The Answer To Sedition Is The Election Process

The Framers provided two methods to change the direction of the Nation. First, we have a bi-annual federal election and second, there is the provision for the Convention of the States. Instead of sedition, we must use these tools to peacefully turn back the tide of lawlessness created by the belief that this Nation is a democracy.

The Framers provide two methods to change the direction of the Nation. First, we have a bi-annual federal election and second, there is the provision for the Convention of the States. Instead of sedition, we must use these tools to peacefully turn back the tide of lawlessness created by the belief that this Nation is a democracy.

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Case in point, watching Biden speak (ok, I understand your thought), he maintains that we are a democracy, where the majority decides what happens. Yet, if it were a democracy, why would the borders be completely open to invasion when the greater majority of citizens, or all colors, want to STOP THE INVASION.

So, are we really living in a democracy? Does the false belief of a few in regard to climate issues eliminate the standard of democracy, if indeed we are living in a democracy? The greater majority of the Nation want available and cost-effective energy, the majority of Americans do not want to be reliant on foreign energy. So, are we a democracy?

We live in a REPUBLIC, that most falsely claim is a democracy, yet our elected officials do not govern as if we are in either. They do what they want, they lie with impunity to get elected, and then attempt to create a world that they want, without regard to the expressed wishes of the MAJORITY of Americans.

Let’s look at a very simple example. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently changed their mission statement: the mission statement now reads — “upholds America’s promise as a nation of welcome and possibility with fairness, integrity, and respect for all we serve,”

Under the old statement, the agency was described as “administer[ing] the nation’s lawful immigration system, safeguarding its integrity and promise by efficiently and fairly adjudicating requests for immigration benefits while protecting Americans, securing the homeland, and honoring our values.”

Question: which mission statement do you want? Personally, I want equality under the law, I want statues as written, until changed by the legislative branch.

Yet, a Biden appointed bureaucrat changed the mission statement. Who is this person? Who is Ur Jaddou? Well her mother is Mexican, and her dad is from Iraq. My first question, as I believe in the meaning of words, including “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”, asks the following: is Ur Jaddou an American citizen? My second question is, did her family embrace the melting pot philosophy of this Nation, or did they maintain other philosophies?

The United States of America is a Nation of laws, created to protect the rights and freedoms of her CITIZENS. Yet, the immigration service wants to “respect” those they serve. But wait! What if those persons do not respect this Nation? What if those persons disrespect our Rule of Law? What if those persons enter this Nation illegally?

Not to muddy the waters, but the Immigration Act of 1882 barred any immigrant “unable to take care of himself or herself without becoming a public charge” from entering the United States. That sounds terrible to some, but it sounds correct to most Americans. The United States has enough issues to solve without becoming the welfare service for the world.

A great discussion of good versus bad immigration policy can be found in the gumball demonstration. Roy Beck provides a great visual explanation of why immigration policy cannot work if everyone and anyone is allowed to immigrate. Very, very few nations of the world admit people unable to support themselves. Why should we? Should we not help other nations improve their blessings of freedom?

Over the years in this democracy, unelected bureaucrats have attempted to change the rules without legislative help. Biden has expressed a desire to remove the public charge criteria from the Immigration Code, and the policy is up for public comment.

What do you think about that plan? Immigration policy IS NOT to provide welfare for the world, immigration policy is designed to make America better – take means attracting skilled workers that can contribute to the greatness of America. To many, that may be unfair, but that does not matter, immigration should make America stronger, not weaker.

We have a government that is practicing sedition. We have unelected federal and state employees that care more about future retirement benefits than they do in serving the future.

When was the last time anyone spoke of civil servants? No, now we have the deep state, and it is as deep as the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. We have a government that is failing her citizens as they fail to “ensure domestic tranquility” and they are not securing the “Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”, especially our posterity.

So, what do we do? We vote! We get like-minded people to vote. We man (or woman) the polls and place TRAINED observers with cameras at every polling place. We demand that our “most numerous branch of the State Legislatures” pass fair election Laws – not the courts, not the governors, not the State Senate – simply the most numerous branch of State Legislatures.

The United States of America is our Nation. We are a great Nation. We have spilled our blood across the world to promote freedom and liberties throughout the world. We have shared our bounty with others. We have welcomed those that wish to help us get stronger and richer in the freedoms of mankind.

We must fight this sedition; we must restore the greatness of this Nation. And we must pray, we must renew our love of the Almighty and recognize that He can lead us from this pit of misery if we honor His name and realize that the blessings of liberty are gifts from Him.

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2 thoughts on “The Answer To Sedition Is The Election Process”

  1. Convention to propose amendments must be called by Congress upon application by 2/3 of States. There has been such a number, but Congress is obstructing by not calling. Without the States declaring and convening a convention to propose amendments on their own, another weakness in our federal system is revealed – Our federal system is what the federal government says it is. So, timidity prevents due process when the federal government defines itself and there’s no pushback.

    A better issue is a lack of proper representation in Congress whereby increasing the House of Representatives to 1 per 90,000 citizens minimum. Dilute their power. Expose the faults of our system which can not govern 330 + million people when the focus is on a monolithic Nation and not a Republic.

    Nationalism infected our country long ago – in the years before the Civil War. Expansion, via adding more states, without adding another layer to the federal system, created our current problems by focusing on Nation and not Republic which the Civil War cemented in.

    My reason here with the differences between Nation and Republic and States is that they all can’t exist at the same time. A Republic of States or a Nation with states. And I see neither as workable any longer due to population increases – Neither system can cope with governing and holding to our founding premises, which we all know about. A Republic of States can not have a federal system such as is designed for it concentrates too much in the federal system, because it was not designed to be so expansive for the population we have. It didn’t adjust correctly in representation numbers after 1910, because it stopped increasing thereby concentrating power in too few members, thus enabling their takeover by money interests. But, that was only a symptom of, and not the cause of.

    Dilution of the Citizen coupled with a focus on Nation is where a problem exists of such scope as to be very concerning. As an engineer of sorts, I view the structure and check for soundness. We have the greatest founding principles ever devised. Those principles improve with time as we see our faults and try to correct them. Founding principles are sound and are a way for the future, however, the structure devised, the political framework, was a beginning that worked for a while, but didn’t adapt to a growing population. One size does not fit all, and neither does our current interpretation of our founding guidelines. With weak States, the central government rules. Sorry, but that can not stand from my viewpoint and is deadly today.

    Now, this added layer referred to earlier, is a Regional entity structure of contiguous States which where the Congressional members will meet for that region thereby returning those representatives back to their area which dilutes power and influence from the outside and where Citizens will be closer to them. More local control of government is needed as it once was. Dilution and balancing were the hallmarks of our system for control by the People and there’s a need for such now.

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