Afghanistan: Price of Surrender


On August 30, 2021, America packed up its credibility in a box and left it behind in Kabul. Our surrender in Afghanistan left friends abandoned and foes emboldened. The global situation would take a turn for the worse. Those of us who spent a career developing military and foreign policy strategies immediately made some predictions and so far, they are holding true.

  • Russia would invade Ukraine and the world would find out Russia’s Army is poorly led
  • NATO would face its greatest test since it formed, even with Ukraine not being NATO
  • China would look harder at Taiwan
  • Iran would accelerate attempts to gain nuclear power
  • America’s Southern border invasion would accelerate
  • Israel would find itself increasingly targeted by Iran other state and non-state actors
  • The world would seek opportunities while America would continue to show weakness

Our Afghanistan surrender and evacuation would display the absurd and contradictory. Pictures would surface of the 82nd Airborne Division Commander stepping onto the C-17 as the “last man out,” though last I checked he was only happy after the third picture was taken, the first two weren’t good enough. But he wasn’t the last man out either as the final C-17s flight engineer would be the last one to have a “boots on the ground.” Allies were left behind, but the same commander would make space for vehicle sized “war trophies.”[1] The State Department would become the greatest impediment to evacuating Americans and allies, but the greatest supporter of evacuating the unknown and unvetted. Private citizens and veteran organizations would organize the only effective means to rapidly evacuate allies. Americas’ and other nations’ veterans watched and sought solace in each other as the blood and treasure spent by so many soaked into the desert sands, wasted.

These actions demonstrated our current weakness, lack of leadership, and corruption on a global scale. The slow walking of military aid to Ukraine, Speaker Pelosi needlessly visiting Taiwan and poking the Chinese dragon, and emboldening Iran could all lead to conflicts we are not prepared to deal with as we simultaneous destroy our own military’s’ readiness.

It’s clear to all that America is failing in almost every arena of foreign and domestic policy. It’s also clear to our enemies. In fact, things are so bad in America right now that incompetence cannot be blamed. This must be a deliberate plan and here are a few samples of what’s happening in the military as a continuation of the example set in Afghanistan and the absence of leadership.

  • A Commander in Chief is destroying our military through mandates and “extremist” purges (aka Christians, conservatives, patriots)
  • Military recruiting goals remain out of reach as people have no desire to serve
  • A vacuum of leadership remains at the top of the uniformed services, and nobody was held accountable for their failures
  • Readiness for conflict as a low priority, woke education as a high priority
  • No clear mission, no clear purpose, no desire to excel, no vision to serve and defend – but only to pursue the “non-woke”

On Tuesday, August 30, 2022, all Americans should pause and reflect on the price so many paid in Afghanistan. As a nation we’ve failed the people of Afghanistan, our allies who served alongside us, the American people, and our own military. The administration is continuing to fail those who served, and many who continue to serve even while under the “friendly fire” of their own chain of command.

Let us not forget the many who paid the last full measure over Operation “Enduring” Freedom’s twenty years. Many who served still suffer the wounds of war while innocent Afghans once again live in terror. The terrorists themselves are emboldened by our surrender and once again look to attack America. The price paid in Afghanistan is heavy, and though treasure can be rebuilt, lost lives and broken families cannot.

Nobody in this administration has paid a price for their own failure, and it’s well past time they do. They should be ashamed, but I doubt they even think about it anymore.


  1. Sources for this information are being protected.

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1 thought on “Afghanistan: Price of Surrender”

  1. After this fiasco started, I sent Biden Joe my OEF & air medals along with 2 ribbons/citations given to me for my years in that country…there did not seem any point of keeping after Joe Biden & his team pulled the plug. I blame Jake Sullivan (so-called NSA) & Sec Blinken for the whole operational meltdown & chaos…plus the Pentagon rolling over & acquiescing.


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