Political Parody As a Weapon Part LXVII

Political Parody As a Weapon Part LXVII; May all your Christmases be bright (as long as incandescent bulbs aren’t used to brighten it.

Last week in Part LXVI, we mocked the attempts of the woke to throw rocks around and at the Christmas tree. This week, we will celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus and the hope that He brought the world, and borrow one of the great secular Christmas songs of all time to mock those who would have all us wrapped in swaddling clothes and sleeping in mangers all of the time.

Those who recall the original Christmas story (not the one narrated by Darren MacGavin) are aware that as a result of the Caesar’s desire for more tax revenue, all of those subject to his rule were required to travel to their patriarchal hometowns to participate in a census. As a result of poor centralized planning, the need for lodging stemming from this enforced travel edict far exceeded the supply, leading to Mary being required to give birth while housed in a Bethlehem barn. Local workers in the animal husbandry field recognized the significance of the event, as did wise and learned rulers from distant lands, and they came forth to acknowledge the birth of Jesus with gifts and homage. The local ruler was also aware of the importance of the Child’s arrival, but saw the event as a threat to his own power, and dispatched his own bureau of investigators to slay all infant male children in order to eliminate a potential political rival; causing Mary, Joseph and Jesus to have to flee from the jurisdiction.

If one takes a view of these events from far away, in some ways it seems easy to see that humanity has not changed much in the two thousand years since the birth of Christ. While sin and mankind’s flaws hardly seem original, though, the impact of the birth of Jesus resounds through the millennia, not only in the hope for the forgiveness of sins and redemption sought by those who follow Him and abide in God’s love, but in the way that Judeo-Christian ethics have helped in the evolution of civilization throughout the world.

Of course, when one contemplates original sin, the arrogance and hubris that accompanies it is what compels people to think that they can outsmart the Creator. This leads some to go beyond what is required to be good stewards of the earth over which humanity was given dominion, and try to tinker with and take over God’s domain.

As a result, the so-called “Green” movement has set out to proselytize mankind that the world will soon end unless all submit to their demands and turn over their lives, fortunes, future and souls. Through their programs such as the Green New Deal, they wish to take control of housing, diet, labor, energy and the economy, as detailed by Bernie Sanders. While Joe Biden bragged that he defeated the socialist, he adopted his policies, and continues to do the bidding of the socialist squad, with his war on fossil fuel and bovine methane production.

If the left has learned any lesson in the last two thousand years, it has been to decentralize the slaughter of the incidents, trying to outsource the killing to a choice between a woman and her doctor. This policy change has been made possible and easier through the fear mongering and indoctrination, as large portions of the young people in the US fear having children because of the carbon footprint or a belief that the world will soon end.

In a manner of speaking, the Green New Dealers have started a religion that is trying to rival the spiritual renewal brought on by the birth of Jesus, His works, and the spreading of the Gospel by his Apostles, by returning all of us to our barns and stables. Just as Irving Berlin penned a carol to memorialize the celebration of a snow-covered commemoration of Christ’s arrival as an infant, I have borrowed the tune to give the Green New Dealers a Christmas song of their own.

To all others, I wish a very Merry Christmas, and offer a prayer for those whose only hope is to grant more power to themselves to control the actions of the rest of the world.


They’re dreaming of a green Christmas
Just like the ones in red Moscow
Where the shelves are barren
And they’re all scarin’
the world of a flatulating cow

They all are dreaming of a green Christmas
With every order Biden signs
Maybe now shut down all coal mines
And Santa will collect the fines

They all are dreaming of a green Christmas
with every emotion they feel
and themselves they’re scaring
About any child-bearing
To complicate the Green New Deal

They’re dreaming of a green Christmas
With every Carbon credit sold
Without oil, without oil, without oil
you might be quite cold
And you better do just as you’re told

They’re dreaming of a green Christmas
With every Kwanzaa card they send
and our economy will not mend
Until all the Green New Deal will end

#Parody #Ridicule #Alinsky #Biden

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