The Safe and Secure Path to Another Dark Age (Pt 2)

Safe and Secure Path to Another Dark Age
President Obama: Official Photo

Safe and Secure Path to Another Dark Age

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” – President-elect Barack Obama, January, 2009

Greetings my fellow Americans!

I opened Part 1 of this paper with the last line of our national anthem, and this follow-on with a statement by a soon-to-be-POTUS which appears to represent something quite different, and what I consider to be the crux of where we seem to be today as a nation (at least as far as its governance is concerned). To be sure, the impetus for our general drift away from the principles which have made us the “land of the free and the home of the brave” began long before the inauguration of Barack Obama, though it seems to have been greatly accelerated since 2009, with a momentary pause during the Trump years.

I also spent a good portion of the last part highlighting Man’s acquisition of knowledge of the world around him and ability to dominate it, which came at great risk to the lives of those who made those initial discoveries, ventured beyond the familiar confines of their existence in their individual pursuits of happiness, and/or fought to acquire and defend the technology and territory which facilitated those pursuits.

I believe we are at a critical time in history, not only of the United States of America, but also of the entire globe. As “the leader of the free world,” the U.S., in its two-and-a-half centuries of existence, helped enlighten the path for many others toward the relatively advanced forms of civilization millions of humans enjoy today. And that innovation and advancement (at least in the U.S.) was relatively free of the encumbrances of government regulation and oversight, as the betterment of society as a whole took precedence over individual safety and security. Or, to state it a bit differently, people in the U.S. tended to take more personal responsibility for their own safety and security, such that government’s role in that was much smaller or deemed unnecessary. Ironically, many of those who have financially benefitted from being among, or otherwise employed by, those American innovators who enjoyed relatively unencumbered prosperity now seem all too willing to deny this to others, and to support a global, centralized government to restrict their business practices and the lives of their customers for the sake of maintaining a “safe and secure” position in that new world order.

Exploration, innovation, and advancement now seem to be almost completely stifled, or so heavily regulated or restricted as to be virtually impossible without being done under the auspices of a governing body. Granted, many of the early explorers and inventors were bankrolled by nations and/or private investors, and the discovered territories or inventions became the exclusive property (at least for a time) of those who had initially funded those ventures. But the ideation of those explorations and innovations typically originated among the relatively free and critical thinking among the general population, and were allowed to advance beyond ideation and to at least a proof-of-concept without requiring permission from a sovereign or governing body to do so. Oppressive and/or tyrannical governments are nothing new, but the notion that we may be on the practical verge of one whose purview reaches virtually every point on our planet, with no quarter for those wishing to escape and pursue happiness in ways not sanctioned, specified or authorized by government, is.

We as individuals are also gradually losing our skills of independent and critical thought to enable the innovation and exploration of previously uncharted domains of world dominion. More on this, and our fate if we don’t snap out of our spiral into collective darkness, in Part 3.

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