Politics in the 21st Century: Are we blowing the Dream? Part 2

In Part 1 touched upon what a truly magical time we’ve been blessed to live in, relating the story of the testing of Ludwig van Beethoven’s DNA to glean insights to his health problems of some 200 years ago.

Science can work wonders and miracles these days, but even with the advances we’ve achieved in many aspects of life, our culture and society appear to be in the midst of delaminating by wandering off the baseline of decorum, law, standards and expectations-especially justice-that has been the hallmark of America since its founding.

I invoked the tale of the CCRI “Lizard Man” to highlight just how bat schtick crazy things can become if the people we allow to run our business for us-be they elected officials, politicians, academia, police, fire, security, military-are left to their own devices without checks, balances and the reality of ramifications for performance: good and bad.

Somewhere in the CCRI educational guidelines there is likely verbiage that addresses the conduct of classes, student behavior-in brief, some clause or agreement that the school cannot function properly if donkeys-jack asses-are allowed to wander about the halls and classrooms. Make no mistake about it-that is not Lizard Man in that suit, that is a donkey-a jack ass-that has no place disrupting our children’s educational experience.

I mean-do your own thing-by all means-you have that right within legal, moral and ethical bounds. But you have no right to demand that I or anybody else like, support it, or put up with it: in America “we” are equal in terms of our expressions and opinions.

Taxpayers pay for just about everything associated with these state schools-colleges-and taxpayers have a right to expect administrators to be good stewards of those tax dollars and not let freaks and sideshows detract from any student’s experience-but more importantly-opportunity to learn.

I worked through somewhat of a walk down memory lane touching upon a few exemplars where the LSMBTG showed their true colors in creating and then propagating a desired narrative for the consumption of what can only tongue in cheek be called their consumers or “constituents,” in the loosest connotation of the term imaginable.

A better fit would be “sheeple,” a perhaps too subtle reference to the contrast I likely butchered or at the very least muted in Part 1 in touching upon aspects of the John F. Kennedy presidency compared with Ronald Reagan-in particular the treatment and emphasis by the LSMBTG that set and shaped the narrative and our thoughts and beliefs about these men to this very day.

I closed with a reference to Presidents Carter and Obama about my belief that these two have likely been thrilled to have lived through the age of the Biden presidency-even just part of the first term-having been eclipsed and surpassed very easily in showing how not to do the job.

What hasn’t changed over the decades and time period I selectively highlighted, while glossing over a lot of the intervening detail in the interest of brevity (so unusual for me, I have to point it out,) is the propensity and heavy hand placed on the truth the LSMBTG wants you-the consumer or constituent-to walk away with-and I offer that up as a contrast to the underlying facts that bypasses many to this day when it comes to some of these examples.

I’m not trying to be clever or use some sleight of hand or verbiage artifice here. If my point is still a bit too subtle let me clarify by observing that later this year it will have been 60 years since the JFK assassination. Looking through the Life John F. Kennedy Memorial Edition magazine tribute (50C, undated) is not unlike reviewing photographs from a vacation or a trip from childhood.

Thinking through the memorable events of one’s life there are certain ones that stand out-are vivid memories-despite the passage of years. If you ask someone to relate their life in those terms, you can pretty much tell how old they are and also date them by those experiences. A word association would go something like US Pilot Powers shot down, Soviet pounding a desk with a shoe, Maris and Mantle home run derby, duck and cover drills under the school desk, Bay of Pigs disaster, JFK assassination, Tet Offensive disaster, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Assassinations, Man on the Moon, Gas lines, Nixon Impeached, and so on.

Many of us-and our parents-were spoon fed in the early days of broadcast media via the television-the details and stories that our government and the media wanted them to see. To me one of the best exemplars of the long-term influence played out by such a controlled information feeding (for lack of a better term) is that many believed to their dying day that JFK was one of our greatest presidents ever.

Not to get into a debate about that topic-or placement-or belief, but we just recognized the 62d Anniversary of the disaster known as the Bay of Pigs, where President Kennedy approved the mission-before he didn’t-backed by the US government-that set some ~1400 Cubans to storm the shores in pursuit of taking back their country and to overthrow Fidel Castro. Only to be stranded on the beach and slaughtered when the United States abandoned them, failing to provide necessary-and promised-air and naval gunfire support and basically hanging them out to dry in what became a suicide mission.

Even today-depending on where one gets their news-you can still see the “reverent affect” or glowing coverage of JFK and the insinuation that an out-of-control CIA was the culprit that caused this slaughter of the Cuban Freedom Fighters in this case.

If you fast forward in time to mere days-weeks before his assassination, we find the same combination in play-JFK somewhat backing into the CIA coordinated Coup D’état of Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem. By all accounts JFK had been given assurances that Diem and his brother-Ngo Dinh Nhu- would not be harmed-and he was stunned when both were assassinated by the military-but again, those who blame the CIA seem to excuse JFK his role as president.

We can look at Beethoven’s DNA and solve the mystery of his health, but as we sit here some 60 years later the JFK assassination is still a mystery of life with a lot of unanswered questions.

People can be forgiven for believing their own theories in the case of some of these enduring mysteries such as the JFK assassination. A favorite saying of mine is “just because you are paranoid, that does not mean nobody is after you.”

But it also means that as has been demonstrated and proven through the drips and drabs of information releases documenting the malfeasance of our government in just the 21st century alone, one can be forgiven for coming up with a theory or two that others might believe are conspiratorial.

We have a set of government approved information that in theory provides the total proof on the JFK assassination, and yet it is not believable! Setting all of it-every bit-of the sanctioned “truth” aside always brings me back to the one puzzling point regarding the bullet hole in the windshield of JFK’s vehicle that had to come from the front. The windshield was quietly replaced when the vehicle was cleaned up-and the crew who did the work were well aware of the anomaly in the government story-literally the “hole” in the “single shooter from the repository” theory.

My larger point here with not only JFK but politics and big events over the years (in general) is that the LSMBTG has always worked to provide the desired narrative, vice the facts that happened. Biden stated that quiet part out loud and our govt-aided by the LSMBTG-has been delivering the goods!

With each emerging story we get further separated and isolated from our institutions who cannot be relied upon to tell the truth until it becomes either more convenient-or irrelevant because of the passage of time.

A good example of this-we can call it a phenomenon-but it is more like a fact pattern at this point-and I digress here to remind that for several years after Obama assumed office, Bush was a convenient and ready scapegoat for any and all issues or problems for his administration. Similarly-Biden has Trump to blame, which seems to be the gift that keeps on giving as an excuse for anything that is bad in his administration.

It is particularly striking when one of the absolute worst performers in Biden’s Cabinet-or any presidents administration at this point-DHS Secretary Mayorkas-spins his truth on how bad the border situation was when they took over.

And the LSMBTG laps it up and serves it out like so much truth pudding. Are we heading for a recession? No, because that old definition that has been in vogue for decades has been nuanced: we “retruthed it.”

Afghanistan was never a mess, crisis or disaster-are we paying the Taliban-hmm, depends on what the definition of “paying” is-but either way-all of that is Trump’s fault.

Were DOJ, FBI and our intelligence community involved with social media in ferreting out, targeting and censoring American citizens whose only identifiable “issue” was disagreeing with or attempting to influence opinion on government policy? No way that could happen in America, right? Elon Musk provides the facts…

I want to end on an upbeat note-but I can’t seem to think of one! Actually-in light of Fox News settling with Dominion on the big lawsuit, we will see what the details are but I would refer you to my Colorado focused election series, particularly my favorite schadenfreude afternoon delight example of scum bag Dr. Eric Coomer showing us just about all of his fuzzy hiney, but note for the record that there was and is simply no way to go after Dominion for the election malfeasance that occurred.

Even in the most clear cut case where there is proof that shenanigans occurred in compute space within the Dominion machines (see Mesa County, Tina Peters, databases replicating themselves without election official guidance or direction, and then cherry-picking through some unknown script (although it can be reverse engineered) the votes to populate into the new data base, followed by the erasure or overwriting of all that potential evidence in like 61 of 62 Colorado Counties that used the Dominion Voting System tabulation machines, we still have some strange bidness going on but the case requires the weight of the government to extrude some truth out of those who pulled this off-and that seems less likely by the day (and never seemed likely from the get go.)

Even worse if Fox went with the story in front of the camera but was whispering disbelief behind it. But we already have several precedents of supposed news anchors or “journalists” disavowing that they are and telling the courts they are opinion artists, telling stories for entertainment.

Which makes it not unusual that Dominion Voting Systems is like the facilitator for the crime, but not the execution authority for it.

And what’s a mother to do?


20 April 2023

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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