Dystopia. Never Mind.

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Merriam Webster: Dystopia – an imaginary place where people are unhappy and usually afraid because they are not treated fairly


      We were told after the 2020 election that we would be going back to “normal”, whatever that means. That working class, aw shucks, middle class, Amtrak Joe was going to be the adult in the room. After five decades in DC, Joe was gonna take us back to the future. Has anyone experienced or even seen that normalcy this year? All I’ve seen thus far is chaos – inflation at record levels, Americans and allies abandoned in a war zone, gas prices at all time highs, a southern border that no longer exists. Scranton Joe told us he was going to shut down COVID, not the economy, using science, not Clorox like Trump. But it was COVID that got him into the White House in the first place. COVID was the excuse Dems used to change election laws and procedures allowing votes to be counted that otherwise wouldn’t have been. Fear of COVID worked. Why return to normal when chaos and fear worked so well?

      President Brandon has done such a bang-up job conquering the virus (more dead in 2021 under Brandon than in 2020 under Trump), that we need even more mandates to continue that conquering streak. Meanwhile, courts across the country are unanimously striking down the non-science based, emergency vaccine mandates Joe announced way back in September that were so urgently needed that they aren’t to take effect until January (due to their urgency?), contrary to what President Elect* Joe said. You can be excused for not knowing that science dictates that employees of companies with fewer than 100 employed are immune from COVID. That virus is very smart. You’re not. Remember when the virus knew you were in church (unsafe) vs a riot (safe)? That seems like a million years ago. The good old days.

      “Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it…. for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know if you have it!” – Dr. Annie Bukacek, a Montana physician. Riding in on the coattails of delta, enter the omicron variant to save the Brandon presidency. Omicron is scary sounding, isn’t it? It’s like something from outer space. We’ve been invaded! It also begs the question, what happened to all the other Greek names for variants between delta and omicron? Never mind. And never mind that there are no hospitalizations, as of this writing, of anyone who has contracted this variant in the country where it was discovered, South Africa. Never mind that the doctor, Angelique Coetzee, who discovered it says its symptoms are mild and nothing like the delta variant and who is surprised at all the hub bub about the new variant. Never mind the facts, it’s time to act. An immediate travel ban from African countries was put into place by the anti-xenophobe Brandon administration. You thought travel bans were racist and xenophobic, didn’t you? That shows what little you know. Even travel bans from a black African country, Mozambique, that has reported exactly ZERO cases of omicron are not racist or xenophobic. So shut up and pay attention. Well, don’t pay too much attention. Here’s another of those “never minds” – what was once our southern border is being illegally crossed daily by foreigners who are untested and unvaccinated. Never mind. However, 17 year old U.S. citizens crossing state lines without a weapon is of utmost concern.  Go figure.

      Thus far, the reports are that most, if not all, of those contracting this new strain are vaccinated and boostered. What?!  I thought the vax and boosters would protect us against the virus, didn’t you? LeBron James thought so. Isn’t that the purpose of the mandates? Sounds like an epidemic of the vaccinated. Once again, we’re reminded to never mind that and get your vax and booster, the sooner the better. Stop thinking, start acting.

      Dr. Fraudci is not the only unelected official jumping on the premature ban bandwagon. The newly appointed, unelected governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, not to be outdone by the uninformed, lying plagiarist occupying the Oval Office, has banned elective surgeries throughout the state of New York. How’s that for jumping the shark? With no evidence of the mild omicron anywhere in NY, you can’t get that much needed hernia surgery you thought you were going to get. Why? Because Kathy says so. She’s a doctor, you’re not. She’s not? Oh, never mind.

      Don’t you just love unelected officials? The CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky announced that “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is expanding its current COVID-19 variant surveillance program at several major U.S. airports in an effort to detect the new omicron variant.” Did you even know that the CDC was surveilling you at the airport? Now, they are expanding that surveillance, under the guise, of course, of protecting you from a mild variant. I guess dictating landlord rental policies wasn’t unconstitutional enough for this agency. What’s next? Are they going to blame the supply chain problems on COVID?  Oops, never mind, the White House has already done that. The WH is even floating the idea of pre and post travel testing and 7 day mandatory quarantine, even for negative tests, vaccinated, boostered and naturally immune travelers. Can mandatory vaccine passports be far behind?

      What is the end game? Is it controlled chaos or control or chaos or all of the above? It seems the Democrat party and its titular head want to keep us in a constant state of fear. Will that fear guarantee a Democrat win next year in the midterms like it did last year or will it backfire? Regardless, expect more fear and chaos in the days to come. That’s what dystopia is all about. As long as you’re aware of that, you won’t succumb to it.  Never mind what they tell you.  


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