The Route to Uncontrolled Opposition

PTFs (Nasty Class patrol boats) were used by MACV-SOG during Vietnam to whisk North Vietnamese fishermen to the Sacred Sword of the Patriots League camp.
Nasty Class patrol boats were used to ferry North Vietnamese fishermen to a camp where they were introduced to the Sacred Sword of the Patriots League, which didn’t exist, but sure would have been nice if it had–thus the CIA-back effort to spark such a resistance.

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. government claimed under both Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson to be engaged in a policy of “limited war,” which sounds like the double-speak it is: contain communism without getting directly entangled with Russia. Or defeat the enemy without pouring everything you have into it. Well, in love and war, you’re either all in or all out. Half measures avail nothing.

One would think after the Korean War, in which President Harry S. Truman wanted to contain North Korea to the 38th Parallel and General Douglas MacAurthur wanted to roll North Korea back to China, we would have learned our lesson. In both instances, the peoples of those countries would be freer today if we had. We can say it’s not America’s job to police the world, but every inch of this globe we cede to the enemy means less room for people to live in freedom. It takes fearlessness and a no-quit commitment to keep tyrants off the necks of unsuspecting people.

During the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese Army (NVA)—advised by the Chinese, I might add—were running supplies and ammunition through a here-today, gone-tomorrow, back-the-next-day road system in bordering Laos and Cambodia. Thank God, Johnson secretly allowed MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam-Studies and Observation Group) to form small teams of elite warriors such as Green Berets and Navy SEALs in partnership with the U.S. Air Force, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and eager indigenous warriors to run cross-border raids. The classified covert entity with the banal name, untraceable uniforms and weapons, and eventual hardcore patch would run reconnaissance and disruption missions throughout the war against near-impossible odds and with near-constant sabotage from within their ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) command counterparts in Saigon. Whenever and wherever they went, SOG teams met overwhelming force. Despite high casualty rates, these men persevered and were successful in disrupting the enemy wherever and however they could. The goal, after all, was to stop the incessant march of brutal and soulless communism. At the very least, they were saving the lives of U.S. service members on the battlefield.

If war is deceit and the goal is to sow confusion and disrupt and delay the enemy, then we are at war right now, today. After the 2020 election, as 74-plus million Americans watched as key counties in key states fell to voting-fraud schemes, the enemy got busy taking advantage of the situation. Patriots were shocked and depressed by the loss of Donald J. Trump, or rather the lackluster victory of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) puppets. The bio-terrorism of COVID-19 kept citizens apart and not talking to each other. When did the mask-wearing mandates begin in earnest? Yes, after the election, right around Thanksgiving so you couldn’t talk to your family and friends about the stolen election. Add the job losses due to pandemic restrictions and the censoring and deplatforming of leading conservative voices in news and opinion, and you’ve got patriots on the ropes.

At this point, the idea that there could be someone or a group of someones, somewhere, with a plan for the military to take over and save us all from communism, sounded very appealing. The idea that we had been held back, held down, when we could have been even more involved and active prior to the election broke our hearts. Despite our constant worry and warnings, we weren’t out there making our families, churches, and communities strong, both morally and intellectually. The education and entertainment industry had wiped out knowledge of our country’s heritage and how to be active participants in a constitutional and representative form of government. The republic fell on our watch and we only had ourselves to blame. Wait. What? Or was it that we were basically good people who naively believed others were also good. The communists in our midst were at war and had us castrated before we knew this wasn’t just usual “two parties that love the country and just disagree about how to govern” parry.

When it was too late to matter, the press shifted slightly. “See, we really are unbiased journalists above being coerced and bribed.” Then, even if you shut out all news sources and only got on social media to catch up with family and friends, you began to get wind of conservative victories here and there, amidst the horrors of President Joseph Biden making Congress irrelevant and the administrative state impervious to directives from any future constitutionalist president. But it’s not easy to wipe out 74-plus million people without the rest of the world taking note. But if you make it so patriots don’t follow the news, and keep them busy with rebuilding the republic from the family up, keep them focused on righting their own moral failings, encourage them to create and build and otherwise busy those idle hands, well, then you’ve essentially defeated them. Let them think they’re part of a resistance movement. If they withdraw, so much the better.

Where have we seen this before? Well, sure, the Bolsheviks played this game with the White Russians and won. “Listen, a group of military officers will put the Tsar and Tsarina back in place, and now that they’ve moved toward a more representative form of government, all will be well. Be patient.” Meanwhile the Romanov family was slaughtered. “But, hey, don’t be sad. Be happy. The future is bright, and look, we’ve named a drink after you.” We expect this during war, and we especially expect this from Marxists. We don’t expect this in a country that supposedly prides itself on the peaceful transfer of government, and we certainly don’t expect it from our own countrymen.

You might want to read “SOG, The Secret Wars of America’s Commandos in Vietnam” by John L. Plaster. In a chapter entitled “Dark Arts,” you’ll learn how the CIA ran an operation called Humidor. North Vietnamese fishermen would see a boat bearing down on them. When it came alongside, the fisherman would be blindfolded and taken on what amounted to a two-week vacation to Paradise Island. He would be called “brother” instead of the communist “comrade” by people who sounded like they were from North Vietnam. He would think, because of the short boat ride, that he was still in North Vietnam. He would be fed more food than he’d enjoyed since the communist takeover, and all around him would be banners and talk of a resistance movement called the Sacred Sword of the Patriots League. It’s laughable, if it weren’t so tragic. Resistance movements existed during the colonial period but they were wiped out; the CIA used the no-foreign-intervention angle as the hook. Deceit is always based on a kernel of truth that can be twisted, which is why war, both kinetic and spiritual, is so confusing.

The problem with the Sacred Sword of the Patriots League is that no resistance movement existed. In addition, the operation lacked U.S. government approval for SOG to back any actual resistance that might be sparked by a trip to Paradise Island. The other problem was that although some fishermen bought the idea that they were still in North Vietnam, others weren’t so easily duped. The Nasty-class of patrol boats were too closely associated with the American military, they were very fast, and the camp was actually located in South Vietnam. At the rate of 27 fishermen a month, the CIA hosted more than one repeat visitor. Still the ruse was enough to get the attention of North Vietnamese party officials because the camp’s closure was included in peace talks.

It only took half a century for Marxists to infiltrate the very organization that did everything within it’s power to stop the spread of a system of government and an ideology that places the collective so far above the individual that only a very few benefit; the rest are serfs in a land of lack, suspicious of each other without any humor and the soul beaten out of them by incessant hardship. Theoretically, the CIA only operates abroad, and any psychological operations conducted on U.S. citizens, namely of the conservative Christian variety, would be handled by the FBI—or China’s 50-Cent Army.

Here are some things to keep in the back of your mind as you make your way through the coming years. If anyone seeks to distract you from what you do or from the deplorable state of the nation, they are like parents trying to get a child to look at a pretty tree instead of the fact that he or she has a sucking chest wound. If anyone tries to separate you from news sources that you’ve researched and trust, ignore them. If they seek to separate you from your family and friends, then call and visit your family and friends more often. If they seek to keep you out of work, find a professional employment specialist on the ground and have them assist you around the algorithms that are weeding out your well-qualified applications.

If someone co-opts God and tells you to sell everything you have and follow Jesus, great. Just make sure it’s not to add yourself and your family to the impoverished and homeless rolls. If you are on the outside of a clique until you’re free of all your sins, just remember, God doesn’t work that way. He meets you exactly where you’re at.

According to the bible, what you donate is between you and God, which you discern through prayer, not because The Enemy is using the Bible against you. You won’t “own nothing and be happy”; you’ll be infinitely more disrupted and easier to control. And, if someone hurts you and then taunts you to pray for them as Jesus instructed, you can bet they’ve long since left off being the good guys. Buy them a compass.

If you find yourself in a gamification version of life, stop playing. It’s all power of suggestion, neurolinguistic programming, and a good ground game, a la Paradise Island. A good commander controls everything the soldiers see and hear; a good enemy commander does the same. In this digital age, whether it’s some alphabet organization or the CCP, it doesn’t need to whisk you away to an island to indoctrinate you with propaganda. (Even if you believe the propaganda, it’s still mind and behavior control. It’s illegal.) What you see and hear can be tailored to program you into docile compliance or controlled resistance, whichever. If you’re targeted in any way, keep records, and share them with people you trust and who trust you. Keep strong ties in your community.

Turn off the hope porn. If the pushers had wanted a republic, they wouldn’t have directly targeted conservative Christians for three years prior to the election. It’s not the End Times, though there’s nothing wrong with living as if it were. It’s not an alien either invasion either, though it could very well be China and Russia interfering with our satellites. Until we get clear images of UFOs, Sasquatch, and plane-loads of gold to back up our currency, our only choice is to live as Godly a life as we can and participate in the American Renaissance until it actually materializes. Suicide is not an option; it’s what the human and spiritual enemies want. Every person is needed in this war—every single one. Be pissed, be happy, be you, but do not cede the battlefield under any circumstances.

If someone tells you that we can be better and healthier humans with the aid of artificial intelligence, say great, where are the written and legal boundaries of just how far the connection goes. If someone tells you that humans can do anything they set out to do if they tap into the energy of the universe, don’t believe them. Humans can do anything they set out to do when they are connected to the strength of Christ.

There’s nothing wrong with standing up and speaking out when you encounter corruption or a coverup. That’s what participating in a republic is all about. People don’t like it when you do that. Your family and friends want to protect you, so they tell you to be quiet and hide. People who disagree with you will find all kinds of ingenious ways to harass you. Men will tell women to be quiet; women will tell men to be quite. Ignore people who want to rob you of your voice.

Here’s the thing. Americans are unpredictable. If you’ve served, you know how black humor, creativity, and a “there’s got to be a way” attitude can accomplish the impossible. We can only do our best and ask God for help. As a people, we are full of goodness and an indomitable spirit. We trust easily and can be swayed into overlooking the bad in ourselves and others. Our best must include being better people, encouraging by example—not by force, threat, or lecture—but also by being far more discerning. Evil wears the uniform of the good guys. If you truly believe in the righteousness of freedom, a constitutional republic, and upright moral character, then small teams on the ground in partnership with locals guided by experts can overcome tremendous odds. And if those teams are supported from above, they stand a chance of not only surviving, but winning.

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