Persons Of The Year 2021

Rush Limbaugh, State of the Union Speech 2020
Rush Limbaugh, State of the Union Speech 2020: Public Domain


      The year 2021 was by no means the best year on record for our country.  Regardless, there were some stellar performances by Patriots trying to save our republic from regressive miscreants who are bent on turning our beautiful homeland into a run-of-the mill third worldish country, like so many failed states around the globe.  These Patriots deserve our recognition and gratitude.  We deserve so much better from our leaders and elected representatives, but these fellow citizens came through during crunch time.  In the dirty combat of 2021 several rose to the occasion and ran to the sound of the guns and the whiff of gunpowder.  If more of us would do so in 2022, we could right this listing ship, this beautiful vessel we love, the US of A.

      January 6 Protesters A half million patriots gathered in Washington D.C. to protest the rigged presidential election outcome.  Until then, the Dem media and the Dem party (hard to tell the difference) just loved protests, mostly peaceful ones, but even violent ones.  Not anymore.  Those half million patriots witnessed, despite the Dem media cover up, ballots being shipped in the middle of the night, unsolicited mail-in votes, no signature verifications, ballot harvesting, Republican poll watchers being banned, outdated voter rolls, weeks of early voting and days of late voting, and they wanted their voices heard.  Their voices were heard around the world and for that violation, they have been mercilessly punished and tortured ever since.  Hundreds of these brave men and women have been locked up for months without due process, unlike BLM and Antifa rioters released with no bail.  They are political prisoners, quite literally.  Pray for justice for these brave souls and their families.

      School Board Moms and Dads These good folks have earned our respect multiple times over.  Moms and Dads have said enough to the woke culture clones destroying our kids’ learning in school.  From fake trans issues to fake history to fake race relations indoctrination (CRT), these parents have put school boards and the teacher’s unions on notice, get back to academics or we will replace you!  That message was heard loud and clear in Loudon County in the state of Virginia and beyond.  It was heard so loudly that Terry McAuliffe, the corrupt cohort of the Clinton’s, who was heavily favored to win back the governorship, couldn’t overcome the parents cries of astonishment at their so-called educators and thuggish unions.  That shot of parental outrage has ricocheted across the nation.  Kudos to them.

      2nd Amendment and self-defense advocates Kyle Rittenhouse gave us hope that there are still some members of the younger generation who are willing to sacrifice their own safety to stand for and defend our freedoms.  As weaselly Dem politicians across the land washed their hands of their first responsibility to their constituents and allowed their communities to be rocked by marauding bandits, arsonists, thugs, child molesters and murderers, Rittenhouse and friends took on the heavy responsibility so wantonly jettisoned by the police and their bosses.  Thankfully, twelve strong Patriots agreed with Kyle’s actions and acquitted him and released him from his fifteen months of persecution.  I would be proud if my sons took up arms against the enemies of this nation like Kyle Rittenhouse did.  He deserves to be rewarded richly.

      Rush Limbaugh We lost the greatest radio commentator of all time on February 17.  Rush contributed so much to the conservative cause and to the nation.  He single-handedly did the media job of keeping us informed of what the powers-that-be were doing since 1988.  Without Rush, the House banking and post office scandals never would have come to public light, allowing the Gingrich Revolution to seize back Republican control of the House for the first time in 40 years back in 1994.  One party rule for four decades is the definition of corruption.  Rush truly kept us on the cutting edge of societal evolution, as he would jokingly say daily.  He was so savvy about the political elites, and they despised him for revealing their dastardly deeds to his vast audience.  He wasn’t an insider, yet he knew exactly what they were up to and he let us know.  Even Donald Trump listened to his show for sage advice and to take a pulse of where the conservative universe stood, and they became good friends.  He warned us about Biden and Harris.  I miss Rush.  There’ll never be another like him.  RIP

      A few good pols Unfortunately, most politicians are hacks undeserving of our respect and only interested in self-aggrandizement.  However, a few have shown their mettle in 2021.  Brave governors have stood up to the pronouncements, mostly unconstitutional, of the Brandon regime.  Ron DeSantis (FL) and Greg Abbott (TX) stand out in this regard.  Gov. DeSantis has kept his state free from the hypochondria of COVID mandates.  As a result, his state has remained healthy with a bustling economy relative to lockdown states and people from around the country see and sense this and are now flocking to Florida.  Gov. Abbott has done much the same and, in addition, has begun completion of the southern border wall that the Feckless One in the Oval Office has abandoned.  Gov. Abbott has had to use Dept of Public Safety (DPS) employees to do the job of the federal government in apprehending illegal aliens crossing the Texas border.  These two states have been rewarded with an influx of both businesses and freedom loving Americans, much to the chagrin and wrath of the Dem media.  Other notable pols standing athwart the woke tide are Sens. Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, John Kennedy and Reps. Gaetz, Boebert, Greene, Gomert, to name a few.  All have angered the media gods on the left, which is always a good sign.

      Honorable Mentions Small business owners for hanging tough and weathering the continuing lockdown craziness.  Pastor Dr. John MacArthur, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA for refusing to obey dictator/Governor Gavin Newsom’s order to shut down his church services for COVID.  James O’Keefe, founder and CEO of Project Veritas, for exposing so many hypocrites on the left and winning court decision after court decision against them.  Dana White, CEO UFC, for not kowtowing to the COVID crowd and not shutting down his business.  Tucker Carlson, journalist and host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News Channel, for courageously going where other journalists are afraid to go and exposing the Biden administration and Democrat party corruption daily.  More power to you, Tucker.  I know there are many, many more deserving souls.

      Dishonorable Mentions Alas, the list would be incomplete without mentioning these villains.  Space and time constraints don’t allow me to mention all of them, but here goes.  Biden for ruining the country.  Harris for assisting.  Hillary Clinton for not going away.  Dr. Fauci for scaremongering.  NCAA for caving to trans “men”.  Feminists for their silence on trans “men” usurping girls and women in female sports. Jussie Smollett for attempting to smear all white male Trump supporters, yet smearing egg on his own face.  Commissioners of MLB, NFL and NBA for cravenly cowering to the wokeness of the day.  Nikole Hannah-Jones for trying to rewrite US history as purely racist and falsely starting in 1619.  The Cuomo brothers for being the fakes and phonies we know libs to be.

        2022 can’t be as bad as 2021, right?  I said the same thing last year at this time about 2020 and look what happened.  Oh well.  Be hopeful.  Happy New Year to all you Patriots out there!



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