Biden Administration: What Else Could Happen?

I’m not saying, “What else could happen,” anymore. From Moderate Joe’s first day in office, he authorized open borders which created the greatest influx of illegals in history. He stopped fracking and the XL Pipeline which destroyed energy independence and reduced us to begging. He then drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. DEI and ESG became his Administration’s hallmarks. Our military seems led by failed general officers and admirals who, rather than sharpening the spear, pay more attention to renaming bases, “white rage” and tearing down American icons. Joe single-handedly, and seemingly uncaringly, surrendered Afghanistan and thus spit in the face of all who carry the scars of that war.

Then it was the turn of unelected bureaucrats. “Let’s do away with gas stoves,” because climate change is the greatest existential threat we have ever faced. The airline problems, according to the Transportation Secretary, are all due to weather. The railways and roads? “Look! The airlines!” The Energy Secretary has no plan to reduce gas prices and is herself accused of violating ethics law. The FBI, once a respected organization, has been relegated to 6 a.m. political raids. The DOJ now considers a two-tier system of justice “normal.” We’re sending cluster munitions to Ukraine when 120 counties have signed on to an international ban of those weapons. And DOE wants the US to be Net-Zero by 2050. Why, if no one else plans to do so?

And our VP once again got into the act by hosting consumer protection, labor, and civil rights leaders on AI intelligence risks. She began, “I think the first part of this issue that should be articulated is AI is kind of a fancy thing–first of all, it’s two letters–it means Artificial Intelligence. It’s about machine learning. And so the machine is taught.” A comedian said it best, “Kamala Harris sounds like she had a report due on AI, but absolutely didn’t read the book.” Is her ego so big she doesn’t realize she’s a slow motion train wreck? No wonder her staff has a large turnover.

And just when I thought I could take a breath, the integrity of the White House is once again compromised. That by American flags taking second billing to the PRIDE flag. (And yes, I know what the Flag Code says.) But for those of us who served under the colors, this was an unconscionable display. And at the event on the WH lawn, a trans influencer “embarrassed” the WH by going topless. The presumed message? It’s ok for boys to be girls and girls to be boys. As Bill Maher recalled, “I wanted to be a pirate. Thank God no one scheduled me for eye removal or peg-leg surgery.”

And speaking of the WH, the most secure building in the United States, a bag of cocaine was found in a cubby and none can say how it got there. I’m not accusing the FBI and Secret Service of a cover-up, but I am wondering how inept they have become if this is any example. Biden and those therein are reprobates, both personally and professionally. So if you want to destroy a country, take lessons from old, feeble Joe. And though he appears to not even know he’s doing it, the WH staffers must. Which says all you need to know.

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