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President Biden, President Putin
President Biden, President Putin: Public Domain

If there were more women in leadership positions around the world there would be less conflict and less war,” Peter Clavalle, board chair of the Vermont Council on World Affairs.

Few things are certain in this world, but one thing everyone can count on is liberal politicians, educators, and media pundits saying stupid things during a crisis. More alarming than their statements is the fact that the people making them are often in positions of power. The thought occurs to more sentient people that the chance of a good outcome of the crisis is quite low if there are a lot of people like that in charge. As the war in Ukraine grinds on with ever increasing violence that fear is rational and ever present, because stupid statements such the one above are abounding.

The fear started building before the war when Biden cranked up his gaffe laden brain by implying that the US and NATO might not act in the event of a “minor incursion” by Russia into Ukraine. He also asked publicly why Putin would want to “invade Russia”. Apparently, Biden confused the Ukraine with Russia in his feeble brain, and that certainly did not help deter Putin from attacking. Biden also refused to enact sanctions on Russian oil and gas until after Putin invaded which ensured that Russia would not feel much effect on its economy until well after the invasion started, and long after most experts expected the war to be lost by the Ukrainians. How does that help deter Putin?

Right at the top of America’s leadership pyramid stands a Commander-in-Chief who cannot recall the name of the country who he is supposed to be supporting in an all-out war! The Ukrainians cannot possibility be encouraged by that realization, but Americans and our allies are hardly sanguine about it either. By contrast, it could hardly be less than cause for celebration on the part of Putin and his generals.

Truthfully, as vapid and incompetent as Biden has been during this crisis, it is not a surprise, but it is a disappointment and a frightening realization to know that we are led by a senile fool during a war.

Typically, consolation would be found in seeing talented people around the President who could compensate for his ineptitude. No such luck. Second in command Kamala Harris weighed in with her brilliant summation of the problem:

Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So, basically, that’s wrong, and it goes against everything that we stand for.”

Thanks Kamala, that was a real confidence builder for our side.

Putin is likely trembling… as he tries to keep from laughing out loud. Previously, Kamala had tried to rally the NATO alliance by appealing to them to maintain their nonexistent track record of having no war in Europe for “over 70 years.” Apparently, she was unaware of the invasion of Hungary and Czechoslovakia by Russia, the Yugoslavian civil wars, the previous invasion of Ukraine during Obama’s administration, or the invasion of Georgia while George “Dubya” Bush was president. A war every 10 years or so is not a track record of peace. Not knowing the track record but presuming to talk with authority about it is a sure road to a track record of failure to inspire confidence.

So, the top two leaders of the west’s lone superpower are incompetent and ignorant. Surely, we have more talented folks getting involved. How about the perennially present John Kerry? Surely the Czar of combatting climate change could weigh in and have major impact with his wisdom. After all John Kerry has been entrusted to lead the fight against the single greatest threat to the survival of mankind: anthropomorphic climate change. Coming up with suggestions for resolving a small issue like war in Ukraine should be child’s play for war hero like the Yale educated John Kerry.

Alas, his contribution was to fly to Europe on his private jet and sit down with a BBC correspondent for an interview in which he pleaded with Putin to not let the massive invasion of Ukraine distract him from the fight against climate change. Kerry was quite bold and inspirational as he courageously and wisely reminded Putin that Russia’s massive, armored columns would have quite the carbon footprint. Of course, any rational, informed and reasonably intelligent folks in his audience could only sit aghast as the ridiculous buffoon prattled on about an issue that will not in a thousand years kill as many people as Putin has in the last week.

Okay, forget Kerry. He has been a farce since he lied about throwing his war medals away at a White House protest, and then claimed years later that he threw some else’s medals away and kept his own. The State Department is the primary player in diplomacy after the President. An experienced diplomat like Secretary Blinken was likely all over this from the beginning. Nope. Despite being aware of Russian build up that went on for months, Blinken took no concrete steps to either defuse the situation, help prepare the Ukrainians, or sanction Russia before it invaded.

One of Putin’s’ primary demands was that Ukraine not be allowed to enter NATO. Why not announce that NATO had agreed to a moratorium on adding new NATO members for the next ten years, and had also decided that NATO troops would never be stationed in any non-NATO country that had not attacked a NATO member? It is called diplomacy. Telling Putin repeatedly that everything he asked for was non-negotiable was futile, unimaginative, ineffective and ultimately, an incitement to an invasion. Coming on top of 6 years of endless Democrat invective against Putin, calling him a liar, murderer, a despot, and continuously accusing him of war crimes, election interference, and thievery, the approach that Blinken took seemed almost purposefully designed to spark a war between Ukraine and Russia.

Fortunately, European leaders are far more sophisticated in these matters. At least, one would dare to hope so, since their continent is a claustrophobic place with dozens of competing national interests in an area half the size of America. Centuries of war and shifting alliances must have developed a culture that would be deft and creative at avoiding a war that would severely impact their countries. Sorry folks, we got crickets from that arena.

In fact, the few decisions they did make were mainly to do nothing that would upset Putin. It was almost as if they thought if they ignored the situation, Putin would say, “Psyche! Just kidding folks” and pull his forces away from Ukraine’s borders. The Europeans had to choose between being Chamberlain or Churchill, and with exceptions, e.g., Poland, they chose to emulate Chamberlain. So much for learning the lessons of the past. As one wag put it, “The worst part of learning from history is watching everyone else who hasn’t learned from history repeat the same stupid mistakes.” Historians must be generally depressed and frustrated people.

As most of the folks the public should be able to count on were already proving hapless, clueless, and timid in the face of danger, the last hope was that the media might rally public opinion and that in turn would push leaders into action. Ukrainian leaders called on nations to help them prepare with more weapons and ammunition and repeatedly warned of Russia’s intent. Those calls were back page news until the invasion was inevitable. After the invasion was launched, they provided inaccurate and sensationalized coverage that obscured as much as it revealed. Surprisingly, CNN seemed to put its left-wing zealotry on hold as they provided some of the best coverage of events inside Ukraine of any US news agency.

In the main though, American media has continued to use the Ukraine situation to publicize views and concerns that are pure ignorance. The quote that headed this essay is a perfect example. Does anyone with a modicum of knowledge of history believe that a female Russian dictator would be less likely to invade Ukraine? Catherine the Great would scoff at the notion., and it would be for good reason.

Leftists never miss a chance to use a crisis to spew their tripe and claim that their idiocy would have avoided the problem. Average folks tend to give credence to those inane ideas because they assume that anyone willing to push such ideas in a crisis MUST have good intentions. That is not the case. Sadly, the people in currently charge do not have any better alternatives because they are leftists themselves, devoid of common sense, a coherent set of values, dedication to a common purpose and any sort of courage.

Pray for Ukraine and her people and find a good charity to donate to for their support. Now that we failed them, it is only right that we help them bear the burden of our failure.

Ned Claybrook

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