China’s Chernobyl

The nuclear reactor accident at Chernobyl in 1986 exposed fatal flaws in the Soviet Empire. The release of the Wuhan virus in 2020 exposes fatal flaws in the Chinese Communist Party rule, effectively becoming China’s Chernobyl. The dictators can’t control everything and attempting to do so will be their downfall.

The Soviet Empire espoused the myth that their Communist society was superior to Western Civilization in every regard. It was the next evolution of making a better human in perfect economic order. It was a monumental lie.

The Soviet economy based on Marxism made the Soviet Union a Third World country, because Marxist economics is bogus. Doesn’t work. Never will. Flawed from first premise to ultimate promise.

Soviet technology was good where the resources were poured in to make it work. So, their military hardware was good. Their nuclear power technology wasn’t state of the art. Furthermore, compromises made to meet goals created the equipment flaw that caused an incident to become the worst nuclear accident ever.

Finally, because Soviet Marxism couldn’t compete with liberal democracy, capitalism, and Judeo-Christian culture, they had to keep every flaw and failure top secret.

The result was a descending chain of events from bad to worse at the cost of thousands of lives and terrible environmental damage.

The bio-engineered gain of function Covid virus that escaped or was released from the Wuhan Lab in China couldn’t be controlled by the Communist Chinese Party. Their extreme measures for lockdown may have mitigated the spread of the virus in time, but not for infections. Viruses virus.

When the closed down travel from Wuhan to the rest of China but kept upon travel from China to the rest of the world, the Communist Chinese Party made their contempt and ill intent for all of the rest of the world readily apparent to the entire planet. Every defense ministry was put on notice to start planning against biological warfare from China. That’s a planning and preparing window for survival.

The draconian lockdowns with drones flying through cities telling people to obey demonstrated the Orwellian potential for total control of humans with new technologies. It let the people know how far their own government would act against them. It sowed the seeds for resistance as surely as the Bolsheviks, Fascists, and NAZIs created internal resistance. That internal resistance in the past included a failed fighting component and ultimately successive passive, personal fatigue with the lies. Eventually, enough people don’t have the energy to continue to pretend to believe the lies from their government.

For the Soviet Empire that resulted in the 1989 Velvet Revolution of Eastern Europe and sudden collapse of the Communist-run Soviet Union in 1991.

Christianity continues to grow, despite suppression, in the underground church. That movement motivated by ideas combined with what remains of resistance in Hong Kong can’t be controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

None of the above discounts the overwhelming police, military, and propaganda power of the CCP. Yet, it highlights the fact that there are limits – even to these most high tech, super cyber-smart, ruthless Totalitarians. And, the more the CCP moves to exact more control, the more the gaps will be evident to the Chinese people and enterprising provincial politicians.

The provincial power remains a factor because China has had a push-pull between the “Center” and the provinces for over 3,000 years. China had a internal disruption in every decade from 1890 through the 1960s.

The Wuhan Virus exposed the need to control absolutely and the clumsy, brutal execution of control as the absolutely critical flaw in the CCP’s Totalitarianism.

The old War Plans Division, in its latest incarnation, of The Army should take note. A new “Albert Wedemeyer” needs to include the Wuhan weaknesses of the CCP in his new “Victory Plan.”

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6 thoughts on “China’s Chernobyl”

  1. With their social credit system, continued lockdowns and a failing banking system, not to mention their already failed real estate scams, China is doomed.
    All that petroleum that Russia has been selling to China is only a stop gap measure, for this winter. They are still having rolling blackouts in major cities. And, I heard that many companies have been taken over by the CCP to start war production, which will further exacerbate China’s already existing problems.
    Expect Xi Jinping to strike somewhere, just to try to keep his hold on power.

    • That also assumes their Manchurian Candidate at 1600 will LET the ABM batteries engage on launch detection… given how many of the Primary Targets within China’s reach are in Deplorable Country the Donks might see it as a two-fer, both “culling the Deplorables” and justifying pivot to a Permanent Wartime State. And thus the world of 1984 begins…


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