CRISIS – The Balkanization of America

Democrat polls and messaging are contributing to the Balkanization of America. Balkanization is an ugly term; it denotes strife, disagreements, civil wars, dictatorships, cruelty, unrest and even ethnic cleansing.  It is not something that should be encouraged.

      Balkanization is a very simple concept, think of gang wars.  Read Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, or the modern version “The West Side Story”.  In these stories, each side has different priorities, with no common ground to unite the groups.  Balkanization can also be created by splintering society, by creating perceived differences, conflicting priorities and cultural issues that can shake a Nation.  On a grand scale, when a simple thread is pulled from the fabric uniting a Nation, diverse populations dissolve into regional, religious, and cultural segments which further impair the foundation of that Nation.  

      What about the United States of America; is there an American divisionattempting to balkanize this Nation?  Is there a movement to fragment is Nation, to destroy the pillars of our Nation, to create a utopian third-world Nation?  A common theme with news is that “We are so divided!”  Another troubling announcement is “The other side…”.   Both indicate that this Nation is in a serious storm.

      But first, a short Biblical lesson.  Man is stupid.  The first man and woman had a paradise with a single rule – do not eat the apples!  Adam and Eve had everything, but they did not have apples.  And even though they had everything, they had dominion, they were in charge, they still wanted apples!  Temptation overcame them.  Adam and Eve got what they wanted, but they lost everything, the Paradise was never the same.  Instead of cherishing what they had, they were deceived into a notion that more was better. 

      The Ottoman Empire lasted over 600 years.   The customs and language across the vast empire was diverse:  there were Greeks, Syrians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Sudanese, Turks, Bedouins, Jews and many others.  There were very few Arabs.  Religion was the glue, with the threat of violence and ethnic cleansing if one did not toe the line.  The Empire was vast, with fertile and barren land.  An area called Palestine was barren, simply sand and malaria.

      But in WWI, the Ottoman Empire sided with the Germans, knowing they could expand the caliphate with victory.  They lost, and the newly formed League of Nations split the Empire into semi-homogenous pieces by international mandate.  The Balkanization began as smaller groups searched for their own identity, the glue to hold them together.  History and conflict returned: Turks hating Greeks, Sudanese resenting Egyptians, the region became broiled in turmoil.  That entire area. once united through religion, was divided in conflict, borders changed, and the flow of refugees greatly increased, often changing the demographics of a region.   There was no common ground to hold the Nations together.  

      With the collapse of the common uniting thread of communism in Yugoslavia, the Balkins split into seven Nations, each with priorities, desires and personal grievances against other regions.  Who really knows all the thoughts going through those smaller Nations, the desire to expand, the need to prove their greatness, the allusion of a successful conquest?  The thought of a better condition drove numerous wars and regional conflicts, with ethnic cleansing weeding out those not supportive.  Chaos, constant chaos resulted, all in search of an apple.

This Nation was formed in much the same way.  Migrants fled the oppression of intolerant religious edicts, establishing a New World, where religious liberty was the basis of the colony.  Adventurers joined the search for freedom, the freedom to explore and gain riches in an uncivilized world.  Thousands left the confines of Europe in a quest to find a utopian world where each was responsible for their own beliefs and success.  

Amid the regional differences, conflicting religions, various languages, climate, raw materials, landscape, somehow thirteen Colonies were created with enough similarities within their borders to create thirteen functional autonomous governments.  The original thirteen colonies were as different as night and day, they were balkanized, but they shared the same heritage.  And there was a new common thread developing.  

They had a common foe in English mandates but fighting the bully on the street corner was not the glue required to hold the Colonies together.  They sensed they had something more.  They began to realize that they had self-rule, that they were self-reliant, but they still did not have the thread to stitch themselves together.  Without that, they had to live forever as separate and unequal neighbors. 

Hence, the original government, a Confederation, held together by some thirteen Articles, defined the new government and stated that the States were to provide mutual support.    It came close to failure. Funding was a huge issue; troops, uniforms, food ,horses, forage, the entire weight of a war rested on the shoulders of less than 30% of the population, primarily due to the fact that there was nothing to hold the Colonies together, other than a hated of an oppressive government. 

History has shown that hate is not a unifier.  Hate is not a positive attribute from which other qualities can grow and flourish.  

A group of great intellectual minds met in Philadelphia in the summer months of 1787.  They were the best each State had to offer.  They were respected for their knowledge and expertise; they were yet another group of American elites.  They were tasked with finding the glue to unite the Nation.  And they did.

They created a Representative Constitutional Republic whose sole role was to protect the American people freedoms, those unalienable rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence.  This Republic was bound together with a glue, the glue of freedom.

Freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of purpose, freedom of failure, freedom of movement, these represent the greatness of human thought; that man has unlimited freedoms.  These truly positive traits united the diversity of this Nation, creating the greatest example of freedom and liberty in the history of man.

Yet, starting in the early 20th century, evil progressive ideas sought to eliminate the greatness of this Nation, by focusing on a negative thought, “what about me!”  Is that not the basis of equity versus the positive message of equality?  

That is the story of 2021, what about me?  Our elected leaders are promoting the balkanization of this Nation by dividing us on issues that DO NOT MATTER.  

All that matters is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  This government was created to protect those rights, it was not created to find the apple.

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