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The objective of law is to bring order in the society so the members of society can progress and develop with some sort of security regarding the future. The state makes laws. Disobedience of state laws invites penalty, which is enforced by the government by the power of the state.

Outside the field of sociology, people often use the term “social order” to refer to a state of stability and consensus that exists in the absence of chaos and upheaval. Sociologists, however, have a more complex understanding of the term. It refers to the organization of many interrelated parts of a society. Social order is present when individuals agree to a shared social contract that states that certain rules and laws must be abided and certain standards, values, and norms maintained. Social order can be observed within national societies, geographical regions, institutions and organizations, communities, formal and informal groups, and even at the scale of global society.

Within all of these, social order is most often hierarchical; some people hold more power than others so they can enforce the laws, rules, and norms necessary for the preservation of social order. Practices, behaviors, values, and beliefs that are counter to those of the social order are typically framed as deviant and/or dangerous and are curtailed through the enforcement of laws, rules, norms, and taboos.

What is the purpose of society? Why is society so important? It is precisely because we seek protection and comfort from it. It enables the formation of social groups and shapes cultures. It allows for regulation in the distribution of public facilities. And most importantly, it brings people together.[1]

Corruption and injustice are two of the most pervasive types of crime leading to disorder: it fuels crime, wastes public resources, destabilizes the country and the States, and impedes good governance at all levels. Authoritarian countries and those veering towards authoritarianism increasingly weaponize corruption to perpetuate power at home and undermine democracy around the world. The corruption of the “Deep State” throughout the executive and legislative branches of the United States Government is all too apparent. Honesty, integrity, sincerity, and trust of many of our political leaders has all but left the halls of government.

This unchecked political evil has continued to grow during the past few decades and even includes government secrets traded for monetary favors from China by high government officials, recently involving treasonous actions that, if left unchecked is resulting in the economic and moral destruction of the United States. Economic destruction, job-killing, the quiet, stealthy decimation of the middle class, all are facts that speak for themselves, yet which “We the People” (not all) seem utterly oblivious.

We must as a people bring order to our beloved Country.

The United States of America became the most powerful, prosperous, and free nation ever established because it was founded by stalwart men and women who believed in the principles of self-government, limited government, free enterprise, entrepreneurship, individual liberty, freedom of speech, personal responsibility, constitutional sovereignty, freedom of religion, self-reliance, upward mobility, law and order, unity, initiative, morality, equal opportunity, and a strong military under civilian authority. These values and principles along with the American people who hold them made American great.

Unfortunately, these long-standing principles and traditional American values are under attack by leftist ideologues who reject them outright and are working hard to replace them. America is fast becoming a nation of socialists, secular humanists, atheists, agnostics, and anarchists who want to tear down the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers. They want to replace limited government and self-government with big government, an over-reaching monstrosity that controls every aspect of daily life. They want to replace free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and upward mobility with socialism, individual liberty with groupthink and coerced compliance, and freedom of speech with censorship.

Leftist ideologues are trying to replace personal responsibility, self-reliance, and initiative with the entitlement mentality. They are working hard to transform the Constitution into a meaningless document can be continually revised to accommodate the latest socio-cultural trends. They have made substantial progress in replacing freedom of religion with freedom from religion. Leftists prefer anarchy to law and order as can be seen in their nationwide effort to defund police departments, identity politics and tribalism to E Pluribus Unum, and moral relativism to Biblical morality.

Actions have consequences. The radical left’s actions over the past 60 years have resulted in tragic consequences for all Americans. The coarsening of the culture by leftist policies and actions is undeniable. American society is burdened by numerous social problems as a direct result of polices, court decisions, and actions of the left including hedonism, substance abuse, a vanishing work ethic, rampant abortion, gun violence, mass shootings, mob violence, anarchy, open borders and human trafficking, pornography, censorship, road rage, sideline rage, demise of the traditional family, the politics of personal destruction, and record levels of teen suicides.


After the Bible, Declaration of Independence, and Constitution, the most important documents for Americans are the Federalist Papers. In Federalist Number 39, James Madison explained a republic is a government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the people and is administered by people holding their office at the pleasure of the people for limited period during good behavior.[2]

What Madison wrote in Federalist Number 39 still applies today. Our republican form of government still derives its powers from the people, but that will change unless we the people stand up, speak out, and fight back against the leftist ideologues who are trying to destroy our country. If life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are to remain defining characteristics of the American way of life, individuals like you and me are going to have to fight for them. All Americans can work and take actions to preserve our liberties and save our country. Every patriotic American has a role to play. If we are going to save our country, we will have to look through a reality prism not a political prism.[3]

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  2. Blueprint for restoring order is America is:


    Electing God-fearing officials who revere the Constitution and hold strongly to traditional American values is a good thing to do, a worthy goal to pursue. However, politicians cannot save our country from the villainous machinations of leftist ideologues bent on destroying the United States. Why? Because the challenges America faces in the 21st Century are more basic than politics. We need spiritual revival in America because we need to change the moral climate of our country. That climate is currently characterized by abortion, gun violence, mass shootings, pornography, demise of the traditional family, road rage, substance abuse, the devaluation of human life, and other ugly manifestations of cultural coarseness. Without spiritual revival, these circumstances will just get worse.

    Doing these things will require you to replace your natural human inclination toward self-centeredness with an attitude of service over self. You can do this by repeating the following ten tactics over and over until they become your new normal:

    • Practice kindness and gentleness toward your neighbors
    • Practice patience and forbearance toward your neighbors
    • Practice contentment and peace with your neighbors
    • Practice humility and modesty with your neighbors
    • Practice faithfulness and consideration toward your neighbors
    • Practice encouragement and goodness toward your neighbors
    • Practice selflessness and charity toward neighbors
    • Practice graciousness and forgiveness toward your neighbors
    • Practice self-control and imperturbability with your neighbors
    • Practice graciousness and forgiveness toward your neighbors
    • Practice honesty and integrity with your neighbors


    The United States of America is more than just a country on a map, it is an idea; an idea captured eloquently by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence when he wrote: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…” Precisely how the government of the United States is to be “constituted among men” and how the government is to derive its “just powers from the consent of the governed” is set forth in the Constitution.

    The Constitution is under attack by leftist ideologues who are trying to change it in ways so drastic the government President Abraham Lincoln said should be “of the people, by the people, and for the people” is being transformed into a government of the state, by the state, and for the state. If Americans do not do what is necessary to reverse this trend and restore the Constitution to the original intent of the founders, the great experiment described by Thomas Jefferson will fail and the idea of America will die.


    The biggest obstacles the secular left faces in trying to destroy the America of our Founders are the true and recorded history of our country and our nation’s Christian heritage. The unaltered history of the United States clearly and undeniably refutes the lies, distortions, and obfuscations secular leftists are trying to foist on school children, college students, and the American public at large. It also clearly demonstrates America has a strong Christian heritage. Secular leftists fear more than anything the truth about America’s history and its Christian heritage. Together, these two factors stand in the way of everything secular leftists are trying to accomplish with their war on America and Christianity.


    A major strategy in the left’s war on God and country is convincing Americans to reject free-market capitalism in favor of socialism, a flawed philosophy that has failed everywhere it has been tried. It failed in the Soviet Union and Cambodia. It is currently failing in Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela. It was failing in China and Viet Nam until these two countries got smart and began allowing private enterprise, free markets, and entrepreneurship.

    For decades, leftist ideologues have used indoctrination, deception, and distortion to convince naïve Americans that socialism is superior to capitalism. They have focused on school children and college students to teach the manifestly false claim that government is the answer to all problems. Leftists seduce naïve young people with promises of free college tuition, free healthcare, and a free ride through life. Socialism is not presented as complete government control over every aspect of the individual’s life—which is what it is—but as caring nanny government that seeks only to take care of people.


    We grew up in an era when citizens of all ages loved the United States, were proud to be Americans, and believed in patriotism. In fact, love of one’s country and a willingness to sacrifice for it is the definition of patriotism. As youngsters, we began every school day with the Pledge of Allegiance, and every classroom proudly displayed an American flag. Even first graders knew the words to our National Anthem. We stood tall with our right hand over our heart as we sang the hallowed song.

    Veterans were considered heroes; they were treated with respect and honored with parades on November 11th every year. Memorial Day saw families placing wreaths on the graves of family members, friends, and community members they did not even know who had died in World War I, World War II, or the Korean War. But this all began to change in the 1960s. Respect for the flag was replaced with desecration of the flag. Patriots were jeered at and called jingoists or war mongers. Love of country was supplanted by disdain for the United States.

    Fast forward to the present. The seeds of anti-Americanism sown in the 1960s have grown into full-fledged WOKEISM in the 21st Century. As a gesture of disrespect for a country they claim is inherently unfair and racist, highly paid athletes in the National Football League (NFL) now kneel when the National Anthem is played. Olympic athletes who wear the American flag on their jerseys kneel when the National Anthem is played and turn their backs when the American flag is raised on the medal platform. In just sixty plus years, we evolved from a nation of patriots into a nation of ungrateful snowflakes who blame America for all the ills of the world.


    There are several specific domestic threats standing in the way of achieving America’s End Game for the 21st Century. To save America from leftist ideologues who want to destroy our country, patriots must overcome the following domestic threats:

    • An out-of-control federal government
    • An entitlement mentality that is replacing personal responsibility
    • Greedy, unpatriotic corporate executives and technology czars
    • A rising tide of anarchy undermining law and order
    • WOKE military leadership and an unprepared military
    • Illegal immigration at the southern border
    • Attacks on the Constitution and Bill of Rights
    • A broken education system at all levels
    • Growing acceptance of socialism/communism

    Consider this blueprint for restoring order to America

    Published and distributed by the Stand Up America US Foundation


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