How Do Wealthy New Englanders Fight #ClimateChange?

This article title, “How wealthy New Englanders fight #ClimateChange” is one we have used thrice previously. In the first, we noted the PBS television series This Old House and its renovation of the Seaside Victorian Cottage, in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Those wealthy New Englanders didn’t choose electric heat pumps, but warm, dependable gas heating for …

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A Valuable Gas; The Benefits Of Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide

I recently read an interesting article in the Range Magazine for Winter 2022, Bits and Spurs pp 26-27. The author, Robb Kendrick, says that he worked for National Geographic for 32 years. I am sure it is evident that if someone has worked for National Geographic for 32 years they are probably not predisposed to …

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