This Isn’t About Biden’s Senility

Greetings my fellow Americans! For close over two years now, we’ve been dealing with the wink-wink-nudge-nudge notion that good ol’ Joe Biden has, since the end of his vice-presidency in 2016, lost control of the majority of his mental faculties. Yet, despite this “obvious” debilitation, let’s face it, senility (and a great deal of election-year shenanigans, including a well-timed pandemic that enabled mail-in voting for everyone), he managed to ascend from the depths of polling oblivion during the “Super Tuesday” primaries by merely promising fellow Democrat and U.S. Representative James Clyburn that he would appoint a “black woman” to the Supreme Court, and garner the office of President of the United States.

Since taking the oath of that office, and swearing to “so help me God” preserve, protect and defend the United States of America, he has issued a series of diktats which arguably have significantly weakened American sovereignty and independence. Energy, foreign policy, and border security have been three such key areas where diminution of American strength has been the result, in each case citing the responsibility of the United States to be good global citizens in surrendering our dominance in economic and political affairs. Now, more recently, he spews “unfiltered” rhetoric about human rights violations by some countries, and the need for those in power who commit such violations to be deposed, while maintaining complete silence on similar violations of others, as well as the impacts of those others’ emissions on the global climate (those to whom we’ve already surrendered the majority of our manufacturing capability and intellectual property, by the way).

It’s his dementia, we continue to be told. He has no idea what he’s actually doing and saying, we are further informed. He is not in control of the White House nor its ad hoc policies, which is why they seem incoherent and inadvertently doing harm to the United States. Whether there is actual truth to any of this as regards Joe Biden’s current mental state and ability to function as an agent of executive strategy and action is moot at this point.

The reality is that the strategies and tactics of this White House are systematically dismantling the United States of America as a sovereign nation, and the mental state of the current POTUS is yet another red herring meant to distract us from the fundamental transformation of this nation that is taking place. We are supposed to believe that if we just get the right person back into the White House (in two-and-a-half years), that everything good ol’ Joe has broken can be fixed, and we will return to the America that we enjoyed for many of the years following WWII.

What is further evident, but likely to never be investigated or prosecuted in any meaningful way, are the dealings of the Biden family (as well as several other prominent political surnames) with governments heretofore hostile or not allied to the United States, as well as with corporations with global oligarchical ambitions, prior to the inauguration of the latest POTUS. That the laptop of Hunter Biden, with its footprint of such interactions, has now been acknowledged to exist (and only three years after allegations of said existence, and in the middle of everyone being distracted by another red herring, namely, the Russia-Ukraine conflict) is interesting, if for no other reason that reports of its “discovery” may now be used to diffuse allegations of coverup or conspiracy.

And should any such allegations be given actual merit or attention, and anyone deign to question Joe Biden’s involvement in any of it, his presumed senility should provide ample cover against any inquisition or prosecution of Mr. Biden for his knowledge and/or participation in any seditious or nefarious activities, while a U.S. Senator or Vice-President, with foreign or global powers with no allegiance to the United States.

Joe Biden the public politician has been a walking gaffe machine for decades. Joe Biden the cloak-and-dagger wheeler-dealer has been quite shrewd, and continues to do a marvelous job at finishing the job of handing what’s left of the United States over to those in the New World Order with whom he has been dealing lo these many decades, while also covering his tracks, before riding off into the sunset as a decrepit old man with dementia.

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5 thoughts on “This Isn’t About Biden’s Senility”

  1. People who have paid attention to Joe Biden, I think you are one of them, like me, knew it was never about senility. It was about an idiot who never could have held a job in the public sector, never could have held a job as a politician without being a bald faced liar, his entire career, and one who has blamed everything that has happened in his life on someone else.

    Making him president, by hook or by crook was always about having someone in the White House who could be instructed to do everything placed in front of him to sign as an “Executive Action”, whatever the heck that is, as leftist governance without check or balance. It was also about that oath of office thing, which “was” a precept for impeachment of people who disobey their oath and just do as they see fit, which is not a constitutional act once harm is placed on the backs of US taxpayers and citizens.
    I also believe that what Joe has broke, someone else can fix, like the last president did. What I don’t understand is why the American public is so complacent about getting rid of this fool, who has shown his willingness to be so faithful to those who are trying to destroy our great country, instead of the oath he made to the “People”.

    I know my attitude may not be the common one that everyone has, but it’s the same attitude I had when we suffered through the Obama years. Why do we have to let some fool steal an election, just to turn around and find someone, occasionally, to fix what the last one broke?

    Joe Biden has no business residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Nor does Kamala Harris, his idiot Vice president.

    As to Biden’s senility, I always thought Biden just never gave a damn. He still doesn’t give a damn.

    • I’m afraid this is beyond any one person’s ability to “undo.”

      Regarding your “why” questions:
      I think we’ve fallen into a vicious cycle of believing that our responsibility for maintaining freedom has been limited to voting for the “right” people, then sitting back and waiting for them to rescue us from the spiral away from American values and traditions. We then become recurrently disappointed and frustrated when they don’t live up to those expectations.

      Even Trump fell short when push came to shove. We the People need to do more than just vote.

  2. There has never been a perfect president. I absolutely believe we should do more. That begs the question, “What can we do, and how can we do it, if we are stuck with voting as the only remedy?”

    I’ll defend the last president until the day I die. There’s little utility saying he made a few mistakes. We all know he did. A lot of that can be chalked up to his lack of political experience, which is something I wish more people who hold political office had. In contrast, look at who got placed in the White House, and what damage he has done, in two very long years.

    Biden is the one wrecking everything good about this country. He is the slick politician. Perhaps we should just nominate and support less political animals to office? No, I think you know what I want. Maybe more people want that, too, but are too lazy to foment change. Maybe, that problem is that we don’t know how to get the change we need, and instead, let everything just orbit around the political animal, and just gripe about it.
    It just begs more questions than changing the name of the party. Maybe a name change could help, but I see more as being needed, and I believe you do, too.
    Our problem is complacency. It has been that way, my entire life, and I only see it getting worse. One day, those words that Reagan said, about “Freedom is one generation away…”, is something people seem to have forgotten, because that generation is upon us, right now, and many people are beginning to wake up and fight, at the local and state level.

    The problem is harder at the federal level, because you have to have more people willing to fight to keep their freedom. I mean fight, in the literal sense of the word. fighting every piece of garbage law that DC entertains and punishes us with. Fight against every “Executive Action” that an invalid president signs, and we know this buffoon in the White House is only signing crap that someone else wrote.

    But, how do you do that? Do you just vote, sit back and wait for the white knight to ride into town and save the day? I think we agree. You can’t do that and survive.

    • What can we do? I think you briefly touched on it, i.e., waking up and fighting at the local and state levels. Staying informed and having conversations at the national and global levels is important too, but how many people even know and are talking to the people who live next door to them and in their neighborhoods? Or knows the other parents in the school being attended by their kids well enough to have meaningful dialogue about what’s their children are being taught, and how the school is being run?

      We need more people willing to say “no” to ridiculous edicts and mandates from on high. And those willing to say no need to find each other and those who disagree with what’s being done but need the motivation of a group to push them into action. Attacking this from the top down has gotten us nowhere, and that’s why it’s exactly where the media and politicians would like us to focus. They’ve fortified and insulated themselves too strongly to be taken down from within. We need more communities, cities, counties and states to start rebelling against the centralized tyranny.

      • That, and the “Precinct Project” strategy championed for many years by Dan “ColdWarrior” Schultz and our own Martin Knight over at RedState. It’s simple, really…

        Who makes up the RNC to make the decisions? Delegates elected by each state GOP’s Central Committee.
        Who elects those delegates and sets State Party platform, policy etc? Delegates elected by County or District (varies by state) Party Central Committees.
        Who makes up the County/District Parties? Precinct Captains, PCO’s, whatever they’re called in your area, one person per precinct who only needs to invest one evening a month (if that) for attending meetings and one weekend every couple years for County Convention, along with pounding the pavement meeting with the precinct voters who elect him and exchanging information/ideas trying to sell them on why the GOP better represents what they hold dearest.

        Yet even with it being so easy, half the PC seats in the country are vacant–this is what the eGOP banks on to hold the levers of power. Now imagine just HALF those vacancies suddenly becoming filled by pissed-off AFNN readers, Breitbarters, RightScoopers, Savage Nation and other activist conservative groups working together to cut out the dead wood and rot and rebuild with activist candidates…


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