President Trump – the Greatest of All Time, If …

I generally avoid claiming to know what others think, but I’m going to go out on a limb with this one. Donald Trump wants to be known as President GOAT (greatest of all time). Tell me I’m wrong. I want him to be the GOAT President too – and he could be if he finishes the job this time.

But the Donald won’t go down in history as the greatest of anything by

  • Bragging about his greatness to a rally of his followers,
  • Beating the most unlikeable candidate in history (Hillary Clinton), or
  • Unseating the most mentally and ethically stunted President in history (Joe Biden).

However, he could reach GOAT status by reversing the fundamental transformations of the most evil President in history – Barack Obama.

That’s a much bigger challenge than winning the next election and giving us 4 more MAGA years. It’s the difference between winning some battles, and winning the war. It requires resolve – which Trump has in abundance. It also requires clarity of mission – which is still a question mark. His path to greatness involves hitting 5 critical milestones:

  1. Define the mission
  2. Win the Nomination
  3. Win the election
  4. Deliver the changes
  5. Cement his legacy

1 – Define the Mission

The first step is to understand what must be accomplished with Trump’s return to the White House. That understanding provides a navigational beacon to ensure that all actions provide movement in that direction. Winning a battle is only a win, if it contributes to winning the war. If it sacrifices ground for the next battle, it’s not a win. Knowing the end objective helps to avoid that eventuality.

In the 15 years since Obama’s inauguration, we’ve learned that our government has been turned against us. The DOJ operates a two-tiered justice system to enforce narratives rather than the law. The IRS is staffing up (and gunning up) to crush the middle class. The HHS pushes experimental medical treatments to fight diseases they helped to create. The EPA is trying to regulate the gas we exhale. The DOD no longer accepts civilian leadership if it disagrees with the civilian leader. That all combines to threaten the very foundation of our republic.

Trump’s next term shouldn’t be about economic vitality, energy independence, border security, or middle-east peace. As noble as those objectives are, they are of no consequence if we lose the ability to control our government. If Trump wants greatness, I’d suggest fundamentally changing the federal government back into a servant of the people.

2 – Win the Nomination

The RINOs are helping Trump with this one. Each time Chris Christy criticizes Trump, he reinforces Trump’s position as the outsider – at a time when the last thing anyone wants is an insider. His polling and fundraising are both up. The nomination is his to lose.

Trump knows how to win the nomination. I won’t dwell on tactics here. I’ll only say that he can win the nomination without destroying the Republican bench, and should strive to do so. Crushing his conservative challengers would be a strategic error – as I’ll explain later.

3 – Win the Election

The Dems are helping Trump with this one. Every time Biden opens his mouth, he reveals the “return to normalcy” lie. Biden has also shown every liberal policy to be a failure.

Every time the Dems attack Trump he grows stronger. They have even managed to make him a martyr for the cause of justice. It’s hard to put a political value on that.

However, there will be election fraud. To win, Trump must win big. Trump needs to keep the tent big. No offending Florida voters by implying they’re stupid for electing Ron DeSantimonious. No offending pro-life voters by saying some states have gone too pro-life. No offending those who suffered from the vaccines by talking about the greatness of Project Warp Speed.

4 – Deliver the Changes

No President in my lifetime has shown Trump’s ability to get things done. He’s an executive, not a politician. His expertise isn’t talking, it’s doing. That’s good, because there is a lot to get done.

Excise the rot from government agencies and bring in outsiders to provide ethical direction. Hire some local cops to run the FBI and some clinical doctors for the CDC.

Move some agencies out of Washington, DC. Break the echo chamber by making public servants live with those they serve. If the Washington office vacancy rate hasn’t exceeded San Francisco’s, there are still too many people in Washington.

Empower the states to hold federal authorities accountable. Push for legislation to make “MISCONDUCT BY LAW ENFORCEMENT & OTHER GOVERNMENT ACTORS — Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law” (18 USC §242) enforceable by state law enforcement officials. Enable the states to prosecute federal authorities for violation of our civil rights.

Cut budgets and be prepared to weather the shutdown storm. What’ll happen if the government shuts down (except for essential services) for months with no serious impact on the public? If the public learns that life without bureaucrats is not the end of the world as we know it, it will not bode well for unrestricted government growth.

5 – Cement His Legacy

This is not an objective to ensure Trump’s standing in the history books. This is an objective to make his accomplishments durable.

Donald Trump accomplished a great deal with his first term in office. But little of it outlasted the first days of the Biden administration. Joe Biden set out to cancel all of Trump’s accomplishments – and was successful in a shockingly short period of time.

Obamacare provides a good example. Barack Obama planted a seed of socialism with the Affordable Care Act. It was weak and vulnerable at first. But we failed to overturn it judicially (thank you Chief Justice Roberts) or legislatively (thank you Senator McCain). After 14 years, its roots have grown and it has become an integral part of American healthcare. Nobody talks about overturning it anymore. Time has allowed it to become strong.

If Trump is successful at milestone 4, he will have planted the seeds of freedom and justice. But the seeds will have had little time to establish roots. They need more time to mature than the 4 years that Donald Trump can give them.

That time can only be provided by Trump’s successor. He needs the next generation of small government Republicans to achieve the greatness he craves. That’s why he must win the nomination, without destroying the conservative bench. His legacy is dependent on someone sitting in the dugout now, to protect his work.

If 2028 arrives and the Republican bench is comprised of Chris “give me a hug Barack” Christy and Nikki Haley, our bartender from the Bronx will be our next President. She will use her first day in office signing executive orders to cancel the Trump Presidency – in the name of social and climate justice.

If the Donald can accomplish milestone 5, it will be “war over” – until the next radical, socialist, community organizer attacks America. Fail to accomplish milestone 5, and Donald Trump will join George H.W. Bush in the history books – did some good stuff, but didn’t leave much of a lasting impression.

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, and American Free News Network. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

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