Sandra Jane

A woman wearing glasses

A few years ago, my mom recognized that she was losing her ability to care for herself and she voluntarily (sort of) moved to an assisted living facility which she chose. My brother and I supported and even encouraged her decision. Sadly, as we knew it would, assisted living eventually turned into memory care and …

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An Easter Story

When we were growing up, my brother and I never got Easter baskets. Easter meant going to church and getting new Easter clothes. Our parents (actually, we just blame Mom–sorry, Mom) wanted to instill in us that Easter was not about rabbits or chocolate eggs, but rather about the resurrection of Jesus. We understood that–years …

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Jingle Bells

Vaccine Tyranny

Jingle Bells…. Here comes omicron, here comes omicron, Still bounding down the lane. The media, WHO, and federal agencies, Really sound so lame. Feds still pinging, Their hands wringing, Preaching words of dread. And the White House wish to you for New Year is………. Hope you don’t wind up dead. Does anyone else feel we’re …

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