Government, Culture and Destiny

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My daughter-in-law told me a cute story about my grandson the other day. Seems she had taken him to Chick-fil-A for Lunch, and he was quite happy and made a comment about how much he liked it. Hoping for a parental wisdom moment, she pointed out all the young people working there and suggested that in 10 years or so, when he turned 16, he might want to work at a Chick-fil-A and earn some money. Unexpectedly, my 6-year-old grandson demurred and said he had no desire to work at Chick-fil-A. Instead, he said he wanted to “have a job like Daddy.”

When his mother asked him why that would be, he replied “Because he doesn’t do anything!” This was cause for great hilarity in my family, not least because my son, aka “Daddy,” is a hardworking and successful businessman, but at the same time we wondered where my grandson got the idea that his father was so unoccupied at work, and why he thought that would be a good situation.

After more reflection, we chalked it up to a 6-year old’s passing flight of fancy, but it seemed like a sign of the times as well. After all, when many Americans are making the decision to “not do anything’ and collect money from their fellow taxpayers for that inactivity, one can be excused for wondering if a 6-year-old was being influenced by that and developing a value system that was making him aspire to be a do nothing adult. Fortunately, we have lots of time to turn my grandson to a better path, but what do we do about adults who embrace that attitude?

Oddly enough, the story of my grandson’s desire for a job doing nothing coincided with a similar conversation with my dentist. Like most conversations one has in a dentist’s chair, my participation was somewhat limited, but it was meaningful discussion, nonetheless.

It seems my dentist’s son had approached his father last year during the height of the Covid pandemic and wanted to quit his summer job. The son’s peers were razzing him about working and telling him he should do what they did since they had worked the previous summer: file a claim for unemployment due to Covid, collect unemployment, then file for a paycheck continuation payment from the federal government to pay them for losing their job due to Covid. Doing that allowed the son’s friends to collect between $750 and $1,000 per week last summer without working at all.

The issue caused some tension, especially since the dentist insisted that his son keep working. Like many conservative Christian parents, the dentist believed that taking welfare from the government when it is not needed erodes one’s character. The son grudgingly accepted his father’s decision, but the dentist brought it up last week because his son is working a summer job again this year, and the same issue came up, it seems that his son’s peers are again collecting unemployment and paycheck continuation checks despite the fact that business owners in the city I live in are desperate for workers. The dentist’s comment was, “How in the heck did we get into a situation where the government is trying to teach my kid that it is smart to be a freeloader?”

Great question, and the answer is a long one, but that is hardly the government’s worst offense. Over the last 20 years the government has been teaching kids all kinds of things that earlier generations of Americans would have considered morally or ethically unacceptable. Under government auspices we have seen cities declare criminals legally untouchable. We have watched as the government forced Christian people and churches to embrace behavior that they consider immoral in their religion. We have been treated to the scene of the borders of our nation being flung open to any illegal or criminal with the initiative to walk, drive, fly or float across it in flagrant dereliction of the Federal government’s duty to police those borders.

We have permitted government funded abortion mills to murder late term babies using our tax dollars to make it happen. We have sent our soldiers to war and allowed our government to shackle them with rules of engagement that favor the enemy and ensure that we will never win. We have declared common thugs, rioters, shoplifters, and arsonists to be above the law and even lionized them. Worse, we have let the government pay out millions of our tax dollars to emphasize the virtues of these criminals and the families that produced them.

And now, many folks are standing idly by while a racist academic system is telling kids they are racist because they are white! Over a century ago a lot of white people stood with black parents in denouncing that message being given to black children. Is it possible that neither group can see that giving that message to white children is just as damaging and despicable?

There is an old saying that when nations are involved, culture is destiny. America’s enemies know that and are plainly doing their best to destroy ours. Their best would fall far short of accomplishing that mission except for the sad fact that there is a hard-core minority of Americans who literally hate this nation. More unfortunately, the folks that hate America include a lot of talented, wealthy and politically influential people.

In the Democrat party, hating this country and saying that everything about must be discarded is practically a minimum requirement to belong to the party. The Democrat party is the last refuge of scoundrels these days. They make common cause with the dregs of American society: Antifa; BLM; pedophiles; LBGTQ men who want to physically abuse women; cartel coyotes who want smuggle women and children across our borders and into slavery; racist blacks who want to bring back Jim Crow, but for white people; women who want to murder their unborn children; and welfare royalty, including corporations, who want to feast at the government money trough until they bankrupt this country.

The only way to stop that from happening is for conservative Americans to start fighting just as hard as the left in every public arena: the media; on the Internet; in local state and national elections; and even in the streets. If the left remains more committed, more willing to sacrifice, and more focused they will keep winning until America no longer exists. As was the case at the founding of this nation, this is no time for sunshine patriots. We need men and women who will stand up and defend our values, our laws, our institutions, our churches and our children, and do so no matter the cost to them personally. It might even entail confronting bad people in the streets.

To a lot of sunshine conservatives, conditioned by and sold out to the left-wing media, words like those in the previous paragraph are shocking and frightening. Meanwhile, the left and its leaders have no such reluctance. They openly advocate for and support violent criminal protests. At the same time that they are doing that, liberal Democrats (really, is there any other kind?) are advocating for disbanding the police and releasing without trial or punishment the thugs they incite. It is an overused comparison, but the Nazis used the exact same tactics to take control of Germany. Anyone who thinks that it cannot happen here is following themself. One thing is certain, again like the Nazis and their leader, Adolf Hitler, the radical left makes no secret of its ultimate goal- to destroy America and turn it into a socialist one party nation.

If only Democrats are willing to engage in scorched earth, take no prisoners tactics in pursuit of their goal of one party rule, they are quite likely to succeed. The old adage, “Fight fire, with fire” certainly applies here. If the left brings 50,000 BLM/Antifa thugs and losers to riot in the streets, the right needs to put 100,000 into the streets in support of the police and defense of their city.

Waiting for the police to handle it on their own when left wing politicians sign their paychecks is a pipedream. If patriotic Americans want to keep their republic, they must be willing to fight and sacrifice for it. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have made that sacrifice in the past. Some have paid with their blood, some with their treasure and some with their freedom. To keep what we have been bequeathed, we have to aspire for a hell of lot more than what a six year old in Chick-fil- A does, even if the left wing ruining this country tells us that doing so is racist, or intolerant, or arrogant. We are none of those things, we are true Americans, and that is one of the best things anyone can be. Count on that.

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