An Indictment of the Insurrection by Sedition

When one reads the third example of sedition in a the previous missive, it is important to understand how the communist democrats are affecting the public tranquility, attempting to breach public order. These are direct attacks to the freedom and liberty of the citizens of this great Republic. These actions are meant to cause chaos throughout the fabric of this great Nation.

It is up to us to resist these attempts to fundamentally transform this Nation.

Thomas Jefferson wrote about this. He understood, as did the Founders of this Nation that the King, and indeed Parliament, was purposefully attempting to cause an insurrection within the colonies. The King knew that those in the New World believed in their unalienable rights under God, as well as their rights as Englishmen.

It is no different today. American citizens have their unalienable rights from the Almighty, as well as the due process and equality under the Law as guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States. The seditious attacks on these rights of American citizens are causing chaos throughout this Nation. These attacks are purposeful, and they are meant to destroy the spirit of the American people.

As once eloquently expressed by Thomas Jefferson, let’s attempt a similar declaration of the injustices laid upon the American citizens.

The history of the present communist democrat party and the tyrannical deep state establishment is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.” (The Declaration of Independence July 4th, 1776).

  • That the Speaker of the House has failed to address the January 6th committee and has failed to present her reasons as why the security of the Capitol was at DEFCON 10, knowing there was a large rally in support of fair and honest elections, the absolute bedrock of our Republic.
  • That the Capitol Head of Security, the Chief of the Capitol police and the Chief of the Washington police have not given testimony under oath as to the preparations for the January 6th Electoral Certification.
  • That the DOJ and FBI have failed to release the names of the FBI informants within the crowd of protestors on January 6th, that these same people lied about the location of the Vice President Elect in order to intensify the serious of the insurrection accusations.
  • That the Washington DC major and police have used cruel and unusual punishment for non-violent protestors accused of trespassing in the Capitol building. That for months, these same elected officials and appointed law enforcement denied the right of those arrested to seek legal counsel.
  • That the media, cable news and big tech colluded and used the same phrases to censure all alternative presentations concerning what happened on January 6th, including the explanation of the timelines regarding the damage to the Capitol and the arrival of those present during the speech of Trump.
  • That the FBI has not investigated and released a full report on an officer within the Capitol who murdered a non-violent protestor. Nor has the FBI released the names of the FBI informants within the crowd both before and after the conclusion of the Donald Trump rally.
  • That the Capitol Sergeant at Arms has failed to released photos showing that there was no damage within the Capitol caused by those Americans who were peacefully allowed into the Capitol, the only damage was broken windows occurring prior to the conclusion of the rally at the Eclipse.
  • That various communist democrat governors have failed to secure the election process, usurping the Constitutional duty of the lower chamber of the legislative branch within the State, by using a “pandemic” to alter the election process without approval of those State Legislatures.
  • That various courts failed to uphold the words within Article 1 Section 2 Paragraph 1, instead allowing a “national emergency” to supersede the Constitution itself, effectively dismantling the rule of law within the election process.
  • That various predominately communist democrat polling stations failed to properly secure ballots, dismissed all witnesses of the count, and continued to count unsecured ballots in the dead of night.
  • That mayors in various cities have failed to enforce the law as passed by statue, allowing anarchy in the streets of major cities. That these elected officials, who took an oath to defend, fail to support lawful order or those entrusted with enforcing the law.
  • That elected District Attorney’s, who took an oath to support and defend, are allowed by the State Legislatures to ignore the law, increasing chaos within the cities across the nation, by allowing criminals to roam the streets without consequence.
  • That various Governors have failed to support the oath taken upon election, instead have ignored the Legislative branch of the States, creating a tyrannical overreach crushing the rights of their citizens.
  • That unelected departments within the government, departments established to conduct scientific tests, ensure proper control of drugs, to test the efficacy of new techniques and drugs were allowed to mandate edicts which stripped citizens of the right to speech, the right to practice their religion, the right to assemble and the right to petition government.
  • That unelected bureaucracies within the federal medical arena supported and funded research into biological agents without the approval and knowledge of the Legislative branch.
  • That the President of the United States used the unlawful authority to “mandate” actions within the States and communities across this great Nation, stripping the unalienable rights of the citizens.
  • That the President of the United Sates has used Executive Orders to unlawfully change the legislative laws of this Nation to allow an uncontrolled invasion along the southern border of this Nation, fundamentally changing the demographics of many areas within the Nation.
  • That teachers’ unions colluded with the federal government to create a situation where the educational establishment was further weakened, destroying the future of children receiving government education and indoctrination.
  • That the DOJ and FBI have been weaponized to attack parents who stand against the unbridled indoctrination of their children with fake color arguments.
  • That the Defense Department has promoted the lie of white supremacy within its ranks and has denied the right of religious objection to an emergency use only drug, resulting in the destruction of morale within the military ranks.

These are but a few of the violations of due process and equality under the law that have been witnessed by the American citizens. They are numerous. They are specific attacks on the tranquility of this Nation, and they have demoralized the citizens of a representative Republic.

And the established media and the communist democrats within the elected Congress still want Americans to believe there was an insurrection on January 6th?

We can defeat this massive insurrection.

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2 thoughts on “An Indictment of the Insurrection by Sedition”

  1. The problem with correcting this problem is it won’t be corrected at the ballot box. It can be corrected, however, if those of us stand up to the government and take it back from those who stole it, even if it means utterly destroying it in the process. That probably means that force will be necessary, from the states and all the people.
    Another problem is that the government is so not to be trusted as to probably be set for some kind of poison pill solution, if that ever is attempted. That should not be an excuse to not do it, though.

    If that sounds revolutionary, well, it is. The left is not going to freely give up any power they think they have. It will have to be taken from them, by force. But the point is that they took it, and no one can deny that.
    The ballot box will only be effective if Congress is retaken by a number to override veto power. No one is even coming close to saying that is possible. It’s only a step that has to be repeated several terms to be effective, and history denies that is possible.
    I guess you can tell I will never trust another election, right?

    • Right, I agree.
      It’s not revolutionary to defend the country against these attacks by persons in the Federal government.
      I prefer nonviolent action, but . . . it’s lawful and inherent to defend against these attacks.
      This is the Citizens country, not the federal government’s – they are expendable, We are not ! And, if the normal chain of command breaks down, it’s the right of the People to fix it, and put the federal government in its place – below Us.

      If there is an election this year, it may go to solving the problems, but the People must step up and engage for their country’s sake and their own too, in either case.

      Beware of the Ides of October !

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