Seizing the Narrative – Implementing a Strategy

The purpose of this article is to provide one example of how we can seize the narrative and start driving the small minority of radical extremists, who have been intimidating, censoring, cancelling, and lying to the American public, to react to us – the silent majority – and justify their support for advancing racist policies. The objective is to show one way for Americans to unite in raising our voices by highlighting the false narratives around welfare and race and drive a truthful discussion about real solutions for poverty.

We must first understand this is not normal politics, and the small set of radical progressives seek absolute power at any cost to you, your family, or our country.

“The problem is we are in an ideological war, for absolute power – yet conservatives believe it is just politics as usual. Many can detect the problem, but they wrongly mistake the issues created by it are just the same old politics. They assume that those who are driving a radical political ideology believe in our republic, our freedoms, and our constitution. They assume the oath the radical and extreme politicians took is sacred to them, that their intentions are well meaning, and that in the end we will find a way to work together. And this is part of the problem, a major part, because those assumptions are wrong.[1]

We must also understand that we have more in common than not, and we must speak to the actual reality that Americans are far more united than divided.

“…we, as a nation, are truly not so divided. That we share much in common each day. And one of those things is our belief in our country, our constitution, our freedoms, and fellow man. The radical left’s efforts to divide us, and long-term efforts to indoctrinate our children with false narratives about our history, are aided and abetted by the propaganda pushed daily by their allies in mainstream media. And compounded by the socialist – not social – media companies which push their own propaganda campaigns, censor the truth, and use your data to manipulate you.[2]

And we must begin to seize the narrative by focusing on some facts to advance real solutions to such divisive issues as poverty and the dysfunction, cultural decline, and irreparable harm that government dependency breeds.

“Let’s have a REAL discussion on RACE, social justice, black homicides, and welfare.

The one Eric Holder & Democrats don’t want you to have. It’s time to talk facts, stop pandering, stop creating the boogeyman, and address the issues we’ve know about all this time[3].”

We must unite around a strategy, strategic messaging, and policies that advance a united America. A suggested starting point includes the following four major objectives[4]:

  • Seize the narrative
  • Drive a proactive and positive legislative agenda
  • Overhaul the national security apparatus
  • Ensure the resilience of our Republic, Constitution, and Freedoms

In this article, we’ll focus on seizing the narrative using one example tied to the false narrative being pushed now for several decades on race, poverty, and disenfranchisement.

Why is seizing the narrative important? Because by doing so, one can start driving others to react, hold them accountable, and expose them for the frauds they and move from a reactive to proactive position in driving positive policy and solutions.

Let’s take a look at poverty numbers over the last 63 years, and the numbers of those below the poverty line, using US Government Census data[5].

In the box below you will see the total US population in 2021 and 1959, and the total numbers of those below the poverty line (in thousands).  Meaning in 2021 the US population was 328,191,000, with 37,933,000 living in poverty.

Year All people
Total Below poverty
Number Percent
2021 328,191 37,933 11.6
1959 176,557 39,490 22.4


All people
Total Below poverty
Number Percent


The next set of numbers below are for White population alone. Those below poverty line in 1959 was 18%, and in 2021 10% (of the total white population which grew about 92 million).  Notice the total number below the poverty line decreased but is not too different between 1959, 28 million and 2021, 25 million (rounded). 

2021 248,909 24,919 10.0
1959 156,956 28,484 18.1

The next set of numbers below are for Black population alone – the percent below poverty line in 1959 was 55%, and in 2021 19.5% (of the total black population which grew about 26 million).

Notice the total number below the poverty line decreased, but is not too different from 1959, 10 million, and 2021, 8.5 million (rounded).

2021 43,976 8,583 19.5
1959 18,013 9,927 55.1


 The numbers tell us a few interesting facts.

  • First, the total number of whites in poverty is nearly three times (3X) that of the total number of blacks living in poverty.
  • Second, the total number of blacks in poverty has remained the pretty much the same since 1959. In other words, despite a three-fold (3X) increase in population. We have not seen a comparable three-fold increase in numbers in poverty.
  • Third, the total number of whites in poverty has also remained pretty much the same since 1959, despite a nearly two-fold (2X) increase in population.

 False Narratives: Isn’t that astounding, given the narrative we here from the progressive democrats? I’d wager that most Americans do not know that there are 3X more whites in poverty than blacks. I will also wager that few Americans also realize that the total numbers in poverty, for both blacks and whites has not changed substantially since 1959. Americans agree that having “any” person living below poverty is not good!

 So why is it that we see mainstream media, social media (socialist media), and major newspapers continue to feed us these false narratives? It is because they wish to divide us, and avoid any real solution? Likely yes. But why? Well, there are now 3X more blacks eligible to vote – and when they are convinced America is inherently racist, and that the Democrats will protect them, you see a 90% plus vote going that direction. What happens if blacks, and other Americans, realize that they have been fed a pile of lies for decades? Well, we’ve seen some indications – as the numbers of both blacks and Hispanics moving voting conservative is increasing.

 What has changed in the number of black-on-black murders, blacks being incarcerated, and number of single parent (fatherless) black families. This mean the narratives being pushed for the last five decades about disenfranchisement, CRT (whites are inherently racist, blacks are too dumb to learn), and the disadvantaged and other such victimized narratives pushed by the Democrats aren’t anything more than a pile of dog dodo.

 We must seek to understand why, and which policies can help to reduce those numbers. And we must look at addressing the ills of poverty in a color-blind manner – for in that way we raise all Americans. If we continue to allow ourselves to be divided by race, we create unnecessary animosity and divisiveness. That’s what the Democrats wish, so that they can keep their voting blocks of the duped. The dysfunction, ills, and cultural decline that is occurring across America is based on lies, fiction, and a dystopian desire to sustain power – absolute power. But at what cost? The number of lives destroyed by such deception is incalculable – but considered necessary collateral damage by Democrats to keep feasting off votes built on lies and such false narratives.

 Seizing the Narrative:

 Use Facts Not Fiction: To seize the narrative, we must continue to expose the Cognitive Ponzi scheme[6] the Democrats have been pushing!

“This dystopian effort is led by a small set of radical extremists, seeking absolute power, who are driving fulfillment of warped strategy intended to subjugate the masses by a minority. I do not believe they are representative of the Democratic party, but they sure have overtaken it, and are replacing any of those who oppose their moves towards absolute power. Unfortunately, too many have bought into their storyline. They include a cross-section of the complacent, compliant, complicity, or corrupt[3]. This is an ongoing Domestic Cognitive War, built on a cognitive Ponzi scheme that takes your tax dollars along with a false narrative, to create the illusion of a utopian society, all while the underlying structure that provided for opportunity, freedom, and independence are destroyed.”

We must now also look at how these false narratives and the numbers in poverty effect the over 4 plus million illegals in entering the country in the last two years. Those 4 million people are nearly half the number the total number of blacks below poverty! Now think about the 240,000 plus unaccompanied children. Do we think that child sex trafficking[7] will decrease when a quarter of a million children are released to unknown sponsors? Where do all these people go? Who’s taking care of the children? Who’s going to house, feed, educate, provide healthcare, protect, and provide jobs for the 4 million illegals? Do we do so at the expense of the 8.5 million blacks, or 25 million whites, who are legal Americans living in poverty?

Democrats could give a rat’s ass, as they care solely about the Cognitive Ponzi scheme to sustain and expand their voting base. The illegals, their children, the Americans in poverty are all necessary collateral damage to divide and conquer us.

Start Asking the Right Questions! We must start asking some direct but pertinent questions. For example, every Democrat & Biden should be asked the following:

  • Given there are 3X the number of whites in poverty, and that anyone in poverty is a terrible thing, what are you doing to provide for the 33.5 plus million LEGAL Americans living in poverty? And given those numbers, why have you supported the illegal entry of over 4 million others – who will live in poverty?
  • Is the President a pedophile, and if not, how can you explain the comments in your daughter’s diary about inappropriate showers etc.?
  • Given the rampant issues with pedophiles, child sex trafficking, how are you tracking the 250,000 – a quarter million – unaccompanied illegal children who have entered our country?
  • How can you and your party support Drag Queen shows – are they not comparable to strip shows, being used to groom children, and nothing more than child endangerment?

Propose Real Policy Solutions: There are several policies put forth for which the Democrats have shirked or blocked responses. The brief list below offers a few examples that speak to weaning people off of government dependency, ensuring equal access to quality education, and ensuring we take care of Americans in need first.

  • Work for welfare requirements.
  • Unfettered access to Charter schools.
  • Border control and security.

The purpose of this article was to show how we can seize the narrative, the objective to offer an example. To realize the fuller four-point strategy I have laid out prior – we must unite in action, in voice, and in voting. Shall we begin?

  • Seize the narrative
  • Drive a proactive and positive legislative agenda
  • Overhaul the national security apparatus
  • Ensure the resilience of our Republic, Constitution, and Freedoms

© Edward L. Haugland, All Rights Reserved 2022

This article originally appeared in The Information Equilibrium. Reprinted here with permission.

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