Democrat Party Inc.

I have said numerous times in other articles that the Democrat Party is no longer a political party.  They are a criminal organization—a crime organization like no other.  They have the reigns of government and are not about to let them go, legally or otherwise.  They want power and money, and little else matters. 

They have made a contract with evil, elites who planned our demise in smoke-filled rooms and who want our subservience, to kneel before them. These last few years has seen an assault on freedom and civil rights unlike anything we have ever found in Western civilization. Those of us who are left alive after the manufactured plagues, re-emergent diseases, poisonous vaccines, the coming food shortages, crime, war, and economic chaos will have the ‘privilege’ of serving them. 

The Democrat Party is an operative of the New World Order.  They’ve sold us out, standing by and doing nothing to help Americans living on the streets while taking in the outrageously high levels of crime.  They’re outsourcing our nation to China as the politicians and corporatists cash their checks.  They defend Ukraine, their money laundromat, provoking Russia until the bear eventually lashes out. Their outrageous spending, like that of drunken sailors, accomplishes nothing.  Our food supply is under attack. Much of our meat is imported, repackaged, and called ‘Product of USA’ harming domestic producers.  Our culture has been pushed to accept  sexual depravity, and child gender confusion that the medical profession has decided to take seriously, further confounding the child’s confused perception of the validity of their fleeting emotions.

As Sun Tzu would advise, China is attacking America from within, defeating America without a shot, at least so far.  We are purposely being destroyed by traitors within, squeezing Americans out of any expectation of a decent life commensurate with their hard work, lying with every movement of their lips.     

Donald Trump is in their way and must be dealt with most severely while Biden continues to collect millions from China and anyone else willing to pay.  

It was the Democrat Party that fought for slavery, did the lynching, and blocked anti-lynching legislation into the 20th century. It was Democrats that prevented Blacks from voting, dining in nice restaurants, and drinking water from the same fountain as Whites.  They even tried to prevent women from voting.  It goes on and on.  And just as we reached a zenith in race relations in the early 2000s, Obama comes along and stirs up the race card, racism in reverse, dividing people, dividing a nation, laughing all the way.  Those Obama supporters, the many who were highly educated, looked at themselves with the gratification of believing they have a superior sense of morality, all the while helping lay the foundation for their demise.

To Democrats, Americans are an afterthought.  Biden’s latest trip to the border is not to be interpreted as any care for the people who are suffering the consequences of letting in millions of unvetted illegal immigrants. You can only interpret it as desperation in an election year.    

Every Trump policy that was working effectively prior to their government takeover was scrapped. The height of political self-destruction.  They have lied about everything that is important to every American, our security, our elections, the southern border, the economy, crime, our future, and that of our children. 

Listening to Mayorkas lie about the security of our borders is maddening.  He lies to your face without blinking.  He is the personification of this government. 

They LIED about our elections and accuse Trump of insurrection for trying to get redress for an obvious fraudulent election. The blatant gall. The real criminals are occupying the White House.  The Democrats committed the most blatant insurrection in US history.  But, it doesn’t matter to Democrats who say they are trying to save democracy.  Oh, the irony.

I have said it before, but it is worth repeating: in 2020, there were 168.31 million registered voters in the United States (U.S. Census).  The Federal Election Commission claims that 81.3 million people voted for Biden, while 74.2 million voted for Trump and 2.9 million for others.  That would be 158.4 million total votes cast.  Do the math. They want us to believe that the turnout in 2020 was 94%.  The average turnout for the last eleven election cycles was 57.6%.

In the early 1960s, for a short time, traditional liberalism took hold with JFK and RFK, but they were not destined to change the Democrat Party.  A deep state that was uninterested in their brand of government murdered them. Traditional liberalism advocates for a free market, laissez-faire, or hands off economics; civil liberties under the rule of law, with special emphasis on individual autonomy, limited government, economic freedom, political freedom, and freedom of speech.  

President Kennedy’s speech on April 27, 1961, is as pertinent today as when he spoke it: 

“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.”

Does that sound anything like the Democrat Party?  One of the biggest disappointments in America today is how the mainstream press has willingly castrated themselves.  There is little hard news, but much opinion as to what you should think.

Our nation is rife with secret proceedings and meetings of elites deciding our future without vote or concurrence. Democrats today insist they are saving democracy by taking it away from their political opposition.   Because of people like Biden, Obama, the Clintons, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Wray, and many others, we are no longer the same country. 

Our nation was founded on the positive-sum principle.  Any agreement made is beneficial to all parties. All parties should benefit from a government that the people freely choose.  Who is benefiting from this government? Certainly not its citizens. Democrats, like other criminal organizations, run a zero-sum game, where only one party gains anything—people doing well at the expense of others, power, and wealth rather than innovation.   A negative-sum game is one where no one wins.  War is a perfect example; lives and infrastructure lost outweigh any potential gain.  The never-ending wars of the last 65 years prove their waste.  $8 trillion dollars spent on wars just since 2001. They are to be avoided, but many of us haven’t learned that yet.  

The release of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) became one of the greatest negative-sum games in history. It started as a zero-sum game, benefiting medical institutions, hospitals, vaccine producers, and a government hungry for power and control. The medical industry has made hundreds of billions of dollars from ineffective treatments, and vaccines, nearly $1 trillion from all vaccine injuries, and $500 billion from the COVID vaccines. 

It quickly turned into a negative-sum gain when government edicts blocked cheap, effective treatments, with protocols that killed millions worldwide. And after 17 million people died from just the COVID vaccines, the massive distrust in the medical profession and governments increased to heights never before seen. 

And it continues today, with even greater government indifference towards its people’s well-being.  Violent criminals are let loose almost immediately. Diseases we haven’t seen in generations are re-appearing.  We have illegal immigrants being paid with food and shelter all provided by the taxpayer, while the homeless, many of them veterans, languish.

Americans are hard-working, polite and considerate people, but the mood of the country is not good.  There is much growing frustration, like a person too long ignored, paying through the nose but getting nothing in return.  People are dying from poisonous vaccines, illegal immigration, crime, and drugs from Mexico and China, and almost nothing is being done.  States are taking it upon themselves to solve problems the federal government refuses to do.  With the support of 25 states, Texas is taking on the border problem, and states like Georgia are passing laws to arrest illegal aliens and hold them for deportation.  

The Democrat Party, Inc. is a business, and business is good.

What will 25 states do when a criminal federal government refuses to enforce laws and secure our country for its citizens?  We are about to find out.

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