South and West far from Washington, DC.

The large sluice draining of the DC Swamp is to de-fund the Left.

For example, look at line-by-line the funding for transportation, housing, feeding, etc. of catch-and-release illegal aliens going to “non-profit” organizations. Cut that funding to zero dollars. Change Federal Law on processing claims of asylum to allow the Border Patrol to put the illegal aliens crossing the southern border on buses back to Mexico in just a few hours.

I know leaders have to game out what happens if the Cartels running Mexico won’t take them back, but that isn’t an unsolvable quandary.

There are similar fixes for other organizations. One over-arching need is to re-assign every person in every Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Equity office – in every variation of the name – to end Critical Race Theory propagation. End the quotas, set asides, goals, preferences, etc. and every mention of “protected classes of persons.”

The Conservative thinktanks should be drafting the implementing legislation to drain the DC swamp of money and drawing up rosters of replacements for the swamp creatures removed.

There are good people in every organization. Just got to find them and promote them. Restoring the folks who refused the Covid “jab” is a good place to start.

All swamp creatures are not the same.

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