Evil By Invitation Only

The Satanic Temple’s Baphomet Statue – is displayed in front of the Arkansas Capitol – They’re after our children.

Pure and unspeakable evil has entered our country.  And no wonder, it was invited. It can be petitioned by word or deed. But, in our case it was both. This brace of evil can be found not only here in the United States, but Canada and much of the Western World.  And few people with any voice are talking about it.

Hollywood is often a mirror of society.  Is that why we are seeing a rash of new releases concerning evil, and demons?

Some publications are saying that we should not complain about  the decline in morality, but that a new morality is replacing the old one (ScienceDaily).  That means, to the mind of the Left, there are no absolutes, everything is relative and fluid.  That is the atheistic mindset that has us in this mess of a freefall.

The statue depicted is a good representation of what we are seeing all over America…evil, malevolence, especially aimed at our children, our future.  It is no different than the Hebrews forging a golden calf in the desert. How many have seen photos of freakish drag queens with children on their laps telling them a story of God knows what?  Or gender disorientation on beer cans? How confused is the management of such companies?  The instruction in values taught in public schools is now opposite of the mass majority of parents.  Express your disapproval and get a visit, courtesy of the FBI.

We are not talking about a mere statue, although the statue did its work. It was used by The Satanic Temple to have memorials of the Ten Commandments taken down in several states.  Their excuse, of course, was religious freedom.  Using our freedoms against us and being the accommodating people we are, the politicians could not find a way around it. So, they put the Ten Commandments on the same footing as a representation of a demon. The Ten Commandments had to go…Satanists win.

Most are accepting it as just another fad like bell bottoms or Beatle hair cuts.  It is not!  Evil does not leave on its own.  It must be exorcised, forced out by prayer, strained like in a sieve, or departed from.

You see it everywhere.  It started in our education system, a Marxist plan for destabilization.  It worked its way to our political institutions, justice system, many of our churches, our businesses (Disney, Anheuser-Busch, etc.) and the degeneracy is now taking residence in our military.

This is a well-planned destabilization initiated by Marxists generations ago.

Politically, it began in earnest in the Democrat Party.  Politicians who supported and passed the Defense of Marriage Act 20 years ago, signed by Bill Clinton, suddenly changed their minds and now support gay marriage, transgenderism, drug use, abortion, even defecation on public streets and sidewalks. Decency has become a thing of the past. How does one blow hot and cold about such basic premises as protecting the sanctity of marriage and God’s creation of life? In God We Trust, remember?  Obviously, the additional power they garnered was more important than the values, or God.  They were always unclean.  They just hid it well.

The separation of our country is underway, people are on the move, and the creation of a new nation(s) is certainly now possible.  Millions of people fed-up with the crime, the filth, the taxes, the lack of faith and values, have escaped into Red states. The top five states they are leaving in order of exodus are New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, New York, and California.  The States of Michigan and Massachusetts are numbers 6 and 7 on the list, if you’re curious. Other Democrat strongholds are experiencing a similar departure of people hoping for a brighter future in states like Florida, Texas, Idaho, the Carolinas.

That is not hard to imagine.  Jason Whitlock, Black conservative, said it well recently on Tucker Carlson, partially paraphrased:

“The righteous can’t have partnership with the lawless…We have to think about going our separate ways whether it’s secession or national divorce. The Democrats are lawless.  They don’t believe in fair justice or equal treatment under the law…They are so removed from what made this country great, we can’t have partnership with them…we have to separate.  God said we have to come out from among them.  They are so unrighteous, so unclean.  Now it’s drag queens reading books to kids. Now it’s mutilating kids and infecting them with gender dysphoria and using it as an excuse to cut off their breasts or cut off their penis.  Finding common ground is impossible for people that believe men can become women, that two men or two women can get married and insist that it is not a slippery slope. It is a lie. We have seen the slippery slope.”

To be successful, I see a third political party being born to break the gridlock or our country will die as it stands.  The tragedy of it is the Left will not shed a tear in its death, reason enough to consider going our own way.

We can think about this now, resolve our problems peacefully,  or plan an orderly exit with mutual defense, and trade agreements in place.  As of now, due to a lack of strong leadership, our problems remain. We could wait until the nation dissolves violently by either internal or external forces, with millions dead. The globalists with their de-population scheme would not complain. If you remember, the Civil War cost this nation 700,000 lives, the equivalent of 7.5 million dead today.

Countries like China, North Korea, Iran, or even Russia would gladly pick at our bones.

We can no longer pretend that this is politics as usual.  It isn’t.  We now have elections and politicians we no longer trust, basic values we cannot share or abide with, and a political party that moves relentlessly toward getting around the institutions we stand for and for which many have died.

They want us on drugs, killing each other, eating bugs or going hungry, buying cars we can’t afford or having no car at all, vaccinated every six months until our genetic makeup has been severely altered.  All for complete control, for a globalist government.  This is a sampling of who they are.

We have let them in.  Evil does exist and it’s by invitation only.

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2 thoughts on “Evil By Invitation Only”

  1. Excellent article. I’ve been calling for a peaceful national divorce for nearly a decade and it’s very interesting that everyone used to dismiss it out of hand as either impossible or unnecessary but that is no longer the case. More and more people are mentioning it and even more are listening. Right now, we should have some think tanks/researchers considering how we could split peacefully, how we would divide resources, etc. Because I do not see how it is possible for this nation to continue as 50 united states. If we don’t split peacefully, I believe we civil war will be inevitable and no one wants that.

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