Republican vs. Democrat vs Independent, I’ve tried all three.


For the second time, I’m exploring conservative political views. On this journey, I’ll initially state that I’m an independent thinker; but such is not to be accepted at face value. Subsequently, my thinking succumbed to Democratic rhetoric that is hard to deny in its validity. Thus, prompting a return to the traditional Democratic platform.

In retrospect, I made a misguided decision. This time, I had to rely on my own devices to make the right choice. When I announced that I could no longer support the Republican party, a friend asked me about my stance on abortion. With his words ringing in my ears and an increased understanding of the issue, I I knew I needed to act.

I believed I could handle making the switch back to the Democratic party, despite my lingering questions about their position on abortion. Ultimately, it was this hesitation about the Republican party’s nomination of Donald Trump that pushed me to commit to the change.

I’m continuing to have difficulties reconciling the issue of abortion with my Democratic party affiliation. Initially, I adhered to a Pro-Life standpoint while retaining my political position; however, this dissipated when considering Transgender rights issues and left me with no other valid options than to change parties. Ultimately, this was primarily influenced by past experiences as well.

As a Democrat, I often disagree with the party’s direction. For example, the addition of transgender athletes to women’s sports events is concerning to many members. Despite my reservations on this topic and others, such as abortion, I understand that I don’t have to agree with every policy to remain loyal to the Democratic party.

When I faced a difficult situation as a young man, my Democratic training came to the fore. As I didn’t know what to do, I went to the wisest person I knew – my wife – for guidance. She thoughtfully exhaled and, true to her roots as a hardcore Democrat, encouraged me to trust my heart and follow it. Such sage advice has rarely failed me since then.

When considering the complex issue of abortion, I couldn’t continue to ignore my inner feelings. With transgender acceptance, my principle has always been that a man is a man and a woman is a woman. With this in mind, I remember discussing with my friend Mike my desire to continue posting on his website. We agreed that I could post Republican-leaning content but could not contribute any Democratic-related posts. This compromise showed respect for our beliefs without discounting one another’s views.

After visiting Mike’s website and reading his articles, I determined it was time to move away from liberal-leaning ideologies. Following my instincts, my purpose gradually became aligned with Republican conservatism. I’m glad that Mike showed me how to find where I belonged. He was right all along.


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