Our Great U.S. Culture War Series, No.5b.

In this second of two pieces in the fifth of our series – Our Great U.S. Culture War – we continue the discussion of Natural Law. If you don’t understand Natural Law, then you don’t understand the basis of our American Nation and its government, American Culture and American Civilization. The fancy words are the basis of “who we are” and “how now do we live.”

Natural Law (Continued)

If the Laws of Nature are separated from God as an Almighty Sovereign, then the Laws of God don’t take precedence and superiority over the Laws of Man.

So, who’s to say if the church rules or the government rules when they are in conflict? Saying they are separate isn’t sufficient. Are polygamous marriages okay for Muslims, old school Mormons, or Pagans? Is homosexual marriage actually a marriage? Says who?

If you believe your religion gives you bodily autonomy to decide what goes into your body, by what right does a government order you to take a shot? Why do you have to obey that order? If you contest that order, how does a judge adjudicate what is right or wrong?

Furthermore, if all branches of your state and federal government concur that separate but equal racial segregation is legal, upon what basis do you, as an individual, make “An Appeal to Heaven” to defy that law? How is an unjust law, unjust and no law at all in Alabama, Dr. King, if there is no hierarchy in this Doctrine of Inalienable Rights?

Clearly, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. understood the hierarchy. He agreed with John Locke writing it’s because “men reserve that ultimate determination to themselves which belongs to all Mankind, where there lies no Appeal on Earth to judge whether they have just cause to make their Appeal to Heaven and the Judgment they cannot part with.”

That’s why if the government orders you to give up your guns – as other English-Speaking People’s governments have done – you, as an American, retain the inalienable right of self-defense to never give up your weapons.

Who Decides

Before we walk through the other First Things: 1) A Republic not a Democracy, 2) Majority Rule, 3) Federalism, 5) Equality and the Rule of Law, let’s make a connection between Natural Law and the questions to the elections across the Commonwealth of Virginia this November.

Look at every election issue and ask “Who decides?”

Where is it written who decides what in your life? In Virginia and across America? By what authority do they do so? What should you alone decide for yourself and your family?

If the wrong people are making decisions important to your life, to your community, our Commonwealth, or our Nation what can you do about it?

Who decides?

  • Who decides that there will be no national border? That every illegal alien saying the right words will be flown to the location of their choice, housed, fed, and provided with taxpayer funds? Who decides to pay the “non-profits” that are in the illegal alien business? Who decides to spend more on an illegal alien than on a social security recipient? Who decides illegal aliens can live in Virginia?
  • Who decides Drug Cartels may cross the border with children and women for sex trafficking without any accountability?
  • Who decides any diktat to reduce CO2 emissions? Who holds whom accountable for the Climate Change hoax and scam?
  • Who decides that 35% of all cars sold in Virginia have to be electric in 2026?
  • Who decides to regulate energy to make America dependent on foreign oil and spin the inflation spiral to punish the poor, savers, and seniors?
  • Who decides to regulate your appliances out of existence?
  • Who decides to regulate where you can live and limit your freedom of travel?
  • Who decides to print and spend Federal money to ultimately destroy the dollar and all savings?
  • Who decides to keep the Feds in their extra-Constitutional businesses of healthcare, social security, welfare, housing, education, and school loans? Who decides to grow these government businesses?
  • Who decides your retirement savings can be seized and “managed” by government to be more equitable?
  • Who decides on teaching Critical Race Theory and Transgender gibberish?
  • Who decides to use race as a factor in school admissions, jobs, and promotions?
  • Who decides on everything that is taught in public education?
  • Who decides on what is a “Sanctuary City?”
  • Who decides where you can open or concealed carry a weapon for your personal defense?
  • Who decides what is legal for a Biden or Clinton vs. the rest of us?
  • Who decides non-investigation or non-punishment for crimes? Didn’t Virginia Senator Louise Lucas break the law or conspire to do so damaging a Confederate soldier statue?
  • Who decides what you can’t say?
  • Who decides what is free speech, hate speech, doxxing, de-platforming, shadow banning, etc. in person, print, or social media?
  • Who decides what is election integrity?
  • Who decides there are protected classes of persons?
  • Who decides that Gender Dysphoria isn’t a mental illness but a protected class of persons?
  • Who decides to maim and mutilate minors to be “Trans” or kill babies in the womb?
  • Who decides the myriad means to tax you?
  • Who decides on every dictatorial decree during a viral pandemic?
  • Who decides to institute Human Secularism as the State religion in public places and schools

Are the legislatures that make decisions into law, executive branches that regulate decisions like law, and judges who claim their decisions are law creating Laws of Man in harmony with the Laws of Nature and Laws of God?

When does “Who Decides” cross the line against your individual, God-given Rights under Natural Law?

Next Issue

We’ll continue with the First Things. Show how our Republic is intimately related to religion, requires an educated, literate electorate, and free press, as well as our America’s ties to English Common Law, the Social Compact, and key ideas about the separation of powers and limited powers in a federal system of governments. TBD.

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