Who Is Responsible For This Divisive Attitude?

Who Is Responsible For This Divisive Attitude? It looks like a color issue, it smells like a color issue, it feels like a color issue, but it is not. It is a coup, the fundamental transformation of this great Nation carried on by lackies of all colors, wishing that they get a seat at the table of the corruption.

The issue is that the table is limited in size, not everyone who participates in the transformation will be allowed to sit and enjoy the fruits of the conquest. One has to trust that the MSNBC wannabees will not be asked to the dinner. How could anyone have an intellectual conversation with them?

What is one to make of the female cop sentenced to 2-years in prison for the shooting death of Duante Wright. I was not at the trial, I did not hear the testimony, I did not review the evidence. I have never been in a situation like those police. I do not know if he resisted arrest. I do not know if he was a suspect in a crime.

Does that matter? Why yes it does, for it heightens the anxiety of the officers attempting to uphold the law. And how stupid would officers be to kill an innocent person so soon after Saint George Floyd died under a life-ending overdose of drugs and the knee of an officer.

Yet Joy Reid and Elie Mystal had opinions. America hates black people!! Really? I had heard for months that it was white people. What changed? Oh, we still got the report that it was a white woman’s tears that eased the sentence, but now it is America that hates black people.

How many have family members of different colors, different nationality roots? Well, my family has Texican, Chinese, Italians, Mexicans, Hungarians, Thai, Blacks, Irish, Polish, Cherokee, Filipinos, Germans, British and numerous others. What does that make my family? American!

If a family in China lists its heritage, there are Chinese. If a family in Nigeria lists its family roots, it is almost 100% Nigerian. If a French family looks at their heritage, except for the occasional Brit blood line after a French lost, the dominate blood line is French. There are black Irish from the Moor shipwrecks caused by Sir Francis Drake, but that strain did not continue every generation, because Drake died.

Do you get the picture? This Nation started a movement, Canada has some similar color exchanges, and Mexico has a few, what with Aztec, Spanish, French and German. As a side note, if you want to see segregation, investigate the treatment of the Aztec descendants versus the rest of the Mexican population within Mexico.

But we are not talking about Mexico, we are talking about how America hates black people when every advertisement on TV features blacks, whites, yellows, browns, but very few reds.

Why would MSNBC say Americans versus the “white” angle? Well, the judge made the ruling and while the judge is a certified human being, the judge is not white. The judge is of Asian descent!! Oh my God! Asians must hate black people, but we cannot say that, therefore, to make the lie stick, just say Americans, many of the dump viewers of MSNBC will just assume white! Thus, MSNBC decided on “Americans.” It is much more inclusion. I wonder, does it include blacks? You know, blacks are Americans as well!

But it is not color, it is a coup against freedom, a coup wanting control. When did this coup start? It has probably been in the making since Eisenhower warned us about the industrial complex. But now, many believe they can pull it off.

Who started this coup? Here is a hint – who wanted to fundamentally transform this Nation? Everyone thought it would be for the better, but so many where fooled by the eloquence of the teleprompter, versus the stumbling in person. Yet, this “racist” country elected a person of color and it would not have happened had he not received votes from beige people. And part of his aura, was his promise to end color differences.

But immediately following the inauguration, the great divide of color commenced. The dear leader Barrack Hussein Obama started using daggers to divide the Nation along lines of color. It started with the police in Cambridge Massachusetts of all places – yes, there was racism within the socialist neighborhood bordering Boston. The police were quick to judge and there was only one answer, racism!

With that opening barrage, every event between people of color became a national issue. We started looking at equity versus equality. We started looking at outcome versus effort. We started looking at entitlement of some versus the terrible education of others.

Do not be confused, prior to the worst President in the history of this Nation, this Nation was not divided along color lines. Oh, there were issues, but everyone understood that more could be done. We were still Americans, we could laugh, we could argue, we could find common ground. And the Nation on a whole was shifting away from massive government, people were becoming more conservation.

But the worst President in history and his accomplice, the first Mother Michele, they wanted to return this nation to the trash heap of failed Nations, to fundamentally transform.

It may upset some, but the Framers demanded that the President be a natural born citizen, it was from a note John Jay sent to Washington. We can argue over the meaning, but it must have been important, for there is the exception to that clause within the Constitution. I contend that Obama was not a natural born citizen, he was a citizen, but his father was not, therefore, as with Ted Cruz and others, Obama did not meet the general qualifications to be President. And he was not raised with the typical American ideals, we should have paid more attention.

Immediately after Obama was sworn in, the great divide concerning color started. The understanding criminals started, the cruelty of the police started, the indiscriminate murders in the city started, the frequent torching of buildings started, the re-write of history started. And it was supported by many in the ruling class, it made the swamp must deeper, for the elite had the ultimate weapon – the opposition did not want to be labelled a racist! No, anything but that.

Funny, I have always regarded all humans as a single race!

The transformation subsided under President Trump, but it is back on track with President Hapless Biden. It is a coup to overthrow this great Nation, and color is the primary tool of the insurrection.

We must unite and … wait, I am having a JBM. I am sorry, a JBM is a Joe Biden Moment.


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2 thoughts on “Who Is Responsible For This Divisive Attitude?”

  1. Good article-exposing the root of the current problem. A president hell bent on doing so can infect the entire system-starting with the government civil service system, radiating out from Wash DC to all points of the globe: if pursued for 8 years it is institutionalized and has to be rooted out like a cancer. It is said the Trump’s national security staff functioned with some 65% of Obama holdovers. Experience is one thing-but that is like leaving the infected in with healthy people, what could happen?

  2. I have only just found AFNN, and I have already shared two insightfully written, beautifully worded and eloquently on point articles written by Tom Weaver. These days, with all that is going on, I don’t often hear myself say those kinds of things about an author anymore, let alone share them to others before I am even half way through reading them myself. THIS is the kind of journalism I have been missing during this downward spiral of intelligence, decency and common sense. I have never been more embarrassed to be an American in my life. But Tom Weaver’s ability to express the views of so many of us in a public forum is a welcome Godsend in the midst of seemingly Godless times. Thank you.

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