Never Give Up!


I believe the General Election to be held this year on November 8 may well be the most important election in our over 200 year history. This election may keep us a Constitutional Republic, or turn us into another socialist nation, a national disaster.

It is only going to take the winning of a few tight races for the patriotic Republicans to regain control of Congress and thereby stop much of the madness of the present administration.

The challenge, however, is that many people do not vote, especially when they are discouraged.

Adding to this feeling is the very real possibility that the last Presidential Election was stolen, although the press would have you believe that it was the most secure election in history.

However, we watched countless hours of sworn testimony, where many folk shared about the irregularities they saw. They saw windows covered up so no one could see vote counting. They saw counting closed with workers sent home in the middle of the night, only to see, after every worker was gone, the removal of some ballots from under a table and counted.

In some states voting was stopped in the middle of the night, when Donald Trump was ahead, only to resume later in the night with Biden winning the state.

Some have let their personal feelings about Donald Trump affect their public pronouncements concerning the coming election. Rather than being cheer leaders to help lead us on to victory they have said that the winning goal cannot be achieved; that we are lost.

One who ought to know better was Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell. Here is what he said.

WASHINGTON — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday downplayed expectations of Republicans capturing control of the Senate in the fall elections, describing “candidate quality” as an important factor. 1

These comments from a Republican official are nonsense. The Left knows that if discouragement keeps you from voting they will be the winners.

Some polls show Republicans behind in races, but one has to keep in mind that polls are not always reliable. Examples abound.

But, what about the 2020 election? While Biden campaigned mainly from his basement, Trump was traveling the country holding huge rallies.

It is not so much that Trump controls much of the Republican Party, but it is the fact that he stands where traditional Americans have stood. His campaign to Make America Great Again hit a nerve with patriotic Americans.

There is no doubt that Trump was a good president, and what he tried to do was good for America. Most people liked him because he was not a typical politician. The important point is that Trump and his supporters have kept a positive attitude of the election.

We need every patriotic American, who supports our great history and our Constitutional Republic, to vote, and not only to vote but to be sure that elections are run true and safe. 

It is easy to become discouraged by what the Left is saying about the coming election. It is far better to keep a positive attitude and be reminded of all the great things that Trump did while president. The present administration is determined to undue all the good from the former. This is discouraging some folk.

While Donald J. Trump was president:

1. We were energy independent.

2. Prices were fairly stable.

3. A border wall was being built and was almost complete in some places.

4. Our enemies respected us.

5. Man-caused climate change was not an issue; we withdrew from the Paris Accord.

6. People were proud to be Americans.

Now consider America under Biden.

1. We left Americans and billions of dollars of state of the art military equipment behind in Afghanistan to be used against us.

2. Trillions of dollars were given away; dollars that were simply “printed”.

3. Our enemies laugh at us.

4. Work was stopped on the Keystone XL Pipeline, and oil leases on federal lands were stopped including offshore.

5. Work was stopped on drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.

6. Children are being encouraged to see themselves as something other than what God made them.

7. It is probable that there were many irregularities in the last election.

8. The current president has serious cognitive issues.

9. The president has done nothing to unify the nation.

10. The Congressional January 6 Committee is a farce with Republicans rejected by the Speaker.

11. The price of gasoline went to over $5.00 in most places.

12. The military is having trouble with recruitment because of phony demands placed on all soldiers.

13. The popularity of the current president is the lowest ever.

14. Coastal shipping has been heavily stalled.

15. While restricting American energy production the president has pressured other nations to provide more oil.

16. There is an effort to rejoin the Paris Accord, a climate disaster.

17. Electric vehicles are projected to take the place of gasoline vehicles.

18. Subsidies for wind and solar are counterproductive.  These machines wear out and cannot be recycled, plus, they are killing many rare birds.

19. Work on the border wall was stopped, even contracts cancelled.  Illegal immigration has now reached well over a million.

20. Plans to make DC a state.

21. Desire to pass a law making abortion legal in every state.

22. Raid on the home of the former president.

23. Protests at homes of Supreme Court Justices, which are illegal.

14. Attempt on the life of one Supreme Court Justice.

15. The burning of businesses and homes has been called “peaceful protests” by the Democrats.

16. Elimination of the Electoral College.

We need to keep in mind that we only have to hold on to the Republican seats in the Senate and add just one more person to have control of the Senate.  The Democrats are vulnerable in many races. 

Trump endorsed candidates are winning in about 90% of the races.  We can win if we work at it.  Not only that, 6 Senators and 49 Representatives are not seeking re-election. This is a real cause for encouragement.

States can win also.  It is not so much Trump, and him having the power to influence elections.  It is that he has hit a nerve in Make America Great Again, Again, and he agrees with most Americans.

We only need to gain five seats in the House to take back control.  We need strong leaders for both the Senate and the House once we take control.  There are some really great people in both chambers who are fearless and have America’s best interest at heart.

While it may not be evident we are actually winning battle after battle.  Sure, we are losing a few, but not very many, and we are going to win the war for America if we will just be sure to encourage one another.  Fear is a tremendous motivator and if the enemy can get you to fear enough they can enslave you.  Please don’t let fear run your life.




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2 thoughts on “Never Give Up!”

  1. And don’t just vote–if you can, volunteer whatever time you can spare as a Poll Watcher and Election Observer. They will pull out ALL the stops trying to cheat this one so we need all the eyes we can get, preferably with bodycams where legal and possible, to catch them in the act red-handed and incontrovertibly prove it.

    Oh, and I suggest you start watching for sales on body armor at places like Armored Republic, because if we manage to stop them at the Ballot Box they WILL immediately proceed straight to the Ammo Box. Invest in measures to protect yourselves and your loved ones accordingly.

  2. Actually, though, we need considerably more than just one seat, we need to run the table for as many as we can becuase of Mitch and his Fifth Columnist Cryptodems. With having “weak sisters” who will vote with the D’s on everything, we need at least a gain of 5-6 to start weakening their influence.

    And then we need to start Primarying… and doing so sensibly. We’re not gonna get a better deal than Susan Collins out of Maine, that’s just the reality of the political culture there, but KY and SC can and damn well SHOULD be able to do better for the country than inflicting McConnell and Graham on us.

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