Freedom of speech? Das Ist Verboten!

Das Ist Verboten!. Americans have a basic freedom of speech, but they don’t have the liberty to say anything they like. Liberty is limited legally by laws on slander, defamation, and incitement to riot. When Liberty is limited by Big Tech censoring social media, outraged Karens de-platforming persons, or any other assault on free speech, then much liberty is in jeopardy and losing real freedom will be next.

“You can’t say that” always sounds better if yelled in German: Das ist Verboten! “That is forbidden!” gets right to point of power. And the power isn’t yours. Facebook used that power in June 2021 to permanently ban me and erase everything I ever posted for 12 years for re-posting a cartoon about a stick figure hanging himself when Epstein went to jail.

freedom of speech

I was accused, tried, and convicted without appeal – for allegedly promoting suicide. BS. Obviously, that wasn’t the point of meme.

Presently, I’m banned from Twitter for this:

Stating that men who think they are women are mentally ill is the definition of Sexual Dysphoria. It’s a real mental illness.

Frankly, I’m amused at hearing “Das ist Verboten” from Facebook and Twitter. They’ve infringed on my liberties but not my freedom.

If the Speech Police get the power for government to punish my speech, then I’ll have a real problem. Because I intend to exercise my freedom without any constraint on my liberties.

I’ll exercise my free speech as I please. It may be unwelcomed at some jobs, in public forums, churches, and on the street, etc. but it will be up to Human Secularist Totalitarians to try to silence me.

I’m not an American peasant. I’m an American of the Southern Yeoman persuasion and will be so until I die.

That means I’ll politely correct, ahistorical, clown speech about the Recent Unpleasantness, the cultural cleansing of all things Confederate, and attacks on all things Southern. I’ll “bless their little hearts” as well. (Hope you know what that colloquialism means).

I’m trying to teach my grandchildren that plenty of speech should be avoided. Rude speech, stupid speech, unkind words, cutting and cruel speech, blasphemous speech, etc. Still it shocks me when my grown child or adolescent grand says “you shouldn’t use that word.”

“Oh, really? I shouldn’t say retarded? Even though what the people are saying is retarded?”

I wouldn’t call a child with a learning disability or birth defect a “retard.” I wouldn’t want to offend the child’s kin. But don’t tell me I can’t use that figure of speech where it applies. That would be being an “Indian giver” for words, right? Assuming there still are Indians.

I look forward to being asked my pronouns again. Recently, I was asked for the first time at the hospital and was so shocked that I laughed out loud. The clerk agreed with me that it was a silly exercise. I told her kindly that I didn’t want any pronouns put down on my records.

I must think of a better answer. The ones that spring to mind are vulgar and involve curse words. There’s gotta be a classier, cutting to the quick, answer from my pronouns.

I know I’m not an Army of One practicing free speech. Yet, it troubles me that any American kowtows to the Commie Speech Police. If you give an inch of liberty, they’ll take more than a mile and keep pushing.

The Speech Police are bullies. All bullies are cowards. They push until they are punched in the face.

Now is the time for all good Americans to speak the simple, truthful words that smack the Commies in the mouth. Smile at them and bless their hearts.

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3 thoughts on “Freedom of speech? Das Ist Verboten!”

  1. The idea of punching them in the face is rather appealing. Physical force usually corrects bullies, or at least, for the time being. The trouble is when the one you might punch is a thousand miles away. Nowadays, cowards perform their cowardly acts from afar.

    Ah, if only…

    • I concur that we rarely have the opportunity to bunch the bully who earned it the most in any specific case. Using forbidden speech where it is appropriate – freely and openly in writing on social media and verbally in person is the next best thing. A vote is a good punch when there are enough of them to win.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.


  2. James,
    I also call a spade a spade ( “not” sorry shovels!)
    Screw PC/ Libtard/ Woke-ists/ and all & sundry mentally ill “schims” !🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


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